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Selection Criteria: Action games focused on melee combat, often featuring fast-paced gameplay and a variety of weapons and abilities.

Download and unleash your inner warrior with Hack and Slash games! Master fast-paced combat, vanquish your foes, and carve your way through hordes of enemies in a whirlwind of action. Are you ready to embrace the chaos and become an unstoppable force? Your hack and slash adventure starts now!

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Spawn Armageddon

The game places you on the edge of Armageddon as Spawn tried to fight off the hordes of Hell, unleashed by a preemptive strike launched by wayward angels, and a super assassin created by Spawn's rival Jason Wynn.

Dynasty Warriors 2

Koei has combined what they do best-military strategy--with the action and intensity of a fighting game for this sequel to Dynasty Warriors (Sangoku Musou).

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

The cut scenes drive this forward with outstanding story development and detail and keep you closely involved.

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