a game by Tengen, and Atari Co.
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Platforms: Sega Master SystemSega Master System NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 5 reviews
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  • Manufacturer: Tengen
  • Machine: NES

Winston Denny, of Grapevine, Texas, has sent in a tip that will give you double power in this tough castle-exploration game. If you start off with two characters, then let one of them die, there will be an icon on-screen which represents the supplies the dead character left behind. Move the first player over that icon, and you'll retrieve those supplies! Thanks for your assistance, Winston.

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  • Manufacturer: Tengen
  • Machine: NES

Walter Hucal of Iselin, New Jersey, has told us how to lessen the effect of annoying stun tiles. If you get stuck on a tile, simply push Start to pause, then Start again to resume. After that, you'll be free to move.

In fact, we understand that this process works for other games as well. On some level bosses that require multiple hits from your weapon, if you fire then pause the game while the enemy is being damaged, when you resume the normal effect will be increased. For example, try this on Blaster Master. Thanks, Walter.

  • Manufacturer: Tengen
  • Machine: Nintendo Entertainment System

When Gauntlet came out as a coin-op, arcade players swooned. The combination of high-quality graphics and sound, fiercely competitive game play and multiplayer action made it a real winner. Tengen, to the cheers of Nintendo players, has converted it into cartridge form.

While this conversion doesn't compete with the arcade version for visual and aural capabilities (the NES hardware unfortunately isn't in the same league), the representation of the game is reasonably accurate, with the addition of cooperative play to add to the game's appeal.

As in the arcade version, Gauntlet is the name of the castle you've entered in search of the Sacred Orb. If you succeed in retrieving the Orb, the people of Rendar, held under a spell by Morak the Evil One, will be set free. You have your choice of four warriors to do battle with, and each one comes with a unique set of characteristics that govern how quickly they move, how strong their armor is, the strength of their shots and the level of their magical abilities.

As you wander through the castle's many rooms, you must grab as much bounty as you can. Some treasures increase your "hit point" count, which is how damage you can sustain before your health fails and the game ends. Other bonuses are potions that enhance your powers, such as invisibility or increased speed. A high percentage of your journey involves tracking down keys (to open chests and doors) and bombs (for eliminating whole groups of enemies).

Obviously, your trek is hazardous. Each room consists of groups of enemy creatures: ghosts, grunts, demons and sorcerers, among many others. All of these adversaries stand between you and the exit door. In later levels, the opposition gets stronger and faster, and false exits are tossed in for added difficulty. Hitting the Start button at any time not only pauses the game, but also shows you a display of your status: what room you are in, your score, your current strength level, the maximum strength level you can reach, an inventory of keys and bombs.

After every few rooms, there is a treasure room. Here you can gather a quantity of food without the threat of death, as there are no enemies to face. A timer ticks off seconds, and if you exit before the timer hits zero, your strength level will be recharged to its maximum; otherwise, you retain your existing level. To make this more of a challenge, the exit location varies.

The instruction booklet that comes with the game gives you all the information you need to play, such as maps of the five worlds. These maps include room numbers and markings for treasure and clue room (where you receive bits of the password needed to exit the castle) locations, to help you track your progress. Some rooms have multiple exits, each leading to different rooms, so you still have to do some mapping of your own.

Gauntlet is a tough contest that is programmed with many levels to hack your way through. Thankfully, a password system is employed that lets you restart games from the point you were last at, with the inventory you had socked away. A game like this will require hours of adventuring, and Tengen makes it easy for you to progress.

From an artistic viewpoint, Gauntlet pushes the limit of the NES capabilities. For instance, if a grunt gets next to your character and strikes, you'll hear a digitized "Ooof", while snatching up a plate of food brings an "Mmmm". Graphically, the game adequately relays events, but at certain sections, namely those that contain a lot of characters, the action slows down annoyingly. Overall, Gauntlet is a treat to play and comes highly recommended.

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Straight from the arcade megahit, Gauntlet II is a near perfect translation to the small screen. In fact, the Game Link feature allows for four players to join in the fun! Travel through over 100 different mazes full of surprises, treasure, evil monsters, and more! Search for the magic potions to increase your abilities and maybe you'll earn a chance to go through the secret rooms! Snag power ups to help your quest and don't leave one monster standing if you can help it! Watch for the villainous thief who loves to steal your precious potions and keys. The mugger is here too ready to take your food away. Best of all the Gauntlet I excitement is preserved perfectly!

Yes, the legendary arcade hit is now available on the NES! Choose your hero from the same four characters: Thor, Thyra, Merlin or Questor. The unique 2-player option lets you join forces with a friend to defeat hordes of swarming monsters and to collect food, treasure and magic potions. We've also added a host of new features. Tengen's Gauntlet sends you on a noble quest: The recovery of a sacred orb lost somewhere in a huge universe known as the Five Worlds. Each World comes with bewildering mazes and untold dangers to challenge even the most skillful adventurer. Live all your sword-and-sorcery fantasies today!

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