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Download and challenge your mind with Puzzle games! Unravel complex conundrums, overcome intricate challenges, and sharpen your wits as you solve captivating puzzles. Are you prepared to test your mental agility and conquer the enigmatic? Your puzzle gaming journey starts now!

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Sega Genesis
You control the fate of Lemmings, cute little creatures who will willingly fall off cliffs or jump into spinning blades – unless you are able to stop them, that is.


"What? No gore? What fun is that?" I asked myself. "And," I added, "what the hell is a 'Gubble'" Turns out that a Gubble is part Marvin the Martian on Prozac, part chattery Ewok, part good-natured cockroach, and part Izzy (the annoying mascot of th..

The Da Vinci Code

I think you've heard of this one. The book, the movie, they've been pretty hard to miss.

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