Download SHOTAxMONSTERS if you want a sexy monster catching game. This is more of a lighthearted and fun kind of lewd game. It is perfect if you love collecting monsters and have a real soft spot for funny and sexy lewd RPGs.
a game by Satoh Katoh
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 7.9/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 11 votes
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The style of SHOTAxMONSTERS that I kept coming across online was what made me want to give this game a try. It is worth noting that there is a trial version of this game out there and that is a great way to see if this is for you. For me, I found that the trail was so much fun, after just about 10 minutes, I knew this was a game for me so I jumped right in.

Where Am I, How Did I Get Here?

The story has a lot of charm to it and it kind of reminded me of a more “adult” and lewd Pokémon type thing. The main character of SHOTAxMONSTERS finds himself lost in a strange land full of monsters and interesting characters and he needs to do what he can to survive.

He is able to find friends, cute monsters, and new abilities to try and help him get through this ordeal. Oh, getting it one with some cute boys that he comes across can also help him too.

Cute, But Deadly

The style of the game is either going to do it for you or not. This is a boy only kind of game if you know what I mean and if that kind of thing is not for you, I do not think SHOTAxMONSTERS is a game that you will be able to get into. Still, you have to look at the images and see just how good looking this game is. It has a top-down RPG kind of vibe for the main gameplay sections, but it also has some truly excellent character designs.

You see these during cut scenes and as you battle and the artwork is some great stuff indeed. Of course, if you are not looking for a lewd game that is just about boys you may not find it all that appealing.

Just Five More Minutes

The people who have played SHOTAxMONSTERS will always tell you about what an addictive kind of game it is. It has three difficulty levels and I started on easy, but found it far too easy. The middle one is what you want as it has a perfect difficulty curve. You will need to explore the land, travel to dungeons fight monsters, collect monsters and manage your party. It is all fun stuff and it never feels tedious which some lewd RPGs struggle with.

A huge part of the addictiveness of this game for me was the battle system. You can change your layout, your members, and so on any time you wish and it just feels so good. The battles are some of the most fun that I have played in a lewd RPG in a very long time.


I know that if you only want to see chicks getting it on and getting naked that SHOTAxMONSTERS is probably not going to be for you. However, this is a very well made and fun game and a game that I had a good time with. It features a fun story and some very interesting and likable characters and monsters to interact with too.


  • I thought that the story the game told was fun
  • Plenty of cute characters to deal with
  • There are a ton of fun looking monsters to get!
  • I loved the battle system
  • It has multiple difficulty levels


  • This is not for those that do not like boy only games
  • The hard difficulty feels unfairly hard



System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

SHOTAxMONSTERS is a naughty role-playing game where the player will explore a fantasy world that is filled with mysterious sexy young boy monsters. Help the main character put together snippets of memories into a single memory.

Turned up in the jungle

The main character is a young, appealing kid with memory loss. He has trouble remembering important things:

  • How he got here
  • What's his name
  • Where he came from
  • Where he's going

There is no time to think, the environment is dangerous. The jungle is dangerous:

  • Poisonous bright snakes crawl through the wet foliage
  • Wolves sniff the ground for tracks of herbivores and defenseless animals
  • Hungry monkeys leap through trees looking for edible fruit

Lustful foes

Half-naked, handsome boys roam the woods. They look like Mowgli - grinning, jumping high, waving their arms ridiculously, talking badly. They look like they grew up in a tribe. Many of the monsters have brightly colored hair: green, blue, red, and purple. These creatures are characterized by cute faces and incredible lustfulness. Guys want hot sex all the time: early morning, warm lunch, and gentle evening. Just give them a stranger, and their pants will immediately fall to the floor and an uncomplicated game full of fun begins.


The game takes place on a pixel-light map with an overhead view. The player wanders through green locations and battles monster boys. Turn-based duels require the player to think strategically and think several steps ahead. Choose to defend, attack, or escape. After defeating a cute guy, he can be invited to join his own squad to fight together against the undesirables. Each of the characters belongs to one of four classes: cleric, defender, mage, and warrior.

Beginning out in the unconscious and vulnerable, the protagonist gradually assembles a powerful team and strengthens his own influence in the mad jungle. The player will unlock a unique erotic scene with each fighter. You can build romantic relationships or just have sex. Many clothing options are available for the characters, choose your underwear.


The game is suitable for beginners and experienced gamers who want to enjoy gay erotica. Recommended for fans of Hentai High School and The Spellbook.

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