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Microsoft Train Simulator

Trains are a part of the magic buried in our collective dreams.

Age of Empires

It's rapidly becoming apparent that there are fewer and fewer truly well-designed games on the market, especially in the real-time strategy category.

Zoo Tycoon

Developed by the new Blue Fang (headed up by former developers at Sierra Online), this is their first game and the first zoo-related sim on the market.

Zoo Tycoon 2

There's the Freeform game, with unlimited money -- that is, no money worries at all -- and all animals and buildings, etc., available. Pick a region anywhere in the world for your zoo and start building.

Rise of Nations

Stretching from the beginnings of civilization to the Information Age, history here is divided into seven eras.

Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

As Mel Brooks put it in History of the World Part 1, “It’s good to be the King!” Now everyone can grow up to be the king.

Midtown Madness 3

First, let me warn you away from the single player mode. Without a doubt, this is the game's biggest weakness, featuring boring, repetitive missions, and the worst voice action this side of Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure.

Halo 2

The graphics are hotter than ever, and the bump-mapping technology, which gives even simple textures an illusion of depth and reality, looks even better than you could've imagined.

Age of Mythology: The Titans

Atlantis has fallen, but don't count the Atlanteans out just yet.

Midtown Madness

Welcome to Chicago. Home of the world’s tallest building, the Cubs, Navy Pier, and madness.

Pandora's Box

Game developers may well have the most demanding jobs in the world of PC computing.

Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved is arguably the finest console FPS to date. Originally released as a launch title for the Xbox, it was the one title that made it worth owning an Xbox.

Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome

This could also be titled “Take the Best Overall Game of 1997 and Make It Better.

Age of Empires III

Anytime a game hits its third full iteration, I expect a remarkable and enticing gameplay for starters.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century of Flight

Without a doubt Microsoft clearly has outpaced any competition with their flight simulator series and continues to increase the distance with Flight Simulator 2004.

Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots

Added here are six new cultures to play (Iroquois, Lakota, American, Dutch, Persian and Indian) and new units -- including the indispensable War Elephant.

Motocross Madness 2

So you think you’re a pretty good dirt bike rider, do you? Think you can handle even the most extreme air? Is there nothing you won’t use as a ramp to launch yourself?

Conker: Live and Reloaded

A few years ago, a game for the N64 was released, that well, raised a few eyebrows and caused many parents to pay closer attention to the type of games their kids where playing.

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

Well it definitely leaves a similar mark, but not in the way of innovate gameplay.


After over five years and who knows how many changes, it's finally released and is well worth the wait.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Controlling your character is quite easy, since controls match configurations found in most FPS titles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

Flight enthusiasts have been using MS Flight Simulator for years and have watched it evolve from monochrome line graphics up to graphics so real..

Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species

Added here are some of the endangered creatures of the title, but the game is not too blunt an instrument in the politics of animal salvation.

Brute Force

Although not the tactical squad game that it was built up as, it does provide an exceptional third person shooter experience that overshadows its earlier claims.

Impossible Creatures

With the flood of successful RTS games released last year, you have to wonder if there's anything left to accomplish in this genre.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000

About every two or three years since 1980 Microsoft has released an updated version of the most successful flight simulation program of all time.

Parappa the Rapper 2

Given its relative success and memorable marketing campaign, there's a good chance that if you've been playing PSX games for a while, you've heard of Parappa]

Kung Fu Chaos

All right, I admit it; I loved those campy old 70's kung fu movies.

Grabbed By The Ghoulies

First, like any good arcade title, especially one built for kids, there's stuff to destroy and unlockables to be found.

Age of Mythology

Highly detailed buildings, animals, and vegetation are simply eye-popping.

Kameo: Elements of Power

Not that Kameo doesn't deserve that accolade on its own, because it really is an enjoyable game. As the titular heroine Kameo, you have been betrayed by your own sister who has chosen to ally herself with the sworn enemy of all Elves, the Trolls.

Fuzion Frenzy

Call up your friends and buy three more controllers because this party game is the perfect venue for battling with your buddies over a plate of hot nachos and surly competition.


