MechWarrior 3050

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a game by Tiburon Entertainment
Genre: Action
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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In a Time of War...

...all you have is your clan. In MechWarrior 3050, fight and give your life if necessary for your clan. In the MechWarrior Universe, humankind has divided into groups or clans. These clans possess giant robots or mechs. Mechs have developed into the premier battlefield weapon. Their armorments consist of some of the most destructive weapons ever placed on a land vehicle.


I played the Genesis version (originally titled Battletech the Game of Armored Combat), so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. Once again, I got in over my head and found myself clawing my way back to the surface.


The graphics are excellent. The music and sound effects really set the mood. With two players, one controls the feet and movement while player two controls the turret and weapons.


A big red target saying, "Here I am shoot me!" Then again, the enemies don't really need any more help considering there are so many of them.


If you like huge mechs destroying everything in their sight on a large battlefield and having everybody and their brother shooting at you, then MechWarrior 3050 is for you. If not, well then you're a sissy and probably couldn't handle it.

  • MANUFACTURER - Tiburon Ent.
  • DIFFICULTY - Very Hard
  • THEME - Action/Adventure
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

Jungle Strike meets Iron Soldier, and guess what? The result is kind of fun. The two-player variation adds a challenging twist.

ProTip: Leave coolant where you find it unless you really need it. You can always retrieve it later.

Rhodes Warrior

MechWarrior 3050 is a thinking gamer's destruction derby. Strategy, patience, and accurate shooting are the minimum requirements. You pilot a mech: a mammoth, walking, gun-toting tank.

You start each level by selecting your weapons, then complete mission objectives like destroying enemy hangars and attacking an enemy base. Many of the missions are long, complex, and riddled with hazards -- this game is no walk in the park.

The two-player option is a little unsettling at first. One player guides the gun turret while another walks the mech. If the two players aren't in perfect synch, there'll be lots of bad mech blood between them.

Mech Strike

The graphics are small and undetailed, much like those in Jungle Strike. Your enemies, which include hostile mechs and tiny bazooka-wielding soldiers, advance and fire with slow, choppy animation.

The sounds are decent but extremely limited, ranging from basic gunfire to basic explosions. That's about it. Having mission control scream in your ear would be preferable to virtual silence.

MechWarrior 3050 is just the thing for Jungle Strike fans. And if you're looking for something more challenging than a droid sortie, the two- player mode will definitely singe your armor.

  • Skip the first stage with this password: 65C816
  • If you receive an enemy- mech signal when you're burning up, hightail it out of the area.

My IQ might not be much higher than, say, your average Game Fan reviewer (or reader), but even was able to figure out pretty quick that Mechwarrior 3050 is naught more than a Super NES version of Battletech, a Genesis game released by Extreme Entertainment last year. Why the name change? No idea. I do know, however, that Mechwarrior 3050 is a shameless rip-off of the EA chopper sim Desert Strike. Same angled overhead view, same three-weapon configuration, same mission maps, same everything, except you're in a 'Mech instead of an Apache. Ain't nothing wrong with ripping off a great game, of course, although 3050 has its share of problems: There are only five levels, the missions in each level are heavy on shooting and light on strategy, and the ending sequence-which few players will witness, because 3050 is devastatingly tough on the later levels-is horrendous. But even though you'll never see the end without cheating, you'll still enjoy 3050s gorgeous, fast-moving graphics, and the sheer thrill of blowing stuff up with a big robot. The verdict: An excellent conversion of a very good Genny cart.

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