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a game by Fox Williams, and Argonaut Games
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: GameBoy Color, Playstation, Saturn
Editor Rating: 7.2/10, based on 5 reviews, 7 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Ok, so real-life crocodiles ain't all that cute, especially since they have a nasty habit of eating people. But the toothy star of Fox Interactive s Croc is a kinder, gentler kind of carnivore. Heck, we would say he's sure-shot mascot material, if he didn't face fierce competition from the likes of fellow cutesy 3-D game characters Gex and Jersey Devil (not to mention a certain bandicoot).

Croc is a 3-D wander-anywhere platform game that's heavy on puzzles and ultra cute enemies. As the crocodilian hero, you can butt stomp on bad guys, swipe them with your tail, pull yourself up Lara Croft-style onto overhangs, swim, cling to drifting balloons, push around crates, perform flips to reverse direction and clamber hand-over-hand under certain platforms (the game also supports Sony's analog pad for more precise control). Most puzzles require you to activate certain switches to put platforms in motion or shove crates beneath overhanging platforms (here's a tip--don't crush every crate, since you might need to climb it to a caged Gobbo or crystal later).

The game has nearly 50 levels, which are divided among five islands-desert. ice. forest, a secret island and the castle island of Baron Dante. In true bad-guy style. Dante has captured all the islands' peace-loving Gobbos, the sort of fuzzy-face little critters that only a super villain would want to hurt. So you as Croc, have to rescue the caged Gobbos six from each level. You'll also find crystals that'll build up your health. When enemies nail you your crystals scatter everywhere. So just like Sonic and his rings, you won't die as long as you have at least one crystal.

Levels are divided into separate arenas, most with a puzzle or two that you'll need to clear. The arenas are fairly small, and what Croc does in one-say he activates a switch, for instance-may affect another. Counting all the regular and secret levels, there are 200 individual game arenas in all. And some arenas have Croc doing more than solving puzzles and scaling platforms. A few have him swimming through submerged caves, and there are even a few snowboarding levels.

Croc is being developed by Argonaut, the company that designed the Super FX Chip for Nintendo (which was used in Star Fox) that pumped up that system's polygon-pushing power. Croc looks like further proof that these boys know their stuff when it comes to developing 3-D games.

Gamer's EDGE

You're gonna have to do a little work to rescue all six of each level's Gobbos. One of these critters is hidden in its own secret level, which lies behind the locked door you'll find near each regular level's exit. To open these doors, you'll need to collect the five colored gems that are scattered throughout the regular levels.

But the secrets don't stop there. If you open each secret level and rescue its hidden Gobbo you'll be granted access to an entire secret island!

  • MANUFACTURER - Argonaut
  • THEME - Action

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

This polygon-based title looks like a cross between Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot, since you have complete freedom of movement and Croc can perform a Butt Smash on crates to nab their contents. But Croc is actually as much a puzzle game as anything else. Each of the 40+ levels requires you to hit certain switches or push crates to certain positions to reach the exit. But you can only leave the level if you've rescued all of Croc's furry Gobbo friends. The game is set on four islands, including a desert island, one covered with ice and the last with a castle to explore. Croc can also collect gems, which grant access to secret levels if he finds them all. Fox is also developing Croc for the Saturn.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos drags a lovable crocodile out of the bayou and zaps him into a well-crafted adventure game that features more than 50 levels of free-roaming 3D environments. A slick variety of moves and sharp graphics and sounds help to complement the game as well. Mario 64 fans will notice a resemblance to Croc's gameplay because it features plenty of adventuring and baffling puzzles to solve. In the preview version. Croc responded smoothly as he rolled, shuffled, and swam his way through the various adventures. Lizard lovers, this definitely looks like a fun and entertaining game worth sinking your teeth into.

Crash Bandicoot should be on the lookout for Fox Interactive's new reptile star, Croc! Croc's a (duh) crocodile who's out to save his friends (called the Gobbos) by venturing through four islands filled with hidden areas, enemies, and bosses. In addition to his run-n-jump repertoire, Croc can swat enemies, hang with his tail, and even fly (with a little assistance, that is)! Will this game be a Croc? It doesn't look like it, but we'll find out for sure this.

People say:


The Saturn version of Croc suffers from the same problems that plagued the PlayStation version. Namely, the control and the game's likeness to Mario 64. The control was the biggest problem easily because of the nature of the game. Too often I'd jump and have a real hard time telling if I'm going to land on a platform or not. Sure, Croc may have a little shadow underneath him, but it's still tricky. Also, when too close to an edge, it's tough to turn around without my little crocodile friend slipping into hot lava. Next we have the Mario-ness of the game. This is a tough one--it may have plenty of Mario-esque elements, but it still has been done on the Saturn and not on the N64. If we forget about that, and focus on the fact that it's on the Saturn, Croc is a pretty nice-looking game. It's amazing that they did it on the Saturn (as well as the PlayStation for that matter). When comparing Croc to other 3-D games on the Saturn there really aren't many games that can even hold a candle to Croc--even with its sometimes difficult control. If we scored in .25 increments, I would've given Croc a 7.75. Why? Because although it may be almost identical to the PS version, it's not on the PS. It's more of a technical achievement as far as I'm concerned. Its gameplay is more or less average. I say give it a try; you may be pleasantly surprised.