First, MechAssault is on the Xbox. That makes it good because console games are generally clean and refined versions of their PC cousins.


Crystal Dynamics' famed gecko Gex has finally hit the PlayStation with his witty humor and excellent game-play intact.

Project Gotham Racing 2

Fishtailing is a good thing - air, drafting, two wheels, much better.

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

For those of us who love to control 90 ton walking battleships (and who doesn't), waiting for MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf has required some patience.

Perfect Dark Zero

First, I'll say that I have a love/hate relationship with this game. As I usually like dispensing bad news, I'll start by complaining about the storyline.

Dungeon Siege

You're on your way to Stonebridge, though not by choice. After krug raiders killed your neighbors and set fire to your farm, however, it seems to be the only option left to you.

Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far

Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far lets you replay one of the most critical battles in World War II.

Project Gotham Racing

Like most race titles there isn't anything by way of a storyline, but then there doesn't really need to be.

Motocross Madness

Hop on, kick the start pedal and don’t fasten that seatbelt -- you’re about to do some incredible stunts and racing in vast, hilly, three-dimensional wasteland environments and supercross arenas.

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna

When the Shadowjumper broke free of its prison and stole the fabled Staff of Stars, it spelled certain extinction to the remainer of the Utraeans, one of the fabled elder races of Aranna.

Blinx: The Time Sweeper

You control Blinx, one of many cats working at the Time Factory. Your job is to keep time flowing and fix time glitches.

Rallisport Challenge

First, the game looks and sounds much the same, which is to say, fabulous.

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

Finding flight simulators that present a complete package is a rarity as some handle great with a solid interface but the missions are lame or the graphics may be excellent but the game is over almost before it started.

Monster Truck Madness 2

"Lean into it!" -- that’s exactly what you will find yourself doing in Monster Truck Madness 2 (MTM2).

Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95

For experienced Flight Simulator users, this upgrade offers two new aircraft, new cities, more airports, more detailed scenery from around the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 98

So you've had a rough day. The boss is on your case, the kids are whining and the car's making that noise again.

RalliSport Challenge 2

No matter how you feel about Microsoft, it can't be denied that they produce some outstanding games.

Bicycle Casino Games

Time to hit the ATM, pull out your life savings, amble up to the roulette table and put it all on red. Don't like roulette?


What _Whacked!_ does offer is highly unique characters like a rabbit who had his feet cut off and made into key chains and an emaciated, narcoleptic guy who competes in a recliner.


The year is 2552, and humanity struggles to survive. A terrifying race, calling themselves the Covenant, has swept out of the stars and threatens to purge humanity from the galaxy.

Age of Empires: War Chiefs

The success of Age of Empires III is universally acknowledged and for good reason.

Project Gotham Racing 3

So what stands out as a next-gen game? Well the most obvious place to start is with the graphics. Everything is gorgeous from the city streets to the cars themselves, it's definitely eye candy (at least running at 1080i).

Crimson Skies

Nathan Zachary, gentleman air pirate and leader of the Fortune Hunters, is back at it again.


There are a number of extremely promising RPGs headed for the Xbox this fall such as Fable and Knights of the Old Republic II and it was hoped that Sudeki would be leading the charge.

Zoo Tycoon

Just because a game has a sliver of success on one platform certainly does not guarantee that it will translate well to another.

MechCommander 2

There are three things that I love to do when playing video games.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

Microsoft has a long tradition of Entertainment Packs for Windows, beginning in 1990.

Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space

You've got basic run, jump, grab and gun gameplay, mixed with some interesting time controls and a weapon that can suck up any nearby junk to shoot back at the enemy.


One team is given an objective, whether it 's rescuing hostages or planting a bomb, while the other team has to prevent the other team from completing those objectives.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

“Your father murdered. Your world overrun. Take command... and... reclaim your bloodright.” With those words, a new story in the battletech universe is born.

Blood Wake

Betrayed. One minute you're calmly patrolling the Gulf of the Moon, thinking pleasant thoughts.

