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Download and command the power of Mechs games! Pilot massive, high-tech machines, engage in intense battles, and experience the thrill of mechanized warfare. Are you ready to unleash your inner mech pilot and dominate the battlefield? Your mechs gaming adventure starts now!

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Selection Criteria: Games featuring large, piloted robotic vehicles or suits, often with a focus on combat, customization, or strategy.
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Sega Genesis
Viewed from an isometric perspective, Final Zone has you controlling an armored soldier through 14 futuristic stages.


As first-person 3-D shooters continue to impress video gamers, one limitation still holds programmers back from making the 3-D feel even closer to real--the ground.


As a new cadet within the Federation’s elite combat unit you begin to explore your skill as a hotshot pilot.


With real-time strategy games a dime a dozen these days, one can't be blamed for shunning the appearance of yet another one in the already too-crowded market.

Mechwarrior 2

ow here's a game with some power! You'll find that the strategy in MechWarrior 2 will rapidly disintegrate into "Hulk Smash!" after the first few episodes.

MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

The birth of the Star League ushered in mankind's Golden Age.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

“Your father murdered. Your world overrun. Take command... and... reclaim your bloodright.” With those words, a new story in the battletech universe is born.

Sub Culture

Lovers of action/adventure games set entirely in an undersea environment have been quite lucky in the past year.


You're a member of the G Police. As an elite undercover agent, you sink into the midst of the criminal underground undetected.

Silent Hunter II

During WWII, Germany asserted its power by nearly closing the supply line to Europe, almost strangling U.S. forces of their supplies and resources.


Interplay is currently working on a highly graphic flight/war game for the 3DO.


The Game is made in the style of 3D-shooter. Have you got used to fighting with monsters? Are they afraid you? Try this game then…
Sega Genesis

Steel Talons

Many pilots dream of becoming a member of the elite Steel Talons, the Air Force's equivalent to the Army's Green Berets and the Navy's Seals, but only the best will get that chance.
Sega Genesis SNES

Krazy Ivan

Krazy Ivan is another Psygnosis title that is close to completion. So far it looks phenomenal.


MEKs are deadly, hovering tanks of unequaled destructive power. Nasrac the Eliminator is the undisputed MEK Master. You must defeat him at his own game during the ultimate MEK battle tourney. Master the battle with 6 different murderous hover craft..
Sega Genesis

Armored Core

Armored Core pushes mecli gomes to the limit wilt its beautifully staged levels and sharp graphics.

Armored Core 2: Another Age

You are now a seasoned veteran of the Ravens, perhaps the most successful mercenary unit in existence.

Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri

As the newest member of Strike Force Centauri (SFC), your mission is to protect the Terran populace from bands of armed pirates and terrorists.

Armored Core: Project Phantasma

ASCII has since picked up the rights to the sequel, Armored Core: Project Phantasma.

Battletech: Gray Death Legion

Absolute is currently working on a brand-new BattleTech game for the Sega CD.

Gundam Side Story 0079

In Japan, the Gundam franchise commands a huge empire of entertainment.


MechCommander, the fourth installment in the Mechwarrior-series, although the first by Microprose, is also the first to take the _Mechwarrior_ series back to its roots as a tactical-level strategy game.

Shattered Steel

Led by mega-corporations, the human race has begun to explore and colonize the galaxy in earnest, terra-forming planets and mining them for their resources.

Final Zone 2

A renegade weapons society, responsible for killing billions is threatening the Earth.

Armored Core 2

OK, we've galleried AC2 before, but we just had to show you these incredible screenshots.

MechCommander 2

There are three things that I love to do when playing video games.


In the 29th century, humankind thrives under the Great Human Empire. On Mother Earth, the Immortal Emperor Petresun has ruled for more than 175 years.


Vortex is a 3D shooter similar to Star Fox, where the player is cast as a soldier fighting the Aki-Do Forces, an evil empire bent on taking over the entire universe.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo

It's been fifty years since Earth's population began living in orbiting space colonies and, while this move to alleviate the ballooning population has been a success, some unforeseen side effects have occurred.

Battletech (Genesis)

Take control of a Matcat Mech as you fight your way through several level of mechanized mayhem. Use machine guns, rocket launchers, homing missiles, flame throwers, mines and atomic bombs to defeat the encroaching enemy threat.
Sega Genesis

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