EA Sports UFC 3

Download EA Sports UFC 3 and step into the octagon! Master your fighting style, rise through the ranks, and become the ultimate mixed martial arts champion. Unleash your inner fighter and play now!
a game by EA Vancouver
Platform: Playstation 4 (2018)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 18 votes
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EA Sports UFC 3
EA Sports UFC 3
EA Sports UFC 3

MMA and its UFC competition have quite possibly become one of the most viewed sports in the world. With fighting game mechanics already in place and a globally revered brand - EA Sports UFC 3 is a match made in heaven. The first two games of the franchise did a fair job of bringing the experience to gameplay - it only makes sense to keep the ball rolling.

While some sports games are limited in mechanics because of their rules - MMA is a versatile competition. It does leave some wiggle room for innovation. It makes each offering of this franchise all the more intriguing. EA Sports UFC 3 continues the trajectory of refining its combat, but is it still as fresh as ever? Let's get into the ring.

If You Like It Put a Ring On It

What consistently jumps out at you with this franchise does even more so in EA Sports UFC 3 - the gameplay experience is well rounded. It would be easy enough to copy and paste a fighting game and slap the UFC brand on it. However, there feels a genuine effort to improve these games and create a much more holistic experience than just ring combat.

On the subject of the fights - they are intricately refined. The control schematics are geared, so players have complete control over their punches, kicks, and move executions. It is accessible, yet you'll be investing some time to master it if you wish to succeed. Yes, the combat is as excellent as it should be - but it's the surrounding features that make this edition stand out.

EA Sports UFC 3 game modes are some of the most engaging within their sports repertoire. The GOAT career mode puts players in the shoes of a budding MMA fighter, dealing with every detail in between. It's surprising how well-designed it is - creating custom narratives, urgency, and objectives in one neat little package. The multiplayer and knockout modes are just as rewarding.

Despite the fluctuating difficulty of victory and the horrendous microtransaction options, EA Sports UFC 3 has taken what was already good - and made it even better. The visuals look great, there is a wealth of gameplay options - and nuances within the game are minimal. The whole package is an eye-opener, considering the publisher's lesser offerings as of late.

A Swift Punch to the Face of Dreariness

UFC has never really been my thing, but having played various EA Sports games and fighters - it surprised me. Even those outside the realm of MMA will find themselves entertained by taking on a lucrative UFC career or competing online against others. The detail is marvelous in every respect and as fun as it could possibly get. I mean, this is even more enjoyable than that age-old classic WWF War Zone!


What drags EA Sports UFC 3 down is the unfortunate business decisions made behind the game. Players will find that the publishers try to milk their customers at every corner to a point where it affects gameplay. Putting progression behind a paywall with microtransactions never sits well with gamers - and it never will. Besides this significant issue - EA Sports UFC 3 is excellent.


  • Excellent combat replicating the excitement of MMA
  • Career mode is one of the most immersive in sports games
  • Plenty of game modes that keep players entertained


  • The microtransaction features are incredibly frustrating
  • Difficulty curve will deter some players

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Playstation 4

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