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Prepare for some real frights, blood splatter, and all kinds of craziness with our awesome horror games section! No matter if you love your horror to be all about blood and guts flying all over the place or if you prefer something a bit more sinister, a horror that is going to get under your skin, we have that and everything in between! As we love horror video games here at Gamefabrique, we decided to have a whole section dedicated to them and pick a few of our personal favorites for you.

We felt that we had to start a section about horror games with Resident Evil and the one we are handpicking is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard! Look, we loved the action oriented Resident Evil 4, but it moved the series to a more action over horror style. The awesome, Resident Evil 4 Remake did kick the scare factor up a bit, but it was Resident Evil 7 that really scared the hell out of us. This game is going to make you jump more times than listening to a record from Kriss Kross!

One of the best horror games of the last decade or so has to be Until Dawn! This game is like you are in an actual horror movie. You get to play as many different characters as you make key decisions that will greatly affect who survives and even the direction that the story goes in. This game is awesome, horror fans lost their minds over this when it was first released and it still is fun to play now. If you love horror movies, Until Dawn is a game that you have to play. It is actually the kind of game you will probably want to play more than once.

We are going back a few console generations, but we feel that Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is one of the horror games that deserve some real special attention. This game came out at a time when Japanese horror was really becoming popular in the West. We play as twin sisters who find themselves transported back through time to a cursed Japanese village and only our special ghost capturing camera can get us out alive!

We talked about the awesome Resident Evil 4 Remake, but 2023 had another epic remake of one of the most popular horror games of all time and what we are talking about here is the Dead Space Remake. This game is amazing, it is like you are in this sci-fi horror nightmare as you try and navigate this spaceship that is full of these horrific creatures that you can only put down by dismembering them!

Another great horror movie like experience is The Quarry which is brought to us by the same studio that did Until Dawn. This time we play as a bunch of different college kids in a summer camp that has something stalking them in the woods! This is one of the most fun horror games you will ever play and just like in Until Dawn, The Quarry has different paths that the story can go. How many characters can you help survive?

We wanted to close out our personal horror games picks with one last throwback title and we are going for Silent Hill 2: Directors Cut. This game is a real classic, but we are specifically talking about the lesser discussed directors cut which adds in some new content, a little bit sharper visuals, and is just the best version of this classic horror game you can play.

We hope that you are no longer cowering under your covers or peaking through your fingers as we want to say thanks for checking out our favorite horror games with us today! We have hundreds more horror video games for you to check out…. If you dare!!!!

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Silent Hill

One of the surprise hits of E3 was without a doubt Silent Hill.

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