Gundam Side Story 0079

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a game by BEC
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Dreamcast
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Gundam Side Story 0079
Gundam Side Story 0079
Gundam Side Story 0079
Gundam Side Story 0079

People say:


GSS was an important game for me this issue for a couple of reasons. First, it confirms what I've been telling Shoe for the past couple months--video gaming has finally hit that mainstream where companies (like Bandai) will just indiscriminantly localize imports regardless of how well they sell. Second, I love robot games, and GSS fills that hungry void on the Dreamcast quite nicely. It sports an aesthetic akin to Front Mission's gritty realism, and does full justice to the Gundam philosophy that these are just machines of war--what really matters are the people behind the politics. In that respect, I give high marks to GSS. The game's adherence to the Gundam timeline borders on near worship of the anime (which turned 20 last year). Visually, the game is sharp and detailed. Look closely and you'll see supporting vehicles, scaffolding for the mobile suits, a wide variety of rural and urban terrain...all the considerations of war-torn earth. All this richness gives GSS an immersive sim-like feel to the gameplay. Unfortunately, not all is well when it comes to controlling your mobile suit. Controls feel clunky in comparison to how much action is happening around you...especially when you're engaged in a saber beam battle. But do give GSS a chance, and support niche gaming in America. We need the diversity.


Jeez this game's hard. I don't know if I just had problems adapting to the controls or what, but I had some real problems with this. I still really like it. but it took me ages to get through each level thanks to some particularly aggressive opponent Al. That said though, Gundam is a rewarding game to play. The presentation is spectacular throughout, and I have to say that it's certainly my favorite "big robot" game to date.


In general, games based on anime (as with most licensed games In the U.S.) are garbage. But Gundam Side Story is an exception. Using voice actors who will be familiar to those who watch anime dubs (especially anything by Manga Entertainment or Bandai), this is a well-crafted, fun, strategic mechanized action game. GSS captures the combat of the animation perfectly, and is easy to get into. Not for everyone, but a solid title.


Gundam's one of the most immersive, high production value mech games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The game has voices/FMV/slick presentation galore. From taking the time to set up each mission with care and detail to the on-the-field decision-making (that will affect story line), Gundam will draw you in and keep you around. It's too bad the Suits are a little hard to pilot in the heat of battle, and the levelending map boundaries really suck.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

In Japan, the Gundam franchise commands a huge empire of entertainment. The series, which first hit Japanese airwaves in 1979, was revolutionary for portraying giant mechs as just another cog in the machinery of war. These gigantic "Mobile Suits" were mass-produced like tanks, and were equally as susceptible to damage and destruction. In other words, this was the future of war--and these were the grunts on the frontline.

Following their release of Macross VFX-2 on the PlayStation, Bandai hopes to capture a similarly niche audience with Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes on the Dreamcast. Like the two previous Gundam side stories on the Sega Saturn, Rise From the Ashes is more of a sim than an all-out action arcade title. The similarities with the game's control scheme and mission objectives suggest that Gundam 0079 is a direct follow-up to the Saturn titles.

If you're expecting Virtual On-style gameplay, give yourself some time with Gundam's controls. The game is slower-paced and more sim-oriented. While shooting, blocking and dashing are important aspects of Gundam's gameplay, you'll find that a lot of the action boils down to a good beatdown with the Beam-Saber. The game does a convincing job of bringing you into the cockpit; each step you take, each burst from the 60mm Vulcan cannon resonates nicely with the Dreamcast Jump Pack. Unfortunately, there's no third-person perspective so some of you may find the cockpit to be a bit claustrophobic in heated moments of melee. Eventually, you can choose between two variations of the GM and the heavily armored RX-77 Mobile Suits to use for each mission. Like all good sims, it's important to understand each suit's limitations and expertise.

Gundam 0079 is a real contender for some of the richest graphics yet on the Dreamcast. Each of the mechs are cut with so much detail, they look like FMV at a glance. Also impressive is the level of interaction with background objects (stuff blows up real good). 3D terrain means you can use hills to mask your presence. For fans of Gundam, the authenticity here is a dream come true.

Contra IV, one of the biggest action/adventure games for the SNB, is just now rockin' its way onto the Game Boy. Contra fans will be happy with this scaled-down version.

3,2,1... Contra!

All the elements of the SNES game are here, including the screen-filling bosses, the speaker-rocking explosions, and the gut-ripping weapons. There's even some color in this SGB version!

The story line, though secondary to the action, remains the same: You must find out where the Aliens are coming from and destroy them before they multiply. To help, you'll find floating weapon pods with Spread Guns, Contra Bombs, and Flamethrowers! The easy controls are limited to shooting and jumping, and the only drawback is your inability to change weapons.

Good Graphics

It's hard to believe that impressive explosive graphics were packed into such a small game. There's even the over head-view stage on the decimated freeways from C4. The visuals feature details a-plenty, though some annoying flicker occurs when an enemy is destroyed.

The sound kicks in for an added surprise. The music is steady and fast, and the explosions will make your GB shake!

A Soldier's Story

Contra for the Game Boy is a real delight! Action/adventure games don't get much hotter. If you're looking to dust off your Game Boy, Contra is the reason!


  • To nail the first boss, aim for the pod just below his neck. When it shoots, jump up a level, go back down and repeat
  • Shoot all the pods from the shell of this boss, then nail it near the head (where the gun Is shooting at you).

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