Resident Evil

a game by Capcom
Platforms: GameCube Playstation
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 8.9/10, based on 4 reviews
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Resident Evil
Resident Evil
Resident Evil
Resident Evil

After its first appearance on the PSX, I knew Resident Evil was something special. Over the top, hammy, poorly performed dialogue, combined with a bizarre plot centered on genetic research, rolled together with the horror of a cheesy Romero-esque zombie film, Resident Evil had made its mark upon gaming the instant it rolled off the presses. Many years later, a few extra games, and one feature film underneath its belt, the Resident Evil franchise receives a much-needed update in this title for the Gamecube. Like the original, Resident Evil is a survival horror using creative camera angles (fixed angles with rendered characters) and undead to drive its story and gameplay.

Deep in the woods near Raccoon City, a mysterious force has been unleashed. The S.T.A.R.S. special police force, a crack unit of the Raccoon City PD, has been sent in to investigate. After Bravo Team disappears in the forest, Alpha Team is sent in, only to find a wrecked chopper, and mutilated bodies of the Bravo Team members. Pursued by strange dogs, Alpha Team is forced to take shelter in a strange mansion deep in the woods, harassed by the undead within. You can play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, officers from Alpha Team, each with a different part to play in the Resident Evil story.

With completely reworked graphics, and audio, the game now looks absolutely stunning, and sounds even better. Gone are the cheesy voice actors, replace with more serious ones, and even the gameplay got a bit of an update, now featuring defense items to help you survive. Make no mistake however'this is still the same Resident Evil and gives you the same bang for your buck. Get ready for the fixed camera-angle look of the original, because it hasn't changed.

And so, the Survival Horror begins.

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Game Reviews

Capcom's ultra-scary adventure game for the PlayStation is nearing completion. We just acquired a new copy of the game that has even more to it than what we showed you a few months back. First, there has been more animation added to the characters. After you shoot a zombie, he may not die. You now have the ability to grind his skull with your boot. Eeew!

Second, the playing area has been increased in size, with lots of places to explore in the giant mansion. Each room is rendered realistically, with different camera angles as you move about the mansion.

Last, there are also more enemies to face. Aside from the relentless undead, birds and spiders will hunt you down. Werewolf-like beings will pounce unexpectedly. Weapons have been added, with guns of all types hidden through the maze of corridors. Resident Evil looks like it'll be one of the , most unique and terrifying games to hit a video game system. We'll have more info fon this one as it becomes available.


Resident Evil is Capcom's latest game exclusively for the PlayStation. You may have heard of it as Biohazard, but it has been renamed.

This CD is similar in theme and style to the Alone in the Dark series that appeared on the PC format. You and possibly a friend (there can be a second player...) must search a haunted house that teems with dangers.

Each enemy is digitized and every room is rendered.

What makes this game stand out is seeing it in action. Everything is so smooth and lifelike. To enhance the mood, Capcom has even added some nifty camera angles.

Resident Evil is one of the coolest games that I've seen in quite some time. You can be sure that you'll be seeing more of this game in future issues.

Chris and Jill/went up to kill/some zombies Umbrella disturbed/ Wesker went nuts/and Barry, the putz,/ran off with all their green herb. Did ya understand all of that old children's tale from the sea?

No? Consider yourself lucky--this summer you can experience the creepy action of Capcom's original Resident Evil for the first time. All the (deep breath) head-explodin', ammo-reloadin', dog-chewin', blood-spewin', puzzle-solvin', magnum-revolvin', storage-boxin', shotgun-cockin', crow-flockin', master-of-unlockin' (phew) gameplay that put this game in our top 100 of all time now comes with some of the best graphics we've ever seen. Even those who know the mansion floorplan by heart will enjoy the new areas, puzzles, rendered movies, a revised combat system and more (we'd bet on a few new weapons at least).

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