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a game by Crystal Dynamics, Inc., and Microsoft
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC (1994), Playstation, 3DO
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 8 reviews, 12 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 11 votes
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Gex, a gecko lizard, is caught in the Media Dimension, where cheesy movies and second-rate TV shows rule; a wicked Western world and bad kung fu theater are among the weird videoscapes. To fight past the TV bad guys, Gex pulls a roundhouse tail attack, whips a gelatinous tongue lash, and hurls fireballs. Of course, his suction-cup paws enable him to cling to any surface. And no, he doesn't wear a T-shirt!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

GEX is a gecko who aspires to 3DO stardom, but don't look for this Hollywood-bound reptile on a T-shirt! In this side-scrolling action/adventure game, he's trapped in the Media Dimension. a place where moth-eaten movies and bad TV shows go to die.

But GEX's challenge is no rerun. His cinematic nightmare consists of six wacked-out Worlds, such as The Graveyard, which is overrun with old-time movie monsters, and Kung Fu World, which features cheesy martial artists who speak out of synch. To beat the heat, he'll use a roundhouse tail swipe, a gelatinous long-range tongue lash, and pinpoint tail slams.

The digitized voice of comedian Dana Gould, who has appeared on HBO, does the voices for Gex. Plenty of nifty, little sound clips randomly occur while bounding through the levels.

Gex must travel through a world of bad reruns and monitors of static in order to reach Rez. Guiding Gex along the way, you should have no trouble enjoying the unique atmosphere and setting this game has to offer. The television idea is repeated throughout the levels. Small cracks in walls are filled with a static effect, adding more to the environment and backgrounds. This game is a major breakthrough for the 3DO!

Gex is an unusual game with a unique character. Boldly traversing into the realm of side-scrolling action on the 3DO, this game breaks new ground. Featuring excellent sound, some unique character techniques and a great soundtrack, Gex should provide 3DO gamers with a basis for similar titles to come.


WHOA! This is a 3DO side-scroller? I was definitely more than impressed with this groundbreaking title for a system that is considered FMV only. Absolutely excellent.


It's so hard to decide. Is it the excellent graphics, the game play or the nifty little sound bites by comedian Dana Gould?


More diversity in the stages. Although there are unique features to each individual stage, some of the motifs used throughout the levels get tiresome.


If you like the various Mario-and Sonic-type games, you should enjoy this one. If you are looking for something new from your 3DO, I guarantee this title will NOT disappoint you. Gamers of all types should find Gex enjoyable.

Are you tired of the same old 16-Bit characters? Let Gex, the wise-cracking 3-D gecko, crack you up with his twisted sense of humor! With the digitized voice of Dana Gould (headliner of HBO and Showtime comedy specials) teamed up with comedy writer Rob Cohen, this game will be filled with hilarious one-liners! Gex's movements are superb with over 450 frames of animation! He uses his suction cup paws to grab onto walls and scramble about, Gex's main attacks are his tongue lash and thrashing tail. When he gets firefly power-ups, he can throw fireballs, iceballs, and electricity! Expect 50 Enemies, 100 interactive objects, six unique worlds, six Bosses 24 levels, plus secret bonus levels! This gecko is nobody's stuffed animal!


This game has incredible graphics and smooth animation which make it a joy to play!


By bouncing off your tail, you are vulnerable to enemy attacks. Watch out when you do this.


I just wish it was more complete! There is a lot to be added, so I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Gex was a breath of fresh air for the 3DO, and the little lizard remains lively on the PlayStation. Looking and playing slightly sharper with Sony, Gex delivers the same super side-scrolling, platform-hopping action.

Let's Talk About Gex

Gex, a wise-cracking gekko, has been trapped in a world based on bad televison genres. As Gex, you must escape the Horror, Cartoon, Kung Fu, and Jungle worlds to go head-to-head ultimately with Rez, the metallic wasp responsible for trapping you.

The creative design of the levels offers a few twists to the standard side-scrolling gameplay. Gex can use his lizard skills to stick to almost everything, which means you can crawl on the backgrounds and ceilings. Each of the three or four levels that make up the individual worlds is huge. Gexperts agree you can spend hours exploring each level, finding hidden areas, secret bonus games, warps, and power-ups. Each world plays differently than the one before it. In the Cartoon world, for instance, you ride rockets and avoid falling anvils, and in the Jungle you ride a raft and escape a booby-trapped temple.


Graphically, Gex is the same game it was on the 3DO. The backgrounds, however, look cleaner and scroll more smoothly, and the sprites are sharper. The colorful worlds and characters really pop. And, while Gex remains the only rendered character in the game, his fireball and iceball projectiles have new, vibrant animations.

