MechWarrior 2

a game by Activision
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 7 reviews
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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MechWarrior 2
MechWarrior 2
MechWarrior 2
MechWarrior 2

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Although It has been dummied down a little from the PC original. Mech 2 is still one of the most complicated and rewarding sims you can play on the consoles-and it's definitely the best console 'Mech game available. You can't just mosey across the battlefield, blasting everything in sight Cry it and see how long it takes to get your 'Mech's legs blown off); each level requires a gameplan, a rationing of ammunition and hide-and-seek combat tactics. Put simply, this sucker demands strategy. But that's not to say Mech 2 is lean on action On fact, it packs more enemies and combat thrills than the PC game). Mech 2 offers 48 missions in all (as well as a few training sorties that come complete with voice commentary). Mission objectives vary widely-from recon patrols to base defense to pin-point strikes on enemy buildings-and the odds are always overwhelmingly against you (fortunately, you can adjust the difficulty on a mission-by-mission basis). But the real stars of this game are its 12 Mechs. Each is unique, with its own strengths, and choosing the right robot and weapons configuration for a particular mission is just as important to survival as good 'Mech piloting. Jumpjetting around in a 30-ton 'Mech is fun. too!


I'm pleased with the conversion to a more action-based console from the PC. The PlayStation pad lends itself to this type of game. The animation and graphics were great-the 'Mechs looked and moved perfectly (better than on the PC). I was never big into the MW world, so not sure how accurate it is about the 'Mechs.


First, you must realize that this is not a PC port. This is a new version, designed for the consoles. It has a notable arcade feel to it. making it more an action title rather than a simulation (like the PC version was). I was instantly drawn in and hooked by the smooth animation and the ambient music. My only gripe was the inaccurate targeting.


Now here's a game with some power! You'll find that the strategy in MechWarrior 2 will rapidly disintegrate into "Hulk Smash!" after the first few episodes. Only the "save the bunker"-style episodes offer much relief from this, but luckily the early episodes are varied enough to maintain consciousness until the REALLY cool levels later on...

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP


System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The term "pc port" often I makes console gamers A wince because many PC titles suffer severely in the switch. MechWarrior 2 deftly avoids that pitfall, ditching the complexity of the classic PC sim in favor of gripping arcade-style mayhem.

Set in the popular Battle-Tech universe, Mech 2 drops you into a war between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade-Falcon. As a grunt at the helm of a mech loaded with hellacious firepower, you destroy enemy installations, collect intel, and more in the fight for your clan's supremacy.

Mech 2's frenzied combat and huge, varied lineup of missions make for blistering gameplay. But Mech 2's not without its flaws: The absence of multiplayer action's a real downer, and some of the missions are dull and unchallenging. Still, it leaves posers like Krazy Ivan munching mech exhaust. Mech 2's a battle worth signing up for.


  • If you've crippled an enemy by blasting off their leg, circle behind them so they can't pivot and target you, then finish the job.
  • If an enemy flies overhead, target a leg so they're immobile as soon as they land.
  • Use light, speedy mechs to scout missions and plan a course of attack for the heavy-duty mechs.
  • If you're armed with long-range lasers or missiles, play it safe by stopping as soon as you're within range of an enemy (the cross hair will turn red) and firing away from a distance.
  • It's often Worth overheating and shutting down if you can tell that one more shot will finish offyour opponent.
  • If you're surrounded in a slow mech, back up into a mountain in order to cover your back while shooting.


Mech 2 shines with cleanly detailed mechs, sizzling weapons effects, and nicely textured landscapes. The worlds look a little too polygonal and sterile, but you'll spend most of your time staring down incoming fire anyway.


The solid sounds perform just fine. The grinding guitar tunes wear thin, but the raucous roar of the weapons and exploding mechs commands most of your attention.


With practice, Mech 2' sresponsive controls enable you to whip through the battlefield with ease. Still, a third-person view would've been real handy in crowded combat, and the mech-maintenance screens are too tricky.

Fun Factor

If mech combat's your thing, Mech 2 ranks as the PlayStation commander-in-chief. Even without two-player action, the fierce combat, awesome weapons, and unending missions offer plenty of fun for one.

One of the top PC games is heading to 32-bit country as Mech-Warrior 2 makes the leap to the PlayStation and Saturn. Based on the popular BattleTech board games, Mech 2 plunges you into the cockpit of one of 12 mean, monstrous BattleMechs that loom like skyscrapers but fight like tanks on steroids. Before the fray, you must swear loyalty to either the Jade Falcon Clan or the Wolf Clan, then customize your mech from a choice of more than 20 weapons. The mech-versus-mech mayhem goes down in more than 16 missions on ice planets, in grimy urban settings, and on harsh desert worlds. Mech pros can take on the Career mode, which puts you to the test in a long string of missions that reward success with upgraded equipment.

Mercenaries is a prequel to Activision's 1995 blockbuster hit, MechWarrior 2, which pumped out outrageous first-person cock-pit-view mech fighting. The story starts 18 years prior to MechWarrior 2 as the Mech soldiers of the Inner Sphere begin their wars. You fight to acquire C-bills which you use to build a mercenary squad of mechs for an epic war. Mercenaries features 30 new mechs and missions, based on FASA's BattleTech universe. A nonlinear gameplay feature makes it possible for each mission to have a variety of outcomes depending on a player's performance. Moreover, Mercenaries will feature dynamic progression so that damage sustained in one battle will carry over into subsequent missions. A built-in multiplayer component, MercNet, will enable head-to-head competition via modem or up to eight-player battles over a local-area network. If you're into mechanical mayhem, this game may Mech your day.