Croc is making his rounds on the CD platform consoles, and now Saturn gamers can join his quest. Not much has changed since the PlayStation version, except the load times, but not enough to notice. The action is similar to Mario 64, but contains many elements found in Sonic, Gex and Crash Bandicoot. Most fea tures seem borrowed from other titles, but the mixture works pretty well. It may not be original, but it's good nonetheless.


The Saturn version of this game is identical to the PS version, but I recommend this game more to Saturn owners because of the system's lack of good platformers. Croc shamelessly borrows elements from many popular platform games, but at least it translates into solid gameplay. The game control has a refined feel to it, which is a must in a good platformer. Unfortunately, Croc is a little too repetitious to be considered a great platform game.


From a technical standpoint, Croc is pretty impressive, considering most Saturn develop ers have had a hard time doing good 3-D on the system. For whatever reason, the music doesn't sound as good as it did on the PS version (weird), but otherwise this is exactly the same game. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are nice and the control, while a little bit rough around the edges, is solid. I just wish there was more variety in the stages.

What do you get when you cross Lara Croft with Mario, Sonic, and Donkey Kong? That horrid image aside, the closest you'll come is Fox's Croc: Legend of the Cobbos. Croc delivers everything gamers have come to love in platform gaming: death-defying leaps, item collecting, buddy releasing, secret areas, and hulking evil bosses. It's also very stylish, paying homage to elements of past gaming greats from Lara's backpack to Pac-Man signature "gulp" sound effect.

Unfortunately, Croc also suffers from familiar problems rampant in the genre: camera and control confusion. Inexplicably, pulling Down on the analog controller makes Croc take a step forward to swing around in an arc, plunging him off any ledges if he's too close. Suicidal reversing aside, the highly responsive analog controller's the only way to go, and Croc's worth the learning curve. This game ranks as the best, most fluid 32-bit 3D platformer yet.


  • To find all the Gobbos on Level 2-3, fall off this ledge and pull Down to use your extra key on a secret door.
  • Stay on the concrete, and the bunowers won't be able to snag you.
  • Look behind you and to your left in this waterfall room on Level 2-4 for a secret portal.
  • A portal behind that left rock on Level 1-3 will take you to a bonus area for four extra lives. You'll want to return here later to stock up.
  • Hop on this elephant's back for a ride to the platforms.
  • Shove this box along the path to reach a platform above. Oooh, that lava looks hot.
  • To beat this Wampa wannabe, wait for him to lose his balance, then smack him with your tail. He'll split into two smaller guys, and then each of them will split Butt-stomp those last four, and you're home free.


Croc shines with some of the more impressive graphics yet for the PlayStation, creating a cartoonish 3D world with almost no pop-up.


The original score is very catchy, and Croc has cute battle cries that add to his personality. Some of the effects pay homage to gaming greats from our past.


The directional pad will do, but the PlayStation analog controller is more fluid and sharp. When you pull Down on the analog stick, however, Croc inexplicably takes a deadly step forward to loop around. Why, Croc, why?

Fun Factor

Croc is up there with the best of the platformers. You'll beat it once for the conquest, then go back for all the secrets you missed. If only Fox had nailed the controls....

Move over, Mario, and cruise by, Crash! Fox Interactive has a new star in a 3D title that's sure to be a hit this September. Croc rocks, baby!

In A While, Crocodile

Croc has it all--traditional platform gaming, an engaging main character, and hours of complex levels to explore. The plumber and the 'coot better hang on to their hats--Croc is coming on strong!

Rail-Free Reptile

Though only 70 percent complete, Croc looked better than last year's Crash Bandicoot--and this game is definitely not on rails! You explore four islands (a hidden fifth island is uncovered if you complete certain tasks), rescuing furry creatures called Gobbos from captivity while collecting gems (which also unlock hidden areas). You can also glide on balloons, anc 'here's even a snowboarding level.

Smokin' Croc

With platform-solid gameplay that's geared towards Super Mario/Gex fans, Croc looks like it's ready to be counted as a contender in the 3D gaming arena. Croc jumps, swings, swims, and hangs from ledges, all with amazing realism. Revolving camera angles and cleverly devised puzzles put some bite into the gameplay.

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