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Sega Genesis
In this fast-paced puzzle mayhem, your goal is to arrange three or more jewels of the same colour horizontally, vertically or diagonally to remove them from the playing screen.
Sega Genesis NES


Klax Game
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    Kablooey To complete each of its 130 levels, the avatar has to destroy all bombs on the level. He must stand on top of the...
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    Tetris Tetris is a verifiable classic game, translated to well over 200 electronic and computer platforms. It takes 2...
Klax is an action/puzzle game, the object is to catch assorted color falling tiles and create rows, columns, or diagonals of a single color.

Yoshi's Cookie

Everyone knows Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur pal.


It is a puzzle game where you have to guide a varying number of Brainies of four different colors onto a spot that matches their color.


Racing against the clock, it's now your task to put pictures back into their original form.

Pokémon Puzzle League

Discover the most frantic, frenzied, fun-filled Pokémon challenge ever--Pokémon Puzzle League! Line up three or more blocks of the same type to clear them off the screen. Create chains and combos to send garbage to your opponent. Collect badges fro..
Nintendo 64

Puzzle and Action - Ichidant

Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R is a Puzzle game, developed by CRI and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Bust-A-Move 2 is the lightning-quick, ultra-intense, 100% addictive, arcade puzzler that's gonna grab you and never let go! As the balls descend, you're gonna need sharp eyes and quick reflexes to match 3 or more balls and pop them... fast! Insane ..
Nintendo 64

Bust-A-Move '99

Think you've busted with the best? Not until you've faced Bust-A-Move '99! With intense 4-player competition, all new graphics, and create-a-level mode, you've never busted bubbles like these! And with eight new mysterious characters to save, you'l..
Nintendo 64

Chibi Maruko Chan Wakuwaku Shopping

Chibi Maruko-Chan: Waku Waku Shopping is a Puzzle game, developed and published by Namco, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Sega Genesis

Hollywood Squares

This game is a Nintendo Entertainment System puzzle game based on the TV game show of the same name.

Hyokkori Hyoutanjima

Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima is a Puzzle game, developed by Biox and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Sega Genesis

Ishido - The Way of the Stones

Ishido – The Way of Stones is a puzzle game in which the player's job is to match stones of various colors and patterns to adjacent stones of corresponding colors and patterns.
Sega Genesis

Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

Overall, it is a puzzle game. It is rated for all ages, aimed toward younger children, and it is designed for only one player.
Sega Genesis SNES


Pepenga Pengo is a Puzzle game, developed by Biox and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Push Over

Pushover is a platform puzzle game. The aim was to recover bundles of cash dropped down the ant hill by Captain Rat.

Puyo Puyo

Puyo Puyo is a Matching Puzzle game, developed by Compile and published by Sega, which was released in Japan in 1992.
Sega Genesis

Puyo Puyo 2

The object of this head-to-head puzzle game is to clear your grid of falling patterns called puyos by forming chains of four or more same-colored puyos in a straight line or one of several geometric patterns. What makes this a challenging two-playe..
Sega Genesis


What would you do if your friends were trapped at the core of a sphere layered in hundreds of Tetris pieces? You'd have a BLAST! Tetrisphere is a whole new way to play Tetris, the world's most popular home video puzzle game. Explore over 300 levels..
Nintendo 64


A rainstorm so fierce, it will keep you from leaving your home for the next six months. Wetrix just might be the most addictive puzzle game of all time. Using randomly shaped 3D blocks as they fall from the sky, you must create a series of lakes an..
Nintendo 64


Did you ever get punched by a banana? Tussle with a mushroom? Tumble into a black hole? You will now! ZOOM into space and race around the play grids, out-running the funny critters who pop up in the strangest places!
Sega Genesis

The Da Vinci Code

I think you've heard of this one. The book, the movie, they've been pretty hard to miss.


"What? No gore? What fun is that?" I asked myself. "And," I added, "what the hell is a 'Gubble'" Turns out that a Gubble is part Marvin the Martian on Prozac, part chattery Ewok, part good-natured cockroach, and part Izzy (the annoying mascot of th..

Gubble 2

"Gubble 2 is a puzzle game for the PC. The title character, Gubble D. Gleep, has become a wild and crazy teenager!

Taboo: The Sixth Sense

Taboo, the Sixth Sense, is based on the ancient Tarot method of predicting future events.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

Microsoft has a long tradition of Entertainment Packs for Windows, beginning in 1990.

My Street

To say that I've certainly played better kids games before is not an understatement.

Trap Gunner

Trap Gunner is a runny-roundy, trappy, actiony, shooty, strategy thingy with anime graphics and bad '80s techno music.

Blast Corps

A pair of defective nuclear missiles, en route to a safe detonation site, has begun to leak. Badly damaged, the carrier automatically locks onto the most direct route. Clear a path to help the carrier arrive safely. Tons of vehicles are at your dis..
Nintendo 64

Spindizzy Worlds

A new dimension has been discovered with a mysterious artificial world hanging in space and the player, as Trainee Cartographer for Unknown Worlds, has been given the task of mapping this new world. The player has been equipped with a Remote Scout ..


Boxxle is a special puzzle game adapted from the computer game called So-Ko-Ban. In it you must move strategically-placed boxes onto an equal number of target dots that are placed in special positions.


Flipull is a very strange game that incorporates the constant moving of a reflex-tester with puzzle-solving game play.

Sentinel Returns

The object of this game is to create levels and robots that will hopefully elevate you higher than the Sentinel.

Wario's Woods

This Tetris variation has some interesting innovations, but it's nothing new.


Does Scotland intrigue you? Do castles inspire you? Does the need to solve mysteries and puzzles run through your blood?


To complete each of its 130 levels, the avatar has to destroy all bombs on the level. He must stand on top of the bomb to light it, then is only able to take one step away before the bomb explodes.


Hatris game play is quite like Tetris (which was designed by the same person, Pazhitnov).


Sort of an expanded version of Boxxle, with scrolling screens and multiple perspectives

Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion

You play either Sid or his sister Sally, two kids from the 'burbs looking for something to do.


The player can either face a computer, or up to five human players. The computer players come at three levels (easy, normal, or hard) and feature a wide array of opponents, such as a crab made out of a rice bowl and a beautiful, laughing mermaid.

Puzzle Star Sweep

After the price, the best thing about Star Sweep is the translation.

Rat Attack!

Rat Attack! Nuke 'em! The mutant rat invasion is on! And the little rodents have a freakish plot: create bazillions of bizarre and deadly rats bent on trashing everything they can sink their teeth into! YOU gotta stop 'em! Become one of the SCRATCH..
Nintendo 64

Robbit Mon Dieu

Jumping Flash was one of the first games on the PlayStation, and four years later, it's still going.

Super Morph

Before playing takes place there is a cutscene of a young boy outside his uncle's house. Once the boy goes inside the house, a scientist lets the boy try out his new machine which can allow him to change state. The machine works but something goes ..

Hebereke's Popoitto

Another tetris mutation.

Irritating Stick

It seems as if they'll make a game about anything these days.


Using a variety of sliding puzzles, the player is challenged to roll a ball along tracks set on the tiles.
Sega Genesis


SunSoft's Logical is one of those puzzle games. You know the type--easy to learn, difficult to master.


Yet another Japanese Tetris clone from the arcades, but this one sports a pseudo-Mexican motif.
Sega Genesis