Sad Satan

Download Sad Satan and confront the darkness within a controversial horror experience! Navigate unsettling environments, solve twisted puzzles, and uncover the chilling truth. Are you prepared to face the unknown? Play now!
a game by Unknown
Genres: Action, Simulation
Platform: PC
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Sad Satan
Sad Satan
Sad Satan

Some games go above and beyond to be disturbing and Sad Satan is one of them. Before we start this review this is a game that in no good conscience I can recommend that you go and actually try to play. It is very, very disturbing and features images of notorious serial killers and child molesters.

The Backstory Is More Interesting Than The Game!

Digging into the back story of Sad Satan was one of the most interesting things I had done in a while. I am a big fan of horror and murder mystery type stuff so I actually found the whole backstory of how Sad Satan was discovered more interesting than the actual game itself. Basically a few years back Obscure Horror Corner, a YouTube channel claimed that they were sent a link to a “deep web” site that contained this game called Sad Satan. The channel streamed the game and reported very strange things happening to their computer. The origins of the game were kind of “mystic” in that no one for sure knew exactly where the game came from although some did try and take credit. As far as I know, there is still no concrete answer to what this game is, where it came from and who made it. One rumor I read was that the Obscure Horror Corner made the game to try and drum up interest in the channel, but there is no real proof of that.

I Walk Alone

Sad Satan from what I experienced does not seem to have an actual point to it. You wander along a hallway and you will be teleported to different locations at what feels like random points in the game. In a way, it reminds me of that P.T thing that was released on PlayStation 4 a few years back. This hallway, house or whatever the heck it is called is super creepy. Images of really weird stuff pops up like JFK just before he was shot and British child molester Jimmy Saville. It is really messed up. The sound design though is what really puts the game over the edge. It plays old creepy radio transmissions and songs backwards (actually the name Sad Satan is a reference to a song being played backwards) the sound is perhaps the creepiest part of the game….. I say perhaps!


The reason I say that is because you are wandering around thinking that you have seen all that the game has to offer. All of a sudden these kids, well I think they are kids appear and start following you around. The fact that they do not really do anything makes them even more unnerving than if they actually did.

Sad Satan is a game that is very hard to review as it is not really much of a game at all. I can see why some people would be pretty horrified and offended by this game (especially the first version that has some truly sick images) it is like a game that was made for pure shock value and to get views on a video. As much as I like horror, this is one game I cannot recommend.



  • The sound design is very creepy
  • It does scare you
  • The backstory is very interesting


  • Disturbing for the sake of being disturbing
  • There is a version that has child abuse in it
  • It is not actually a game

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