Alien Resurrection

Download Alien Resurrection and survive the terrifying onslaught of the Xenomorphs! Defend your ship, outwit deadly aliens, and unravel a chilling conspiracy. Embrace the horror and play now!
a game by Argonaut Software Ltd.
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 5 votes
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Argonaut's been working on this one for three years now. We finally got a chance to play this game for the first time. Argonaut has opted for a slow, plodding pace with no music rather than the traditional fast-paced FPS formula. They feel this will create a much more tense atmosphere and re-create the feel of the movie. We think they've accomplished just that. This fall, in space, no one can hear you scream.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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This is a game of extremes. For starters, it is easily the toughest game I have played in the two years I have been reviewing games. Maybe tough isn't the right word--it is incredibly, frustratingly, motherblanking hard as hell. Ammo, health and save points are scarce, and the aliens are nasty; if one gets in close it's pretty much "game over, man, game over!". But that adds to another area where AR outdoes its peers--it's got to be the scariest game yet for the PS. Walking through the dark, narrow corridors and ventilation shafts, waiting for facehuggers or aliens to leap out at any moment, knowing that one mistake could mean instant death--it gets the ol' ticker going, especially if you play it in the dark. The levels are huge and pretty well-designed, with some cool tasks and puzzles built in and awesome scripted events that happen in real time as you play (although I wish there were more of them). Controls are iffy-even with the mouse/controller combo (and don't even think about playing this game without the mouse), strafing and changing weapons is really awkward. Graphics are pretty good for a PS game, although the fluctuating framerate (sometimes outstanding, sometimes just decent) can be disorienting. Basically, AR isn't worth it unless you have a lot of patience, a PS mouse and a love for the Alien movies. But if you have all three (like me), there's nothing else like it.


As the game loads, Alien Resurrection suggests that you play it "in the dark." I highly recommend this as well--the game's atmosphere is absolutely frightening. In fact, it's almost as scary as the shoddy control scheme. Most of the corridors in the game are dimly lit and thus, you don't have much time to react and line up your rifle with the aliens scampering toward you. The dual analog control scheme is good, but aiming at the beasties before they get you is way too difficult, even with a mouse. AR needed some kind of autoaiming bad--there's just way too many cheap deaths, making this PS game more frustrating than the movie's hairbrained plot.


Now here's a case of a game that looks great, sounds great and, not so great. Be sure to play Alien Resurrection in the dark with the volume cranked. The sound effects--from the ping of your motion detector to the brap-brap-brap of your pulse rifle--are dead-on true to the flicks, while the ambient screams and hums of machinery really add to the atmosphere. This is a scary game, filled with scripted events and ideas borrowed from Half-Life. It's also a friggin' hard game. To preserve your sanity, play on easy and play with a mouse (unless you want to lose a fortune in busted joypads). Even then, the game's often too dang tough to be fun.

Based closely on the movie, Alien Resurrection: The Game promises the same fast, vicious action as seen on the big screen. With swarms of aliens surrounding you at all times, you must save the human race from Dr. Wren's evil cloning experiments. Besides blasting the alien bad boys with the usual high-powered weapons, you can also obliterate the surrounding environments--in tact, you can destroy anything and everything around you! With so many flops from movie-to-video-game conversions, will Alien Resurrection: The Game be an exception? The early screens show promise.

Science-fiction movies lend themselves to video games, so it's no surprise that early screens are already appearing for the PlayStation (a Saturn one is also under development) version of Alien Resurrection, the game.

This third-person, 3-D action game takes place in the Alien-infested corridored environment of the research vessel Auriga. Players will command five different characters as they progress through 13 levels to stop the troubled ship from reaching Earth. Cut scenes from the movie will also be integrated into the game-which could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you thought of the film.

Alien Resurrection is based on the fourth movie in the Alien series and is being developed by Argonaut, the creators of Croc and the original Star Fox. You can play as one of five different characters from the film: Ripley 8, Call (the ship's mechanic, played by Winona Ryder), johner (that huge guy from The City of Lost Children), Christie (the dreadlocked sharpshooter) and DiStephano (the soldier from the Auriga). Each character is designed for specific levels, so you won't be able to pick one at will.

Alien Resurrection will feature "highly destructible environments, a huge arsenal of weapons and mission-based objectives within the game's 13 levels. The game's top-down 3D perspective is similar to Pitfall 3D's, but the shooting elements and interaction with the environments make this a decidedly darker, tenser action game. The frame-rate and action seem rather sluggish, but this game is far from complete. The final version should run smoother and will also have sharpened Al (so aliens will work as a team and pop from walls and ceilings and such).

Right now the game is slated for a June release.

  • MANUFACTURER - Argonaut Software

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