While the graphics were adjusted, the nearly perfect sound needed no changes. The music and effects are high quality. Gex's repertoire of one-liners (voiced and written by comedian Dana Gould) provide sharp humor and are barely repetitive no matter how long it takes you to get through a level.

Too Much Gex, Still Ain't Enouen

The controls have been tweaked so Gex moves at a better pace and with more freedom than he had on the 3DO. Cex entertains with a variety of action that should keep you from platform hopping anywhere else. In a world where side-scrollers are scarce for 32-bit systems, Gex really "sticks" out.


  • Before leaving the Tomato Soup level, look for this 1-up that's located just below the exit television.
  • In the Toon levels, a sudden burst of exclamation points indicates the path of a falling object. To dodge objects like this anvil, quickly move left or right when the exclamation points appear directly overhead.
  • On the Rock It level, ride the first two rockets across, then at the third rocket, head down the side. You'll find this warp which brings you to a bonus game. Get good at this game-It's easy to find so you can always return to this level and earn extra lives.
  • By the first save point in the Pow! level, you'll find a series of warps that takes you to this Jungle world remote control.

People say:


Gex has been translated over to the PlayStation with a number of enhancements over the 3DO version. The graphics have been cleaned up a bit, and the gameplay itself is a lot smoother. The FMV cinema intro is TV-quality clear. Dana Gould's voice is perfectly clear in this one. I wasn't too excited with this game, simply because I played the heck out of the 3DO game. However, newcomers to Gex and his world will have a lot of fun with this one.


Gex was a really good game when it was first released, but I think a lot of gamers missed out because they did not own a 3DO. Now that Gex has risen up to the 32-Bit level, more players will be able to share the Gexperience. A wide range of attack methods, secrets galore and crisp graphics are just a few of the reasons why Gex is as popular as he is. With some minor enhancements from the 3DO version, Gex is a definite game to check out.


The PlayStation version of Gex has a lot of improvements over the 3DO version. Dana Gould's voice-overs are crystal clear and understandable. The cinemas are amazingly crisp compared to the original. Gamers who have not played the 3DO version will enjoy this title a lot more than those who have played the hell out of the 3DO version. I would have liked this title a lot more if I had never played it on 3DO, but gamers new to Gex will enjoy the game, humor and all.


Admittedly, there is nothing new to be found inside the levels of the PS version over the 3DO release. This game scores a high rating just for the cleaned-up audio of everyone's favorite witty gecko. Control has also been spiced up a bit, shortening the time between controller and reaction. Gamers who never had the privilege of playing Gex on the 3DO shouldn't miss the PS release. It is bound to be the best one yet for any home system. Anyone ready for Gex 2 yet?

Crystal Dynamics' famed gecko Gex has finally hit the PlayStation with his witty humor and excellent game-play intact. Better yet a lot of the things that the 3DO game suffered from have now been fixed.

In case you're wondering what has been improved, here's the scoop. Upon turning on the game, you'll see that the opening cinema is really clear. Whereas the old cinema was dithered, this one is TV quality. Second the scrolling been smoothed out. nWore. the screen shook a bit when Gex was moving. The game speed has been increased as well. The audio, particularly the voice, seems more clear too. Overall, the levels are the same, but the minor control tweaks have made the already outstanding gameplay even better.

Gex is your standard Mario-esque platform game. You can destroy the enemies by leaping onto their heads, whipping them with your tail or using one of the power-ups hidden throughout the levels. The basic premise is that Gex has been sucked into a TV. As a result, the levels are themed. The most popular movie genres are represented here, from horror flicks to martial-arts action. Each area has its own map with a series of levels. In the course of each zone, you'll pick up a remote control that'll open up the next location. Once all the levels of that area are defeated, you get to fight a Boss.

The first series of levels will pit Gex against a host of enemies from classic horror flicks. You'll be going up against Franken-geckos and a chainsaw-wielding maniac. The Boss of this section is a Linda Blair look-alike (the girl from The Exorcist). She even spews pea soup at you!

The famous comedian Dana Gould has lent his voice to the wisecracking lizard. Often in the middle of an exciting part of the action. Gex will start mouthing off with comedic results. The rest of the audio is excellent as well, with the music creating just the right mood for each zone.

