a game by Beam Software
Platform: SNESSNES
Genre: Action
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 2 reviews
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There's nothing more frightening or more foolhardy than getting into a huge laser-gunning war machine and freezing up like a rabbit in headlights. Show some guts and grab your guns, because Mech Warriors don't take no for an answer.

A Few Good Mechs

You are Herras Ragen, a freelance MechWarrior who is looking for the infamous Dark Wing Lance. No, it's not a fast-food chicken outlet. It's a renegade mercenary cartel.

  • When you get tips from the club patrons, write down where to go next and all of the names.

In this one-player, cockpit-perspective blast-em-up, you pilot a Mech robotic vehicle and take different assignments from the House of Davion, which is paying top dollar for the eradication of the Dark Wing Lance. The House has a variety of work options, such as Security Duty, Reconnaissance Missions, and Siege Campaigns.

Don't get all weak in the knees, son. Your Mech can be customized with a multitude of hardware, including Lasers, Homing Missiles, and more. You can also upgrade your armor, engine, and jets. When you save up enough money, you can buy totally new Mechs, but the price is steep, so spend wisely.


  • Remember that your Mech has certain weight limitations, so don't load it up too much.
  • Only buy weapons that you're sure you'll need. The repair facility will buy back anything you have to sell, but at an extremely reduced rate.

In a clutch, you can drop some jets to gain weapons. You'll need the extra help, because the enemy Mechs comes in three varieties: Mean, Meaner, and Mother-In-Law Mean. Believe me, they take their job seriously, so keep on your metal toes. Familiarizing yourself with the various control buttons (which are tricky) takes patience, practice, and skill. You've got to use your jets, cannons, and missiles (sometimes simultaneously), so it's best to warm up in the Practice mode.

You start the game at the home base of Galatea, which comes equipped with a Mech repair facility, a club, and the headquarters (known as GHQ). At GHQ, you can get info on what you'll be facing, and save your game.

Always up the ante for a mission at least once. The pockets of House Davion are large and deep.

At the club, you'll pick up lucrative underground info, as well as the whereabouts of the Dark Wing Lance. The repair facility is where you can burn up the bucks loading up your mech. Go Ahead... Mech My Day!

The graphics in MechWarrior are not impressive. They have a very sterile and mechanical feel to them. There are times when you're firing weapons at enemy Mechs and you're not sure whether you've hit them or not, because the graphics don't really make sense until the Mech is up close and personal. By that time, it's too late.

The sounds of MechWarrior are deafening. Your cannons crackle and your missiles roar to their final destructive destination. If sounds of mechanical mashing are not your cup of tea, lower the volume.

So what's to like about MechWarrior? It's a battle simulator and a strategy game, where graphics are not as important to game play as they are in other games, such as action/adventures or role-plays.

Blaster Master

You'll be challenged by the quick and assertive gameplay in this game. If you like planning out a fight before getting your butt kicked, MechWarrior is your game.

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father against the insidious Dark Wing Lance. From an in-the-'bot, cockpit view, you travel through dangerous worlds. As Herras Ragen, blast your way through a multitude of assignments and earn the cash that goes with the job. Then you're off on a spending spree in order to buy better 'bots. Choose from six shiny new metal monsters, each with its own particular brand of mayhem, or upgrade your favorite hunk of metal to get it just the way you want it.

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