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Download and blast off into the infinite cosmos with Space games! Conquer the final frontier, explore alien worlds, and engage in epic space battles as you chart your course through the stars. Are you ready to embark on an interstellar journey? Your space gaming adventure starts now!

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Selection Criteria: Games set in outer space, often featuring space exploration, combat, or simulation elements.

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Sinistar Unleashed

The Distilled Evil along with their slaves, The Sporg, are creating the ultimate biomechanical weapon: the Sinistar.


The solar system erupts in war! Eastern Coalition forces, led by the devious Admiral Kulov, have launched a surprise attack on the Western Alliance.

Archimedean Dynasty

Until recent video and audio advances in personal computers, it was nearly impossible to depict realistically and convincingly the underwater environment in computer games


It looks as if we're finally going to get an update of a classic arcade game that does its predecessor justice.

Freespace 2

30 years ago your grandfathers flew a desperate campaign against the monstrous Shivan invasion.

Descent: FreeSpace-The Great War

As the game begins, you are at war with a race known as the Vasudans.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates

When starting a single player game, there are three options to choose: tutorial, skirmish, or campaign. If you are new to the _Starfleet Command_ series, the tutorial should be your first choice.

Star Wars: Rebel Assault

It seems like those poor Rebels never get a break these days.

Star Control 3

The new eye candy is great, from the new digitized look of the races to the up-close 3D rendering of the starships; in this area Accolade came through with flying colors .

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

As the youngest son of the Azameen family cartel, you begin the game running your first missions for your father.

Space Debris

Rage Software (Incoming, Expendable) is currently working on a space-based action shoot-'em up (like Colony Wars).

Descent: Freespace-Silent Threat

Stuck on the wrong side of the jump-node collapse, you find yourself struggling to maintain GTA authority during a massive power grab.

Into The Void

Into The Void is a strategy-based game for the PC. What sets this apart from other building games is the futuristic environment.

Assault Suits Leynoss

Space shooting game set in the future with Earth under attack by robots. You are the pilot of a mech robot which can either walk on planet surfaces or fly in space.
Sega Genesis

Galactic Civilizations

If you've never played a 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) before, it can be overwhelming at first.

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