Age of Mythology

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Platform: PC
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In contrast to its sprite-base predecessor, Ensemble Studios is treating the RTS gamer to a brand new 3D engine for their soon to be released Age of Mythology. The October 31st launch of AoM has been highly anticipated by many gamers who have eagerly awaited the follow up to Age of Kings, however, AoM is visually and strategically different than its sister title. Having played through the Beta and Alpha releases, most find themselves on one end of the spectrum or the other"?Love it'? and 'Hate it.'? To love it is to relish the graphically stunning environments that comprises the AoM environment.

Highly detailed buildings, animals, and vegetation are simply eye-popping. Unsurpassed water effects are no less than perfect and from the wave action and rippling of the water to its semi-translucency, gamers will continually lose their focus while staring in awe at the sea. Single player campaigns seemlessly blend cutscenes with skirmish scenarios. The incorporation of mythological Gods, God powers, and units is creative and adds a new twist to strategies used against your opponents.

What better way to stimey your opponents' advancement than to rain down a flaming meteor storm on his seemingly protected city? To hate it is to have anticipated that this is a glorified expansion of AoK, which it isn't. This is a title unto itself and its base qualities separate it significantly from its predecessor. Some may be frustrating with never-ending supplies of fish or food from farms. Others will pull their hair out at the population cap that results from not having occupied enough town center locations. Gamers will continue to argue the merits (or drawbacks) of changes such as these for months to come.

To put it simply, you have to try it before you flog it. Buy it with the knowledge that this is a different game entirely and it should supplement your 'Age'? library, not replace it. Ensemble has done an exemplory job of giving us a great RTS title with graphics and animations that fail to dissapoint. With a slew of other strategy titles on the market, Ensemble has established itself as second to none. Put AoM at the top of your Christmas list this year and pray that you've accumulated enough favor with Santa to get this perfect stocking stuffer.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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