Download REPLACED and immerse yourself in a gritty, dystopian world! Fight for your life, uncover a sinister plot, and challenge the oppressive regime in this visually stunning action-platformer. Will you survive to see the truth? Play now!
a game by Sad Cat Studios
Platform: PC
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REPLACED is one of those games that I have not heard a great deal of people talk about so I really wanted to share my thoughts on it today. This is a 2.5D action platformer and it is a game that has gotten me very excited. I will admit that as of me writing this, we do not know a great deal about the game. It caused a bit of a stir when it was first shown at e3 and we do know that it will be on PC as well on Xbox thanks to Game Pass.

AN AI Trying To Get By

What has really drawn me to REPLACED is the story and the setting. The main character in this game is an AI that is called R.E.A.C.H and this AI has been put into a human body against its will! You are trying to adapt and survive which is made all the harder thanks to the harsh place that is Phoenix City and how fragile your new human frame is. Why are you in this body and what are you going to do about it!

Phoenix Nights!

One of the things that I think is really cool about REPLACED is the setting. Taking place in the 1980s, but an alternate dystopian style 80s, I get major Blade Runner and even a bit of the Van Damme classic, Cyborg from the setting that is going on here. In this place, human organs are a main source of currency and it is a very dark, dangerous, and strange city. I am very excited about finding out more about this very grim looking city!

Those Visuals Sure Do “Snatch” Your Imagination

I already name-dropped Blade Runner and Cyborg when talking about the presentation and story that REPLACED has going on, but I also have to name drop the Sega CD classic, Snatcher too. Not just because of the AI focused story, but because of the way that the game looks too. It has a 2.5D kind of style and it has an 80s techno punk kind of vibe to it all and the pixel artwork here is quite fantastic and helps get you even more invested in this strange world. Heck, we know next to nothing about this game, but because of the amazing art that I have seen, my mind is racing with what could be happening and possible in this world.

AI Combat

So far, the trailer that we have seen for REPLACED has not shown a great deal as far as the gameplay goes. They have talked about free-flowing combat and to me, that sounds like a kind of 2D version of what we got in the Batman Arkham games, actually, I wonder if it will be more like the Blackgate game that was made for the 3DS and Vita? Anyway, the combat is fast-paced, brutal, and from what I have seen it looks like a lot of fun. We can also see that there is going to be a fair bit of platforming and exploration in the game too which sounds pretty neat.


Hopefully by the time you read this REPLACED will have dished out more details in regards to what exactly it is going to be offering us. However, even with the very small teaser trailer that we have had so far, this is a game that I am incredibly excited about. We know for sure that it is coming to both PC and Xbox. If you are an Xbox gamer, you are certainly going to want to check this out as it is going to be available on Game Pass on day one…. Whenever that may actually be!


  • I love this grim alternate 80s setting that they have
  • R.E.A.C.H sounds like a very interesting character
  • The combat has a real “Arkham” vibe about it
  • The pixel art in this game looks great


  • Even though the game is out in 2022, we still know very little about it
  • I do wonder how deep the gameplay will be



System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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