Gauntlet - The Third Encounter

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a game by Epyx, Inc.
Platform: Lynx
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Gauntlet - The Third Encounter
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter

The mazes are back!! Forty treacherous new levels await you and up to three other friends in Gauntlet-The Third Encounter fa the Atari Lynx. You've only got your weapon and a tot of guts standing between you and a horde of ghastly nasties, including: spiders, ghosts, giant frogs, walking cacti, scapions, and even land sharks!

In this game, you're on a quest to find the magical Star Gem that fell from the skies and landed somewhere in the depths of an eerie castle on a nearby mountain. You and your allies must venture through endless winding passages in ader to find the hidden doa-way to the next level. If you're brave enough and smart enough, you just might fight your way to the last level where the Star Gem is hidden.

Unlike the previous Gauntlet, this game offers a wide variety of new characters fa you to choose from. You have your choice of: an Android, an Amazon, a Gunfighter, a Wizard, a Pirate, a Punk-rocker, a Samurai, or even a Nerd! Each character differs in his Speed, Strength, Weapons, and Missile levels. Some characters are faster than others but are not as durable when taking hits from monsters. You'll have to put each character through his paces in order to find out which one is perfect fa you.

There are a lot of useful items scattered about the mazes that really help you in your travels. Most importantly are apples that increase your life ratings and keys that open the many doors that block your way. There are a variety of ancient scrolls that can revive you when you die, make you invisible from your enemies, increase your life ratings, and repel all enemies from you fa a couple of moments, among other things. Located on each level is a computer terminal that displays vital messages a allows you to purchase valuable items fa your inventory.

Gauntlet-The Third Encounter is radically different from other Lynx games because it features a 90 degree game view to take advantage of the full length of the screen. To play, you have to flip the Lynx on end and hold it upright. The main screen gives you an overhead perspective of the action, and a smaller window at the bottom of the screen provides a first-person perspective that enables you to see things that lie directly ahead of you just off the edges of the overhead screen. At first, it's a little awkward to operate the unit at an upright angle, but it's easy to get used to and soon you'll be blasting away! Gauntlet-The Third Encounter is more than a sharp sequel to the original Gauntlet. The choice of extra characters, complex mazes, new nasty villains, and the ability to play it anywhere you go, puts it in a class by itself!


  • When you light oil enemies, it's best to position yourself in a corner so they can't come up from behind you.
  • Use your food items as soon as you get them in order to keep space open in your inventory.
  • Watch out tor giant trogs that can jump over walls ami other obstacles to get at you!
  • Drop an object from your inventory to block oft passageways. This will help keep nasties away from you as explore each chamber.
  • Drop gold coin bags first il you ever need space in your inventory. There are more gold coin bags than anything else in the mazes.
  • Shoot at all the walls and obstacles, some just might blow away to give you easy shortcuts through the maze.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

This is a sequel to the arcade (and home) hit, but with extra characters, more complex mazes, and new villains. You and up to three friends must fight off spiders, ghosts, giant frogs, walking cacti, scorpions, and land sharks to find the magical Star Gem. Play an Android, an Amazon, a Gunfighter, a Wizard, a Pirate, a Punk Rocker, a Samurai, or a Nerd as you try to fight your way to the last level.

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