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Sega Genesis Sega Master System
In Alien Storm, the entire city is under siege, and you're the only one with the courage, and weaponry, to stop the invasion.

Alien 3

You play as Ripley. You must find and free all the captives hidden around the levels while avoiding the nasty Alien and before the time runs out and aliens burst out.
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Sega Genesis NES

Alien vs Predator

You are in control of a Predator who receives a distress call from Vega 4 of an attack on the city of New Shangi. Your goal is to wipe out all of the aliens before advancing to the next level.

Alien Resurrection

his third-person, 3-D action game takes place in the Alien-infested corridored environment of the research vessel Auriga.

Alien Soldier

You play as a strange bird-like creature and you can select 4 weapons to use, each with their own different abilities and drawbacks.
Sega Genesis

Alien Trilogy

Acclaim has been working on the Alien Trilogy tor the PlayStation, and it looks like a real winner.

Alien Virus

Alien Virus is the latest interactive adventure from Vic Tokai.


Following hot on the heels of the current coin-op champ, Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion

Life is definitely not bliss on Rubi-Ka. While heading for your new life on the surface, your shuttle is attacked by an unknown alien race, and you barely survive an emergency crash landing.

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