Mech mayhem is about to get an upgrade. PC players will climb into 14 polygon-based Mechs (based on the FASA Battletech designs) to take on 50 combat missions. For added realism, pyrotechnics were applied to miniature 3D models to create explosive video footage that was digitized for the game.

After a humiliating defeat, the Clans retreated to their world. Now you seek to become Khan and lead the next attack on Ter-ran space. To gain control, you must strap yourself into one of 15 battlemechs, each with unique lethal armaments. The 50-plus missions take place across urban landscapes and deserts. You fight from within a virtual 3D cockpit that rocks and rolls with the action and gives you a first-person 360-degree perspective. A network package enables up to eight players to battle cooperatively or competitively.


Mechwarrior 2 is a game where the player pilots a large robot with lots of weapons against other large robots with lots of weapons. The game is played in first-person view, which means you will need a really powerful computer to get the best frame rate and effects. The designers of the game did a good job of creating a storyline and world to do battle in; this game captivated me from start to finish. If you enjoy fast, furious action, this game is for you. MechWarrior 2 can run in various resolutions, so you can decide based on your screen size and the type of equipment you use.

I really like having this kind of control over the game environment because it makes me feel that I am in command; just because my equipment is not as fast as the latest and greatest, I can still get enjoyment out of the game. Like Doom or Warcraft or any mission-based game, the MechWarrior struggles through progressively more difficult missions to reach the end of the game and ultimate victory. The story is well-developed and is built on between each new mission, so the player feels like he/she is an important part of a much larger overall galactic campaign. Of course, like most games of this genre, the player must win the current mission in order to move on to the next one. This is one of the game's drawbacks for me. If I had it my way, the player would go an alternate route in the game if a mission was lost, and the story would change accordingly. This way the story would be more seamless and it would make the game more intense, because you wouldn't want your clan to lose. There is just more on the line when you have control over the outcome of the whole game.

You can choose to play Clan Wolf or Clan Falcon. Unlike Command & Conquer or Warcraft, neither side is good or evil; they just have their own set of goals for their empire. I liked this because I felt like I could play either side and not be doomed to the bad guy role. A nice touch are the introduction videos for each side; they are very well-done and effectively get you into the MechWarrior world. Another great feature is the practice simulator where new (or seasoned) MechWarriors can go to sharpen their skills. This area is really detailed and nicely done, and it offers a challenge to any player level. It's one of the only practice sections in any game that is really worthwhile (LucasArts' X-Wing also has a great practice simulator). Fire up your HERC and I'll finish this thing up with some details.


I purchased the Microsoft SideWinder 3D edition of MechWarrior 2. This is a great combo and the digital joystick helps with precision immensely. I would recommend you use the SideWinder Pro with this game. The SideWinder's configuration file is already written in the game, so all you have to do is select it from the list of control options and you're off. I found it very easy to control my HERC and I never had problems with badly-positioned buttons or odd controls. I am biased, however, because I only played the game with the SideWinder joystick.


Since the most important thing to me in a game is graphics, I'll have to say MechWarrior 2 is adequate. I like the way you can change resolutions and I like how fine you can go (1024x768 for you speed demons). I know it's hard to push the performance envelope any more, but I would like to see more textures and details in the super hi-res world. This may be asking too much, but as technology presses onward I'm sure there will be a game that satisfies even me. Overall, MechWarrior 2 does a good job with graphics and most gamers will appreciate that.


I used a standard SoundBlaster 16 with MechWarrior 2 and it was great. Activision did an outstanding job with audio in this game! The sounds of explosions and machine gun fire were awesome, right down to the metallic crunch of your huge HERC struggling up a hill. My favorite sound was the nice calm woman in the background saying "shutdown procedure initialized ... ammo explosion detected ... ejecting." No matter what happened, she never raised her voice or got upset! I wish the pilot could say the same.


I had no problems whatsoever setting up and configuring MechWarrior 2. The on-screen instructions are very straightforward and easy to understand, and on a fast machine it should take about 5 minutes to install. The setup program allows you to pick and choose your hardware settings, but it does not leave you out in the cold if you don't know all that technical stuff. Not only can you let the computer auto-configure each hardware setting, but you can test it right there after it's done and make any appropriate changes. Nice work in this area!

System Requirements

486 DX-66 (Pentium preferred), 8 MB RAM, sound card, VGA video, 14.4 modem (for NetMech)

Reviewed on: Pentium 133, 16 MB RAM

Bottom Line

Overall, MechWarrior 2 is an engaging first-person action game on the cutting edge of gaming technology. I got stuck on a couple of missions for a while, but soon mastered them and completed the game, and unless you set the difficulty to hard the average gamer should be able to finish this game. I liked the graphics, but they weren't quite interesting enough to be my ultimate pick. However, the gameplay and audio took up the slack to make for a really engaging experience. I give MechWarrior 2 a score of 87 out of 100 and would recommend it to any hardcore action/sim fan. Enjoy this one and be sure to pick up the expansion pack, Ghost Bear's Legacy; it's just as good if not better than the original game. 'Til next time.

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