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a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 5 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 4 votes
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Ready just in time for Halloween, MediEvil is an oddball 3D adventure that's best described as either a slightly gothic Gex: Enter the Gecko or a happy-go-lucky Soul Reaver.

This imaginative 22-level title starts out as a hack-and-slash action game, although its later levels are heavy with platform and puzzle elements. You guide an undead skeleton warrior--named Dan, of all things--on a quest to terminate the evil sorcerer Zarok, who has awakened the world's deceased and unleashed them against the hero.

You can play through the game two ways, either by simply hacking your way from the start of each level to its exit (collecting coins along the way to repair your sword) or by clearing each stage of every enemy. Accomplishing the latter will grant you acces to the Hall of Heroes, a bonus level where Dan can choose new weapons. Armaments include several different types of swords, a massive war hammer, crossbows, lightning rods--even a chicken drumstick and Dan's own left arm. Most weapons have a secondary attack (for instance, you can either swing the axe or hurl it at baddies) and by holding the Circle Button you can charge your blade for a super attack.

The indoor and outdoor level locales include graveyards, castles, various villages, a flying ghost ship, caves and the winding tunnels of an ant hill--all of which are guarded by Bosses such as an enormous dragon and a bizarre pumpkin monster. Exceptionally well-composed music and several CG cinemas complete the package.

  • THEME - Action

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Think you've saved the world in 3D action/adventure games before? Try doing it dead. In MediEvil, the sorcerer Zarok has roused the late Sir Daniel Fortesque from his eternal slumber, along with just about every other corpse that's ever been put six feet under, in a bid to plunge the world into eternal darkness. Obviously, you don't ruin a good knight's rest and expect to get away with it, so Sir Dan drags his old bones together and takes off on a quest to stop the mad magician.

As he travels through graveyards, castles, ghost ships, and other eerie 3D locales, Sir Dan has to battle not only the undead but the living as well, many of whom have been turned into crazed madmen, courtesy of Zarok. Plus, he has to figure out plenty of tricky puzzles and master a host of ancient weapons. Expect MediEvil to give your Dual Shock the shakes in time for Halloween.

If you thirst for thumb-jamming hack-n-slash action, MediEvil could make you go... well, medieval on the PlayStation. This 3D sword-slinger looks like it'll put life back into the undead.

The Dead Are Alive

MediEvil qualifies as a throwback to the good ole hack-n-slash games of yore. Comparisons with the 16-bit classic Super Ghouls 'N' Ghosts are appropriate, as you play Sir Fontesque, knight errant brought back to life to fight ghouls zombies, and other undead things--in fact, as a rambling skeleton clad in armor, you just barely qualify as alive yourself! The preview version, however, certainly indicates that you have the chops to wage wild 3D fighting.

Evil Ways

MediEvil's preliminary game plan calls for 24 stages set in the once-beautiful-now-festering land of Gallowmere. In the preview disc, the boney Fontesque featured fast, quick reflexes, nicely tuned for the Dual Shock contrailer, with cool combat techniques matched to specific weapons. For example, he displays forehand and backhand swings for his broadsword, downward and sideward swings for his battle-axe, and a massive downward smash for his warham-mer. He may be only a skeletal warrior, but Fontesque will have some fleshed-out moves.

Bones Are Beautiful

Looks like Sony and Millennium are working overtime on Me-diEvil's visuals. The character graphics nicely mimic the 3D style of Nightmare Before Christmas. In the version we played, the textures on objects and backgrounds were impressively smooth and the dynamic lighting effects produced wonderfully eerie effects. Even the story cinematics rocked. MediEvil looks like it could certainly brighten up the Dark Ages.

Just when Spyro the Dragon and Gex had you thinking that 3D action/adventure games were going overboard on kid appeal, along comes a creepy, Tomb Raider-style action game that's sure to rattle your bones and dust the cobwebs from your PlayStation. MediEvil is howling-at-the-moon fun!

Holding Down the Fortesque

You begin your 'Evil ways as the recently deceased Sir Daniel Fortesque, an idiot knight t whose bragging got him appointed head of the king's army, only to fall after the very first arrow was fired directly into his eye in the war against the sorcerer Zardok. Zardok was defeated then but now is back with a horrific army of the undead. So, Sir Dan returns to life in order to avenge his own death.

MediEvil conjures up an excellent rendition of good ole hack-n-slash gameplay. You start out with a short sword, but you're soon rewarded with a trunk full of medieval weapons: broad-swords, hammer axes, clubs, crossbows, etc. You also learn otherworldly offensive moves like shoulder dashes and charge spins (which enable you to heave your sword in a small but deadly circle).