Gex plays a lot like any of the Mario series. The control just feels' right." You can run. jump, twirl your tail or flick out your tongue. One neat aspect about being a gecko is that you can climb up walls. Gex also has its fair share of icons. There are pods that give you life, the ability to breath fire or ice. You can also get sped up or invincibility. Adding to the mix are triggers that open hidden areas. Gex has plenty of secrets to tease gamers with.

Gex stands out as one of the better action platform games around. The graphics, sound and control are all terrific. This one should give action fans a good time.

  • MANUFACTURER - Crystal Dynamics
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Action


You're a wealthy young gecko, not interested in the upwardly mobile world of your family. All you want out of life is a bowl of flies, a large reliable television, and a remote control. But Rez, Lord of the Media Dimension, has other plans; he wants you to be the new network mascot and that involves being dipped in bronze. Ouch. After being yanked into the Media Dimension, you travel from the Cemetery and New Toonland to Jungle Isle and Kung Fuville to the final showdown in Rezopolis. Your only chance of escape is to collect remote controls and turn off the televisions blocking your exit. Moving from world to world, you will have to avoid or destroy many assorted nasties including Frankengeckos, bomb-lobbing cartoon characters, and various attack televisions, as well as defeating (and in one case, avoiding) the boss monster in each world.


Gex was originally designed as an arcade style game for home console systems (e.g. Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn) and is best played with a game pad, although it can be played with the keyboard. You can run, jump, and swim your way through each world, collecting gold bugs to gain more lives, tongue-lashing to grab special power spheres (electric breath, fire breath, power jump, extra lives, health, etc.) and tail-whipping to destroy the bad guys. Gex himself makes quips throughout the game (his voice is provided by comedian Dana Gould), mainly appropriately funny quotes from and references to various movies and old television shows.

The one thing I did not like was a leftover from the home console version: you must play several levels before you are given a password which will return you to that spot when you re-enter the game. As a PC gamer I've become used to being able to save games after completing each level at the very least, and I occasionally got frustrated with Gex's password system as it does not allow you to keep any extra lives you have gathered or to keep any of the points you have earned. You also have to replay levels you have already mastered each time you reload the game, until you have played enough levels to gain the next save code.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are good arcade fare with an excellent full motion animation intro. The audio adds to the overall flavor of each world -- creepy music for the cemetery, jazzy and disjointed for New Toonland, and an Asian mood for Kung Fuville -- without being intrusive.


There is very little documentation, but this game doesn't need it. The booklet gives a basic rundown of commands (for keyboard or game pad), a bare-bones storyline, a few sentences about each world in the game, and an explanation on how to access the online help. The online documentation contains a lengthy and funny background story for the game. I would recommend reading it, if only for laughs, and several hints in case you get stuck.

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 95, Pentium 75, local bus SVGA video 256 colors, 8 MB RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive, 10 MB hard drive space, Windows 95 compatible sound card.

Recommended: Pentium 100 or faster, high color display, 16 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive

Reviewed on: I played Gex on an AMD 5x86-133 and although the game complained on startup that I did not have a Pentium, I had no trouble with performance.

Bottom Line

Gex provides a wonderful diversion with a challenging variety of levels and the opportunity to tail-whip bad guys into oblivion. The game would be enjoyed by everyone from nine to ninety, provided they have the coordination to master the gecko's moves. However, because of the inability to save games regularly, some players may get bored and frustrated. I give this game 91 out of 100.

Gex comes to play on Sony's new system. A port of the one-player 3DO action/adventure game, Gex PlayStation has the same dazzling graphics and humorous sounds, including comedian Dana Gould's voice.

As the wise-cracking reptile, your Gex-cellent adventure begins when you're sucked into a television. You traverse multileveled stages, such as the Cartoon World, locating warps that reward you with bonus rounds and power-ups.

Gex's world is beautifully detailed, and Gex himself is fully rendered. An impressive opening cinematic sequence outlines the story, but the true appeal here is the personality of the little green guy.

For the 3DO, but it is the hottest platform-action game available for the system to date. And since it's coming for the Saturn and PlayStation later this year, Gex is definitely worth another mention.

Your Gex-cellent adventure begins when you become Gex, a small gecko, and enter a strange television world. To escape this weird realm, you must collect remote controls and ultimately defeat Rez, the evil wasp who has entrapped you. The many levels include such strange TV lands as Graveyard World (bad horror shows), Kung Fu World, and Cartoon World. The large levels include many warps to hidden areas and wacky end-level bosses.

Beautifully detailed animation and large sprites are complemented by the digitized voice of San Francisco comedian Dana Gould, who wrote many of Gex's one-liners.

