Max The Elf

Download Max the Elf and help Max get to the end of the level and maybe have sex in the process. This is a fun and cute lewd game that stars a cute elf boy called Max that ends up getting into all kinds of XXX fun with the creatures he meets along the way.
a game by T-Hoodie
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 9.1/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.2/10 - 13 votes
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Max The Elf
Max The Elf
Max The Elf

As I write this, Max The Elf is not yet finished, but there is a pretty neat demo that you can check out which gives you a great idea of what we can expect from the game. This is a lewd action game and it has some fantastic artwork and a neat premise that I think a lot of people are going to find very fun. I will say that this is boy on boy, but it is very well done and even though that is not my cup of tea, I can really appreciate what the developer has done here and I did have a lot of fun while playing the game. I will certainly be back once it gets its first big update.

Max and Vic

So far there is no story going on in Max the Elf. When you start the game, the opening scene is at this magic university where Max is attending to learn the wonders of magic. He has a roommate called Vic and Vic is trying to lead Max astray. That is pretty much all we have for a story right now; it actually says in the game that the story is still being worked on. Still, I am pretty interested in the premise and how Vic is going to get our boy Max into trouble!

A Lewd Walk To The Left

So far, the gameplay in Max the Elf is pretty limited, but I think that it is a good start. We control Max and we have to make our way to the end of the level, so far there are only two levels in the game. Various creatures will try and stop Max and force him into sex, but he can use various attacks to fight them off. The fighting controls are decent, but there seems to be a slight delay with the jump, I eventually got used to this, but it did cause me to take a few hits and be grabbed. When you are grabbed, you have to mash the keys in order to shake the pervert off you!

The Cutest Elf In The Land

Max is a cute looking character that I am sure more than a few people are going to mistake for a girl! Max the Elf has some nice and bright colors and so far we have a woodland level and a sand style level and these both have a decent amount of detail to them.

As of me playing the game, there are only a few enemy types, but the lewd action is pretty hardcore when certain enemies manage to get hold of Max. So far, so good for the way the game is looking and I hope that there are going to be more enemy types as the game moves further along in development.


Even though what we have so far is just a short demo, Max the Elf is starting to come together really well and is a game that I am going to be keeping up to date on. I keep checking back to see if the developer has done an update as I am very excited to see what they are going to add next. This is a fun gay lewd game that has a ton of personality to it and even in this rather early stage, things are looking very promising. (based on the current demo as of writing)


  • I thought Max was a neat character to play as
  • Even though there are just a few lines of text, I like the premise of the story so far
  • The fighting action is fun
  • If you are into gay lewd games, this is one of the more fun ones I have played


  • The game only has two levels as of me writing this review
  • The jumping feels a tad unresponsive to me

Download Max The Elf


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Max The Elf is a fun action platformer that I think deserves way more attention than it is getting. The art alone here is worth the price of admission and while this is a game that is all about the boys, it is so well done that I am pretty sure everyone can appreciate the incredible talent on display here. Also, I got a kick out of the fantasy setting that this game had to offer as well. In all, if you love a good lewd platformer, you need to check this one out.

A Wayward Elf!

The main character in Max The Elf is the titular (who doesn’t love that word?) is Max and Max is an elf who is at some kind of magic school trying to learn magic or something like that. The thing is, Max meets a new friend, a dude called Vick and Vick is from the wrong side of the tracks and he manages to convince Max to break into the secret area of the library! The story is a bit thin on the ground, but Max being corrupted is the basis of the premise here.

The Debate Is Settled!

The debate I am talking about here is are video games are art…. Although, I am not sure we can use lewd games like Max The Elf to get this point across to the masses, but this has to be one of the best looking lewd games around. The artist here is incredible and I like how Max kind of looks like a girl, but trust me, he is a dude. The hand drawn style of art here is incredible with some amazing creature designs that just cannot wait to have their way with Max, but I have a suspicion that Max likes it!

Lewd Way Around

The actual lewd content in Max The Elf is pretty intense. There is a great selection of creatures/enemies in this game that will try and have their way with Max. They can grab you from the front or from the back and this is where you see the lewd content and it is very hardcore if you know what I am saying! One thing that this game does very well is have one of the better gallery systems that I have seen in a lewd game. It lets you play around and see all of the XXX content and it is something I am sure you will have a lot of fun with.

Jump A Little Higher, Bang A Little Harder!

The gameplay of Max The Elf is something that I think the more you play, the more you will like. You are walking from left to right to make your way to a portal which will then zap you to the next level. There are only a few levels here, but they are a decent length. You can walk, jump and also punch your foes to keep them from you. You also have a screen clearing attack that you can use three times per stage. When an enemy attacks you this corruption meter will fill and you get a corruption seed! You need to make it to the end of the level before the portal closes. It sounds simple, but it is a fun time and a bit more challenging than you may think.


Max The Elf is a great lewd action platformer. It has some great ideas here and even if the current state I have just played the game in is all that the developer plans to do, it is still worth your time checking out. I think we have a decent platforming engine here (once you get the hang of the platforming) and that the game poses just the right amount of challenge. Be sure to give this one a try if you enjoy platformers and have a real appreciation for lewd art.


  • This is one of the best gay lewd games I have had the pleasure to play
  • The game is a challenging platformer
  • I liked the whole fantasy and whimsical style of the game
  • This is some of the best lewd art I have seen!


  • The gay theme of it may not click for everyone
  • The game feels good, but the controls, especially the jumping do take a little getting used to

Max The Elf is a side-scrolling action game for adults with lamplight drawings and a cute and excitable main character, where the player tries to navigate through a wonderful forest.

Main Character

The little girl looks beautiful:

  • Long soft brown uggs
  • A green wool sweatshirt with a heart print
  • Blonde hair in a bun
  • Pointy ears like an elf
  • Pink cheeks
  • Pale, young skin
  • Taut, long legs
  • Thin long fingers
  • Straight posture
  • Wide juicy thighs

There's only danger around

A cutie walks through an enchanted forest and avoids danger. The fantasy world becomes a threat at times. Here and there, blue energy portals open that take you to parallel worlds like through a wormhole. Aggressive fairies fly too close and want to test their sexual energy on the heroine. Strange puddles of eyes take the form of humans and crawl up to the girl to do something bad to her. Anthropomorphic girl bees try to sting, although they look very cute (in short sexy skirts and with anime eyes). An insect flies in from the back every twenty seconds, which you have to jump over in time. The ravenous flowers want to have breakfast with the pretty elf girl.

How to Survive?

There are many things in the player's arsenal:

  • Forward/backward movement (for many games, it's an advantage to be able to move backward)
  • Jumping, which often saves the day
  • Near hand attack (works against enemies who have attacked and are waiting for magic to replenish)
  • Energy shooting from your hands
  • Crouching (helps you dodge)

Gameplay Details

If the player defends poorly and avoids damage, he runs out of energy and begins an erotic scene. If the player wants to speed up the on-screen hentai sex scene, there is a separate button for masturbation that attracts lusty creatures.

The visuals are a strong point of the game. The locations are drawn very authentically, in rich colors.


Max The Elf is a good slutty action game for hentai fans. Recommended to fans of The Forest of Love and Earn Your Freedom.

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