Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

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a game by Torotoro Resistance
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 35 votes
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Monster Girl Quest: Paradox
Monster Girl Quest: Paradox
Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is the sequel to the very popular Monster Girl Quest. While it is a sequel, it is not exactly a “proper sequel”. You see yes, many elements return, but the whole paradox thing may make getting your head around it all tricky. No matter what though, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is a very interesting and sexy erotic RPG!

Luka Is Back!

Luka once again is back as the protagonist as you play. This time, while he is out to become a hero and slay, (or should I say lay) as many monster girls as possible. The whole world has gone kind of crazy and things are not what you would expect. If you want to come into Monster Girl Quest: Paradox and just play it for the sex, you may be disappointed. They tried really hard with the plot here, so you will have to pay attention to what is going on. Unlike in the first game, the choices you make at certain points in the game can actually have an effect on what happens later on in the game.

Friends With Benefits

I was very surprised at the fact they let you have as many as seven companions with you! Four of these can assist you in battle! What is even more interesting is that there is a class and job system in play here for the characters that you take on your journey. There is a nice amount of choice here and it does give the gameplay far more depth than you would think. These characters can assist you in battle and it is kind of cool how even if Luka has no HP left as long as one of your party members does, the battle is not over.

Take It All In

I have a feeling some people are going to be surprised at how much of an RPG Monster Girl Quest: Paradox actually is. You are now free to walk around; talk to anyone you want. Buy new items, learn new skills, level up and everything else that you would expect in an RPG. It just so happens this one has more sex and hot chicks than your average RPG!

I was very impressed with how it all fit together, to be fair I did find out that Monster Girl Quest: Paradox was made in RPG Maker so that does kind of make sense once you actually play it. I think the fact that this is more of a fully fleshed out RPG, as well as a sex kind of game, gives it a broader audience than a game that is just all about hot monster girls banging poor (well he is kind of lucky) Luka!

Lots Of Monster Girls!

I am not sure of the exact amount as the game stands (more chapters are coming) however, it is my understanding that there are plans for not just the girls from the original series, but tons more to be added to. They have said they hope to have over 500 monster girls in the game for you to fight and have fun with! That is a lot of variety here.

With this huge number comes some rather interesting character designs. I think some of them look great and others not so much. To be fair though this is all a personal preference thing. Overall, I think the presentation is pretty much what you would expect.

I was very surprised by how deep this game turned out to be. There is way more “game” here than I thought there would be and I did find myself just as invested in that as looking at the monster girls. If you like sex games, but tend to find they get boring rather quickly, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is the kind of game you have been looking for.



  • You have an epic quest to go on
  • Luka is back
  • Tons of monster girls to encounter
  • I like the party system
  • It is pretty much a full RPG, but with sex!


  • It can be a little slow
  • The story is very convoluted

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Monsters and humans unite to protect a common world and prosper in the universe of the erotic turn-based RPG - Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. Recruit monsters and create a squad that can stand up to evil forces and benefits all the many races of this fantasy world.

Not Good Research

Sometimes study leads not to light, but to darkness itself in the flesh. Such was the case with the scientists of the Rhine Laboratory, who sincerely wanted to use their knowledge for the benefit of the entire population of the continent of Sentor. However, their deity-independent research led to the rebirth of the main antagonist of the first part - Dark Alice. The world disintegrated, the continent ceased to exist, and everything got mixed up in continuous chaos of events.

Involuntary Hero

The protagonist cannot stand up to the gods and is no hero at all. Luke is an ordinary inhabitant of an extraordinary world who only wants to find his missing father. On his way, the hero meets the White Rabbit, a mysterious girl who directs not only the hero but also the main enemy of the whole world - Alice. It seems that all worlds are threatened by Chaos, a virus that could tear the universe apart through misguided storytelling.

The Companion of the omnipotent

Travel through different worlds and save your home universe from the invasion of Chaos. Monster Girl Quest: Paradox is a turn-based RPG where the success of your combat will depend not only on the combat abilities of your companion but also on the player's combat strategy. All potential companions are divided into twenty-one classes and twenty-six races. In addition, depending on the selected class race can evolve. This is how the character progression system is implemented in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Although the companions can evolve and change appearance, there are companions that can not be removed from the squad. Such companions are:

  • Goddess Elias
  • Monster lord Alice

    Both ladies have been subjected to a spell that reduces them in size and deprives them of their powers. However, which one of them will accompany the main character can be decided at the beginning of the game. Depending on the choice, the course of the story and the dialogue of the characters changes.


It is rare to see a well-written plot in a game where the main entertainment part was supposed to be half-naked girls. However, Monster Girl Quest: Paradox can combine a detailed combat system, a large number of races, half-naked girls, and a good story. Set out to save a world that is no longer the home the hero knew.

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