Nun Massacre

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a game by Puppet Combo
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 6.3/10 - 29 votes
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Nun Massacre
Nun Massacre
Nun Massacre

Are you ready to have a heart attack in eye-straining low resolution? Then jump in as we review Nun Massacre, the latest in Puppet Combo’s lo-fi horror experiences. A homage to a bygone era of gaming, Nun Massacre takes the polygonal monstrosities that haunted our nightmares in the PS1 era and reminds us why we were so scared of them in the first place.

Albeit a tad short, Nun Massacre (also known as Night of the Nun) is a fun stealth horror experience made for a very specific audience. Everything from the ambiance to the chilling map design will fill players with dread, and will no doubt be a fine treat for any horror game fan out there.

Low Poly Chills

There’s something oddly captivating and spine-tinglingly scary about low poly horror games. While high-resolution textures and character models can be used rather effectively in the horror genre, there’s simply no matching the raw terror that games like the original Silent Hill or Nightmare Creatures can evoke.

Puppet Combo, the developers of Nun Massacre and other low poly horror games, know precisely the niche they’re targeting with their games. These games aren’t deep narrative experiences, but rather a quick, suspense-filled thrill ride to keep players entertained for a while.

While some players might think that these games might be a bit on the basic side of things, but one has to keep in mind that coming across truly scary games is something that’s getting increasingly difficult. In a way, it’s refreshing to see developers still making games that would be perfect for a Halloween night or simply for a quick scare.

Learning from the Pros

The old school influences of Nun Massacre are quite evident, even at first glance. The inventory system is clearly inspired by Silent Hill, and the HP is displayed in a way that’s very similar to Resident Evil.

Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, there’s a lot more than it seems under the hood in Nun Massacre. The Nun’s AI is surprisingly complex: she stalks the hallways and knows precisely where the player is at all times, and she’s even able to use hiding spots like the player.

That’s not to say that the game is frustratingly difficult – on the contrary, stealth feels just right, with ample spaces to navigate and hide. While navigation can get a bit confusing at times, that’s just part and parcel of a short horror game like this one. Perhaps that is just Puppet Combo’s way to pay homage to PS1 games and their sometimes frustrating level design.

The whole concept behind Nun Massacre might sound cliché, but that’s just the magic of Puppet Combo doing its work. This is a great homage to a bygone era of gaming, and it’s definitely a fun title that horror fans will no doubt appreciate, even if it’s just for its incredible presentation alone.


Nun Massacre is a great, bite-sized horror experience that is quick and to the point. Its basic nature might be disappointing to some players, but horror fans looking for a quick scare might find that this little game isn’t short on chills and nostalgia.


  • Cool retro graphics
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Scary at all times


  • Disappointingly short
  • Repetitive hide and seek sequences
  • Light on narrative

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Nun Massacre sounds like the trailer to a 1970s B-movie. As a video game, it's not too far off that concept. It seems the developers are taking that snuff concept and combining it with the graphics of the early 3D console era. So, what fascinating things will we find in store in this instant cult classic?

The game already saw some intrigue pre-release as it had to adopt an alternate title to promote. It's elsewhere called 'Night of the Nun,' as the word massacre had trailers and gameplay videos instantly taken down. That little controversy shrouds the game in an aura of mystery and brings a little macabre intrigue into it. Let's see if Nun Massacre is as good as the hype behind the title.

Nuns Gone Wild

The first thing that makes the game fascinating is that it hasn't been distributed by traditional means. Players had to obtain a copy straight for the developer, indicating this game was either made for gamers or has content deemed generally taboo in the public eye. It's up to us to discover which is which!

Nun Massacre is labeled a stealth horror game, adopting a narrative where you cross paths with a convent of psychopathic nuns. Go figure, right? The storyline stays true to the straightforward tales of PlayStation era video games and focuses more on gameplay. It's a hide-and-seek adventure where you'll spend most of your time keeping away from those knife-wielding sisters of God.

You won't find any controversy and taboo in the game if that's what you were looking for. However, Nun Massacre is terrifying in other ways. The pixelated 90s game visuals among the dark lighting make it horrific when you cross paths with a bloodthirsty nun. Your core objective is to escape, but you'll have to solve puzzles and get over obstacles to get there - unarmed, too.

It's pretty remarkable how a contemporary game has managed to resemble a classic horror so much. That is its own right makes Nun Massacre a decent game to play. However, there aren't any standout mechanics nor innovative gameplay. It simply lets the horror-filled atmosphere and retro gaming nostalgia do all the talking.

Second To Nun

Nun Massacre does a great job of rekindling PS1-era horror games. The gameplay and visuals of Silent Hill 2 spring to mind throughout the playthrough. But is it enough to appeal to gamers who weren't around in the late 90s? I'd argue no, probably not. The elementary mechanics and pixelated visuals wouldn't make sense to anyone who hasn't played the early Resident Evil or Silent Hill games.


Alas, if you are a millennial, you probably owned a PlayStation or Nintendo 64. I'll hedge my bets that you had a sleepover where you played some terrifying game at night. If you're looking to rekindle those moments, Nun Massacre is a perfect supplement for that experience. It's got everything right in portraying the classic PS1 horror game.


  • A masterful attempt at recreating a classic PS1 horror game
  • The gameplay is genuinely scary
  • Challenging moments that bring an exciting urgency to the players


  • Inaccessible to younger gamers
  • Not distributed through standard consoles or platforms
  • The inventory system is a bit obnoxious

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