The extra weapons, however, don't come easy.In each level, you must earn them by making a maak'chalice materialize; you do so by annihilating your enemies vwose spirit energy gradually fills a Chalice meter. Although sometimes the chalice appears right in front of your sunken eye sockets, you usually have to starch high and low afrelieverywhere in-between to find it.

Luckily maneuvering in MediEvil is no problem. The easy-to-master controls are more basic than Gex's, yet not as troublesome to decipher as those in Tomb Raider II. MediEvil will thus appeal to a broad range of gamers.

Bone Alone

MediEvil summons enough monsters to fill more than a few chalices--i everything from spinning scarecrows to enraged pumpkin people to zombies and imps. And, as if that weren't enough, you fight a vicious variety of bosses that have cleverly hidden weak spots and equally hard-to-fathom attack patterns. These graphically impressive behemoths are a sight to behold, usually filling the screen and erupting in a volcano of beautiful, colorful animation.

Grateful for the Dead

Almost every aspect of MediEvil a work of art, from its graphics to its imaginative and ghostly musical score. If it weren't for the occasional bad camera angle and hard-to-gauge jumps, the game would be close to perfect--as it is, it will be one of the top 10 PlayStation games of the year. With action-oriented gamepiay, subtle humor, and all-around enjoyability, MediEvil towers above the medi-ocre.


  • In the Enchanted Village, there are three eggs inside Magpie the Dragon Bird's nest. One contains a rune.
  • In the Hilltop Mausoleum, the Moon Rune room contains the sheet music. Give it to the ghoul at the piano, and he'll reveal a door behind which are three chests of gold and a chalice.
  • If an imp steals your sword, stay near the imp hole exit. Battle until you get the sword back, or you'll pay an inordinate amount for it later.


With spooky, funky characters and an otherworldly environment, the game definitely goes for a high-end look. But weird camera angles occasionally throw the look for a loss.


Close combat can be a sticky situation, especially when you're down to your last life, but otherwise the controls are uncomplicated and easy to master.


MediEvil has super sonics, with the best Halloween-themed music since the movie Beetlejuice. A full complement of voices helps keep the game funny, but not annoying like Gex.

Fun Factor

MediEvil is a great a game with a perfect combination of action and puzzle-solving. Gex Is all tongue and Lara's all cheek when compared to MediEvil.

People say:


In a mostly dull world full of brown and/or sickeningly colorful 3D action adventure games (thanks to Johnny England for that one) MediEvil comes along and gives me hope. Besides having excellent 3D graphics and a speedy frame-rate, MediEvil gives me the feeling I used to get while playing Ghouls 'N' Ghosts. OK, maybe it doesn't play that good but it still kicks ass. MediEvil's solid gameplay makes you want to keep playing level after level, finding all of the secrets you can. In addition, MediEvil has one of the coolest main characters around. Sure, he has a Skull Monkey-esque look but the whole fraud/hero thing and the way he talks during in-game cutscenes more than makes up for that. In fact, all of the voices and dialogue in the game are pretty sweet--funny but not obnoxious. And while we're on sound, the music in MediEvil (besides just being done well in general) fits the game perfectly. All of these features add up to give you a solid and fun gaming package--one that you'll undoubtedly play again and again. The only problems I see are the camera going screwy in some places not allowing you a good view of what's going on around you and how easy some of the Bosses are (as cool as some of them look). Still, MediEvil is one to check output my money into it.


MediEvil's cool Nightmare Before Christmas look is one of the game's strong points, while the swirling camera angles are definitely a weak point. I'd classify the game as an action/RPG "light." Light because the battles and puzzle solving are on the easy side as is the overall objective of the game. No doubt It's a solid package but it's definitely geared toward a younger audience. That's fine as long as you don't mind.


Although I'm getting fed up with these cutesy 3D action/platform games, MediEvil packs enough puzzles, weird weapons and, for lack of a better term, "meat" to its gameplay to keep me interested until the end. You get a cool mix of indoor and outdoor levels. Some stages--particularly the floating ghost ship-are damn near amazing. Analog control's touchy, so you're best off going digital when on platforms and narrow ledges.


On the surface, MediEvil looked like a bland action title. I'm pleased to say that it is quite entertaining and reminds me a little of Ghouls 'N' Ghosts. The action moves along at a nice pace and the weapons your character uses are fun to use. The story is quite funny although it seems forced at times. The music is appropriately gothic and mixes well with the action on screen. You'll either love this game or remain indifferent to it.

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