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Download and immerse yourself in the futuristic world of Cyberpunk games! Navigate dystopian cityscapes, engage with high-tech gadgets, and confront the complex moral dilemmas that define a society on the brink of change. Are you ready to challenge the boundaries between man and machine? Your cybernetic adventure starts now!

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Selection Criteria: Games set in futuristic, dystopian worlds with advanced technology and a focus on societal issues or political themes.
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GameTek's now making games for the 3DO! The game is called Quarantine.

Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars features 60-plus missions, a Multiplayer Mode and a fully rotational 3-D map.

Ghost In The Shell

Ghost in the Shell is the latest movie-to-game translation to grace the home gaming scene.


Syndicate is a Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy game, developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by Electronic Arts, which was released in 1994.
Sega Genesis

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is. well...sick. Where else can you pit a Hummer against a motorcycle?

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