This sticky-fingered lizard will probably end up with a spot next to Mario and Sonic in the video-game-character hall of fame. Either way, Gex is a big boost for the 3DO, and he'll do well on the other systems, too.

Leaping lizards! Finally-a hot platform adventure for the 3DO. You'll leave monkey country and won't look back once you get ahold of this wild gecko!

Generation Gex

Your Gex-cellent adventure begins when you become Gex the gecko, which is a small type of lizard. You've been sucked into a television world by the evil Rez, who wants to make you his network's mascot. To escape Rez's weird realm, you must collect remote controls throughout the levels, which are based on corny television genres.

Beginning with the multiple levels in the Graveyard World (the bad horror shows level), you journey through the Kung Fu World, Cartoon World, Jungle World, and Rez's nerve center. After completing all the levels in each world, you face a boss who blocks your access to the next world until you show him what geckos are made of.

Much like Donkey Kong Country, Gex rewards curious gamers with deep levels if they venture off the beaten path. Each of the multilevel worlds is loaded with out-of-the-way warps that bring you to bonus games and areas with power-ups and extra golden flies. (Collecting 100 golden flies adds another life.) Besides standard speed and invincibility power-ups, Gex can gain the ability to spit fireballs, ice balls, and-step aside, Raiden-even lightning bolts.

Rendered Reptile

Graphically, Gex would easily win a 3DO beauty pageant. Elaborately detailed levels with large sprites and great animation make Gex a stunning example of first-class game imagery.

Each world has its own look, complete with its own strange enemies. Unfortunately, unlike Donkey Kong Country, Gex is the only rendered character in these worlds.

Gabbing Gecko

The fantastic sound has a lot to do with comedian Dana Could, who wrote the lines and acts as Gex's voice. With crystal-dear quality, Gex delivers hilarious one-liners, though some may be too obscure for young gamers. When Gex jumps on a coffin in the Graveyard World, gamers may hear Gex say, "Pardon me, Mr. Presley." Or, quoting from the film Poltergeist, "You moved the headstones but you didn't move the bodies!" There are so many one-liners in the dialogue that you won't hear the same ones repeated often, and they never become annoying.

Solid music and sound effects complement the original dialogue. The music sets a nice tone for each level, and the enticing effects, like the whip cracking snap of Gex's tail, earn the game a high-five for overall sound.


Gex separates itself from the rest of the jump-n-attack crowd not only with great graphics and sound, but with great play control. True to his lizard lineage, Gex has the ability to climb almost anywhere on the screen!

Noticing which textures Gex can cling to takes time and can cost lives. But once this frustration passes, you really get into the groove of jumping from wall to wall.

Gexual Healing

Gex will be a big boost for the struggling 3DO system, which can boast only a few outstanding titles to date. This much-delayed game was well worth the time it took to molt into its final form. Cex is destined to become the 3DO equivalent of Sonic or Mario, as this cool little lizard sets high standards for all future 3DO platform-hoppers.


  • Eat these blue firefly power-ups to spit ice balls, which come in handy putting out the torches that spit fireballs at you!
  • In the Disco Inferno level, head down when you see this large stack of coffins. Follow the path to end up in a room loaded with power-ups.
  • At the beginning of the Disco Inferno level, head down this hole. At the bottom, you'll find a 1-up.
  • In the first level of Cartoon World, look for the moving block just over Gex's head (see the first screen above). Ride it up, then follow the path of carrots and stars to the exit
  • In the Disco Inferno level, once you find the special controller that lets you enter Cartoon World, you must use your last Graveyard controller to reveal the Island In the green pond, where you'll face the boss.
  • Gex teases you with hidden areas. You'll find this one in Cartoon World's second level when you walk to the right of the two warps.

Crystal Dyanamic's stellar platform title Cear will soon be available for the PlayStation The irreverent gecko is up to his old tricks as he warps from one TV to another trying to get back to his home.

As in the 3DO version, Gex features some fine graphics and humorous sound bites which poke fun at many of television's most prolific stars, including Johnny Carson and trusty sidekick, Ed.The clever story and strong replay value are what propelled this little gem on the 3DO, and it looks as though all of the great gameplay and visual style will be included in the conversion.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the PlayStation version is an exact conversion, implying that Crystal Dynamics went to no effort to upgrade the inferior system's game to the PlayStation's level.The PlayStation control pad though, is much better and the gameplay is improved as a result. Scrolling and sound have also been tweaked and improved, but there are no additions or subtractions from the level layout.

Either way, Gex is still an enjoyment to play, so keep an eye out for this title. If you haven't played it before, check it out: Gex is still one of the best platform games out there.

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