Links 2003

In the past couple of years, console golf games have taken encouraging strides in competing with their PC cousins.

Urban Assault

War and pestilence have brought the Earth to the brink of destruction. Since “The Big Mistake,” Earth's surface is up for grabs.

Fighter Ace

Darwinism has truly reached the gaming community, and now only the strong will survive.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack

Tired of playing the same old Halo 2 maps over and over, but still not quite ready to let them go either?

Top Spin

While tennis games have never been main stream, the success of Sega's Virtual Tennis has helped push them in the right direction.

Forza Motorsport

As far as realistic racing games goes, the PS2 has Gran Turismo and the Xbox has ' .


The solar system erupts in war! Eastern Coalition forces, led by the devious Admiral Kulov, have launched a surprise attack on the Western Alliance.

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries

Somehow, even when I think I've found the Mech game that'll end my need for these silly action games, providing me with a title that really, really sucks.

Amped 2

First, you may struggle with the way this game controls, especially if you're used to arcadey sports titles.

Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Both groups are trying to gather together a collection of artifacts that will grant their owners immortality, and of course the best way to gain artifacts is to beat the hell out of each other.

Kakuto Chojin

What starts out as possibly an intriguing fighting game simply stalls 6 steps into its sprint.

Quantum Redshift

I looked at the cover of this game and decided that it was the worst 'retro' looking piece of crap cover I'd seen since the Sega genesis game 'Eternal Heroes (phew!).


You are an elite futuristic Marine protecting the universe from vicious hordes of aliens. This is not a 3D shooter, although it does at times have the feel of one; it is a combat simulation.

MechWarrior 4: Black Knight

I’m not a great fan of expansion packs. They’re usually a trite attempt at recapturing the same flavor or feel of the original game, which is usually well enough done on its own.


"Six years ago the Coalition of Independent Planets defeated their most fearsome enemy, a race of warriors they had created -- the Bions..."

Microsoft Golf 3.0

It's perhaps telling that if you visit the Microsoft Golf 3.0 website, one of the first things you see in the "Inside golf" link is the catch-phrase: "Adjust your grip on reality.

Atari, Commodore 64 and Arcade Packs

In the summer of 1978 my friend Pat and I were sitting in his basement watching a James Bond movie—one of the good old Sean Connery.


In a world of suffering, a hero will emerge. Hmm' that doesn't exactly rhyme.

Links LS 2000

Whoever said that golf was a relaxing game should be slapped up side the head with a 1-wood, because in all my gaming adventures I never swear so much as when I’m playing Links 2000.


Azurik is a young 'Lore Guardian' who is given the task to protect the elemental discs that contain the souls of the Elemental Guardians.

Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings

Unlike many other reviews you will read, I will not start this review off by comparing MMORPG's to drugs and the players to drug addicts.

Microsoft Golf 1998

Microsoft has a new developer to carry on its line of golf simulations.

Gears of War

Now that the 360 has been out a year, it's about that time when the developers are finally figuring out the system and how to take advantage of it.

NFL Fever 2002

In this day and age, it goes without saying but I will say it anyway; this game carries all the NFL licenses allowing for real players, real uniforms and real stadiums.

Links Extreme

The last time I played real golf was a couple of years ago and on that outing I was stuck behind a very slow foursome.

NFL Fever 2004

Even more challenging would be pushing that lineman back and sacking the quarterback, which Microsoft is far from achieving.

Microsoft Baseball 2000

You have the best seat in the house -- right behind home plate about two rows up -- and you can see the whole field from your point of view.

NBA Full Court Press

The NBA is the hottest professional sport going these days, especially among those of you who are young enough to be the future of America.


In order to give an accurate snowboard review, yours truly has traveled to the great state of Montana for a little R&R and some serious snowboarding..


I found the puzzle-solving aspect of this game interesting, and at times even unique.

Deadly Tide

The game starts out with a nicely-done cinematic intro which leads the player into his/her role as undersea fighter pilot.