Battle Realms

a game by Liquid Games
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Battle Realms
Battle Realms
Battle Realms
Battle Realms

Although on the surface Liquid Entertainment's Battle Realms sounds like it's trying to outdo Shogun, it is only within the aims of the game that the two titles have any similarity. Where both games place you as a leader of a clan, with a view to uniting a Far Eastern country, Battle Realms takes its influence from myth rather than historical reality. The graphics are different too; where Shogun is 3D with thousands of 2D bitmapped units on-screen, Battle Realms is the opposite, with a 2D view over which small-scale battles are fought between hi-res 3D soldiers.

With the leader of the Battle Realms team and many of his underlings having worked on the Commands Conquer series, Liquid is aiming to create a real-time strategy game with a rich story, fleshing out the gameplay with new elements that attempt to realise a living and interactive world far more advanced than we've seen in other strategy games. Much like RPGs in fact, where the outcome of a battle can be affected not only by strength of numbers, but by utilising the world around you. These aspects will manifest themselves in a number of ways; including using trees for cover, which can give away your position if you run into a flock of easily ruffled birds or like with water, which covers your tracks, but can slow your movements down.

Rather than harvest crops and simply blow the cash on an ever-expanding army, the developers are trying to think of new ways to integrate resource management within the game. An example of this is with cavalry. Instead of spending money on some sort of training building, then churning out ranks of horse-mounted troops, in Battle Realms you first have to find the horses running wild in the countryside. Doing so will of course have risks, and then you have to shepherd them home and think about training your troops to ride them.

If you've become disillusioned with real-time strategy games, Battle Realms may just re-ignite your interest. A rethink about what real-time strategy should mean has been a long time coming and with a new team headed by a Westwood veteran, Battle Realms may herald the beginning of a new order.

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