Rondo Duo

Download Rondo Duo if you want a XXX game that has a darker side to it. This is a lewd visual novel that has a sexy, but damaged main girl. It boasts some incredible XXX artwork and it is the kind of lewd game that has a very mature storyline.
a game by Tinkle Bell
Platform: PC (2014)
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.9/10 - 35 votes
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Rondo Duo
Rondo Duo
Rondo Duo

Rondo Duo is a game that many of us in the West have been waiting to be translated for a very long time. After finally getting the chance to play the game I must say that I was in shock! I have played many games that fit into the horror/erotic visual novel genre, but few have hit me as hard as Rondo Duo did.

Itsuki Has It Rough

I am having a hard time thinking of a protagonist who has had it as rough as Itsuki in this game! After her mother is “gone” her father turns abusive and decides that all females are bad and he raises her as a boy, which is messed up. She meets up with succubus who let’s lose her lust side and then all hell breaks loose.

This is the kind of story that you really do not want spoiled for you. But basically, we have a bunch of kids that are driven wild with lust, there are demons, horror, religious overtones and lots and lots of sex as well. This is a brutally hard-hitting game and while it is very, very explicit. I must say that the character development here is actually very well done.

Style And Substance

While a great story is, of course, the first key ingredient to any great visual novel style game. Having a nice look to it also helps. The look of Rondo Duo is one of the best that I have ever come across in any visual novel style game. It has a really gothic and horror kind of look to it. I would probably best describe this as a really messed up Tim Burton kind of style.

The characters are all drawn fantastically well, but the animations are also very well done and do a great job of bringing the action to life. There may not exactly be a ton of gameplay here, but making choices and moving the story along does grip you and I think this is just as much to do with those amazing visuals as it is the story itself.

One thing that the game does very cleverly is different effects. There are sections where the action looks like an old-timey gothic horror movie, the screen will be all dark and scratchy and it works very well. Not only when something like this happens is it really cool. It usually fits the scene that is happening as well.

Not For The Fein Of Heart

As an erotic game, Rondo Duo does not hold back. Seriously, this game is pretty extreme and not all of the sex is consensual so please keep that in mind. The messed-up thing is that the extremeness of it all does actually fit the overall story that the game is trying to tell. So, while some of it can be hard to sit through, it does make sense in the messed-up world and story of this game.

I can see why so many people have been waiting for so long for Rondo Duo to get an English translation. Not many visual novel style games have gripped me the way that this one did. It is not just about the erotic content either, this is actually a very well written and engaging story that no matter how horrified you are, you want to know what happens next.



  • A truly unforgettable story to experience
  • Lots of interesting characters
  • Some amazing artwork and animation
  • Some very clever usage of camera effects
  • Even the sound is fantastic


  • Some of the scenes are very hard to deal with
  • Not all of the scenes in the game are consensual

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

I am going to start this Rondo Duo review a little differently from how I usually do things! You see, I am going to tell you right now that this is a 10/10 game for me! I love lewd visual novels, but this is truly in that special upper tier of lewd visual novels that are just in a class all of their own. It has interesting characters, a deep plot that has horror in it, heartbreaking moments, and even some hope as well. It is a game that can take you through every portion of the emotional spectrum!

A Lust Demon!

I have been trying to figure out what the best way to describe the story of Rondo Duo is. You see, I do not want to spoil anything here for those who have not yet played the game so let me give you the basics. We have a high school setting, an all girls school I might add. However, there is a lust demon here that is making these students be filled with lust and we all know the only way to deal with lust is to pass it on to the next person by having sex with your demon dick! Oh, there is a futa here too and she is a fantastic character. Look, just play this, it is awesome!

Whoa! So Many Themes

Ok, so I want to stick with the story for a moment here. You see, Rondo Duo is a story that has elements of so many genres. At the end of the day this is a XXX game so you know what you are getting in that regard. However, there are religious themes, there is stuff about loss, stuff about not being accepted for who you are, and much more. It is the kind of story that makes you want to keep on playing until you get to the very end.

The Disney Of Lewd Games

While I feel that the story of Rondo Duo is the real star, the presentation is incredible! The character designs in this game are just fantastic and the whole game has a movie like quality about it. The way it will use different filters and animation styles during the story is just amazing and like a movie! The animation here is arguably the best I have ever seen in a lewd game, it is so good that there were some scenes that looked like they were motion captured! It is not just the looks that are amazing! This game has an amazing soundtrack and the Japanese voice acting and the various sounds also add a great deal to the game.

Playing Director

I am pretty sure that if you are reading this, you are no stranger to the way that lewd visual novels work so I will not bore you with all of the details about making choices or whatever. However, one thing that I thought was very interesting about Rondo Duo was how it let you take control of the camera during the sex scenes. Now, other lewd visual novel games have given us a bit of control over scenes before, but I was really impressed with this and thought that it added another layer of interactivity to this lewd visual novel.


When it comes to lewd visual novels, I honestly am having a hard time thinking of many that blew me away in the same fashion that this one here did! There is a good reason why people were so excited when a translation for Rondo Duo finally was released. I must say, this game did not disappoint, if anything it over delivered, and by the time I reached the end, I knew that I had played something very special. I cannot think of enough positive things to say about this so just go and play it, trust me, you will be so glad that you did.


  • The story here was amazing!
  • This is one of the best “futa” games ever created
  • The quality of the animation here is outstanding!
  • It is the kind of game that is great to talk about with others that have played it


  • Some of the stuff here may be a bit dark for some people
  • If this ever gets an English voice dub I think I would have to score it 20/10!

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