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a game by BlackMonkey Pro
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 20 votes
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Anime and video games have always been really close to one another, they even have a lot in common. Just like with anime, there are video games made for every taste. And thanks to the advances in game development, it has become more and more accessible over the years. This is excellent for the Eroge game world, and there's why games like Sleepover exist. A title made directly to appeal a very specific audience, so let's check it out now.

About the game

Just like many other Eroge games, Sleepover is a visual novel based on making decisions, following dialogues and interacting with the characters. This time we're going to be playing as Kano, a guy who's been in love with his best friend and senpai Aki.

While Aki is fairly popular and active, Kano is more of the shy type of guy so confessing his feelings has been out of the question for a long time. But things are about to change for Kano, as luckily for him rainy weather will play in his favor. Kano and Aki spend the night together in a sleepover, the perfect opportunity for this young love to start a flame.

You lead the way

What makes this type of game interesting is the possibility to change the story depending on your choices. If you-re familiar with this genre you already know what we're talking about. But for the new audiences here's a quick explanation. Visual novels are, in a way, like playing a manga. You'll click through the dialogue instead of the pages while the sprites and backgrounds change depending on what's happening. Many times you'll get special screens of actions with dialogue and sometimes they are even animated.

You can select different dialogue options to choose how the main character you're controlling will respond to what's happening. That's pretty much all there is to explain about visual novels. What0s great about this genre is that it allows these micro-stories to be released as games, a few situations and art is all you need to get a nice visual novel. Some of the most popular visual novels out there are the Danganronpa series. They are a little different to point-and-click games, but they do share a lot of mechanics.


Sleepover is one of those odd cases where you can finish the game in about the same time you watch a couple of anime episodes. There's really only one situation, and it's up to you how to face it. Will you be able to get the perfect happy ending, or will you turn Kano's dream night into a nightmare?

  • Graphics and visuals: The visuals in this title are actually great, even though they lack animation the art is nice and clean. Good character design and a little lazy but effective setting. The overall UI of the game is good-looking too.

  • Gameplay: The game can be a bit frustrating because it seems to have more bad endings than anything. Miss one answer or action and Kano's night can be doomed in no time. The good thing is that you can start over and make the right choices, it won't take you too long to get it right.

  • Sound: The audio in this game is a pleasant surprise, as it even has its own themes with vocals and nice composition.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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