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a game by DragonSnow
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 10 votes
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When I first heard that Changed was a "horror" game, I genuinely didn't know what to expect. The overall tone of the game seemed more like some sort of furry fantasy rather than what I expected from the usual body horror stuff. However, the more I played through Changed, the more I began to notice just how genuinely fun this indie puzzle game can really be.

At its core, yes, Changed is a furry game with themes of transformation kinks and subtle horror elements. What I didn't expect is that the characters – and the game's whole setting in general – would be so engaging.

Avoid the Change

The game begins with your character – a guy locked in an abandoned lab under unknown circumstances. In a short time, you'll discover that you're not the only one in this bizarre place, as some gooey creatures emerge and engage with you in "unsolicited" ways.

For a while, I thought the game was a bit like a tamer take on Corruption of Champions, complete with the furry transformations and all. However, the more you play, you begin to notice that the objective here is to not let yourself be transformed by the creatures. That's when you realize the game is a barely-disguised frantic chase sim.

Run and Hide

Every level in Changed deals with your character outsmarting his captors. However, this sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Levels can get pretty challenging, and it's not always because of the level design or for its clever puzzles: it's due to the game's outdated controls.

Changed was designed using RPG Maker, and we all know that these types of games are infamous for their limited mobility. If Changed was just a run-of-the-mill RPG, then it would have been fine – but there's so much movement involved, and it all feels so clumsy, that you quickly begin playing against the game itself.

There's no combat in Changed. Running from your captors is the only choice you have, and the consequences for failing usually are rather catastrophic for your human figure.

Paint Aesthetics

Changed's art department could be the subject of some debate among gamers. While the hand-drawn style certainly has its charm, it can be a bit crude from time to time. Character designs and the furry transformations themselves are rather well done, though, and those are the two things most people will like about this game anyway.

As long as you can look past the MSPaint look of the whole game, you'll find yourself immersed in a short but rewarding narrative experience that caters to some very specific "tastes."

Also worth noting: even though the visuals might be a tad disappointing, the game's OST certainly is not.


Short and to the point, Changed is the kind of game that knows its target audience perfectly well, and delivers the sort of gaming experience they want to see.


  • Entertaining – and challenging – puzzles
  • Good (but simple) art style
  • Lots of transformations to see


  • The visuals might be a bit too simple for some players
  • The controls can feel unresponsive
  • Surprisingly difficult for a game like this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Changed is one of the most unique horror games that I have ever played! This is a horror game that also plays into the furry kink a bit as well. It is a game that is really hard, but there is something about it that keeps making you want to try again. It has a very intriguing premise and story with a couple of characters that I legit wanted to learn more about. If you want a game that is going to challenge your gaming skills and also make you question a few things, I highly recommend that you give this a try.

Wakey, Wakey!

The story of Changed is something I enjoyed a great deal. We play as a young man who has awoken to find himself in a very strange looking laboratory. This place is weird, to say the least, and he has no idea why he is here, only that he needs to get out as there are some very strange creatures in this lab and they seem to have taken a liking to him and if they manage to get their hands/paws on him, he may lose his humanity and be changed forever! This whole thing is very weird and while I would certainly give the game the “furry tag” you do not have to be into that kind of thing to appreciate this story.

Keeping You In The Dark

One thing that Changed does very well is drip feed you bits of information in regard to where you are and what is going on. If you are a horror fan, you will get a real kick out of this. No spoilers and if you play the game you will know what I am talking about, but Puro and Dr. K are characters that are fleshed out really well and make you at the very least feel something one way or the other for them. I was very impressed with the way things unfolded here and it would have been so awesome if this got some kind of sequel.

Run, Hide or Die!

That was a little reference to another horror game, Outlast! The idea of Changed is kind of similar when it comes to the gameplay! These creatures will want to get to you and all you can do is run! There is no fighting back, all you can do is run and hide. The controls of the game are a bit stiff so it does take a while to get used to this. There are also puzzles that you will have to solve and no spoilers here, but these puzzles are hard, like really freaking hard! The game though was designed with being difficult in mind. Knowing before you play that this is going to be tough will make it a bit easier for you to get to grips with.

A Real Sense Of Retro Style

I love and I mean love the whole art design that Changed has going on. This is such a cool looking game. It has a kind of retro style to it, but it is all hand drawn. It has this kind of sketchbook style to it that I love. The animation is amazing too, when you do “change” the way it happens is so cool. The game is something that catches your attention right from the start because of the way it looks. With that being said, it is such a unique look that while I love it, I could also see it being something that may be off putting to some other people. Also, while this does have a “sexual game” tag, it is not as XXX as you may be expecting.


The funny thing about Changed is that while I loved my time with this game and from what I have read there are many others that love it too. I do feel that there will be some people that this does not click with at all. If you think the presentation looks cool and you are interested in the story, I would suggest playing the game for like 10 minutes, that is all you need to do in order to get an idea if the game is for you or not.


  • I loved the horror/sci-fi kind of story here
  • The characters were interesting
  • It has a bit of a furry kink to it that some people will love
  • This game has such a cool and unique look to it


  • The controls at first do feel a tad on the clunky side
  • The difficulty sometimes can feel a tad unfair

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