Earth 2150

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a game by TopWare Programmy Sp. z o.o.
Platform: PC (2000)
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Although this is the walkthrough for just one of Earth 2150s three campaigns (the Eurasian Dynasty), there should be more than enough here to teach you the principals of winning while playing any of the three factions.



Go to the middle of the map and build your base. Build several tanks and set off to the base southeast of you. After disposing of the inadequate enemy forces positioned in the area, head for the edge of the peninsula, where you'll find an artefact. If you have any badly damaged units, then return to your base and fix them. After they are repaired, it's time to head north and take out the UCS base that you find there. If you hit the base's power sources first, you should find that defeating the enemy troops is made a whole lot easier.


Build a base with a Missile Control Center. Scout round the map until you uncover the enemy base and then launch a missile strike against the power plants and the Transport Base. Now send in some helicopters to disable any remaining enemy base defences before sending in your ground troops to finish off the job.


Get yourself into the middle of the map and start collecting resources. After you collect enough resources, build a tunnel to fulfil your mission goals. This is one of the game's simpler missions.


With the Lunar Corporation encroaching on your territory, you must defend your Research Center in the southeast of the map. Move your vehicles straight from the start of the mission to avoid too many enemies. When you get to your base, start building the Research Centers. Fortify your base to the north with adequate defences to hold off any enemy attacks. Now start building an assault force with a balance of heavy, light and long-range attack vehicles. Go through the tunnels and take out anyone you encounter. Ensure your laser tank survives.


Take your laser vehicle northwest of your base and take out the UCS forces nearby. Now defend yourself against the Lunar Corporation attacks, making sure you build plenty of air defences. First, fortify your base to the north, and as you repel the attackers, build up an assault force. Once the enemy attack is over, move southeast with the attack force and take out the enemy base there.


As near to the start of the mission as possible, attack the enemy base to the north. Take out any hostiles by first destroying the base's power supply. Once all enemy units are destroyed, leave the remaining buildings as they are. Collect as many resources as you can from the area.


Take your forces south, where you'll find an enemy base. Making sure your assault force has several anti-aircraft vehicles, take the base. Other bases can be found to the west and southeast. However, land vehicles will be useless here, so build plenty of units with hover or sea capabilities. Once again, hit their power supplies from afar and then move in for the kill with your helicopters and then your ground troops.


Don't waste your time or resources on building too many defences. Instead, concentrate on getting together a sizeable assault force. Use this to first dispose of the enemy units to the southwest. With a large number of heavy units as escorts (and a repair vehicle if you're not too confident you'll make it), send your Gruz into the tunnels and knock down the wall to get to the Computer Center. The files can be found to the southeast.


It's important to make sure you have some helicopters at your disposal in this mission. Head south with them to uncover some resources. Although not essential, the mission will be a great deal easier if you start a new base near these resources. If you do build a base here, make sure that your western side is particularly well defended. Build some heavy, light and long-range attack vehicles and head west. Take out the base here. It may take you several attempts to achieve this. The best way to do it is to create a diversion and sneak some units in to destroy the base's power sources. Once these are down, you'll be able to use your helicopters, which will make victory far easier. Mine the nearby resource field, then build up your forces again to take out the northeast base. Finally, go down the tunnels to retrieve the files.


Investigate the tunnels with the NEO. Caution and speed are required to avoid the enemy defenders. You must retrieve items from the northwest, south and west bases. Patience is a key factor with this mission.


Using helicopters as scouts, find the resource fields on the map. Then build up an assault force. Build bridges to reach the resources and the Lunar Corporation base, which you'll find to the northeast. Fortify your base and resource fields with the units you've built, and hold out till you've collected enough resources to complete the mission.


Fortify your landing zone. Now build an assault force making sure you include some repair units. Head down the tunnels and try to scout ahead and lure any enemies towards you (in order to give you an edge) making sure that they don't get to the tunnel entrance. Search around the alien ship to find the power cells.


Fortify your base (paying particular attention to the north side) and build an assault force. Also, make sure that your base is protected by plenty of anti-aircraft defences. Northwest of you is a Lunar Corporation base. If you can take out its power supply it will be yours. Once you've taken it, extract the resources from the nearby field. There's a UCS base to the south. If you're clever, you can take out the power sources with your helicopters before sending in your ground troops from the north to take over the base. When you have taken it over, mine its resources.


Head northwest and build a base near the resource field. There's another field to the northwest. Once you get to the UCS base, try to lure the enemy to you, and pick them off. It takes a while, but it will save you losing loads of units. Extract the resources from the field. If you can, whittle down the two enemy bases to the north. Also, make sure that you have plenty of units and defensive turrets protecting your base, as you'll soon be attacked by a massive force.


Take out enemy defences near the bridges and destroy power sources along the river with your helicopters. Build a new bridge, cross the river and head north. Lure the enemies out to avoid heavy losses. Take out the UCS base nearby, then the one to the southeast. Then take out the Lunar Corporation base to the south.


Head west, sticking close to the water. When you get to the field, build a landing zone and call down some units, making sure that a few of them are Gruz units. Send them east underground to get to the files. All you need to do now is upload the data.


Make sure you protect your Caspian at all costs. Go north at the start and collect the artefacts. Lead the way with your Caspian, which you should equip with shields. Never stop moving your units, until you reach your goal.


Take out the enemy in the middle of the map and mine the resources from the resource field to the northeast. The three important things to remember are to take out the enemy's power supplies, stop them tunnelling into your base by collapsing their tunnel entrances and, most importantly of all, take out their Plasma Control Center as soon as possible. Once you've defeated this base, gather the resources from the southeast field.


Start moving straight away to reach your base safely. You'll need to repair a bridge along the way. Build up an assault force, making sure you have plenty of helicopters. There's a UCS base to the west. Again, it is imperative you take out the Plasma Control Center before launching an all-out attack. Use the helicopters to knock out the base's power and then move in your ground troops.


Use units with hover and sea capabilities to get to, and take out, the base to the south. You'll need to have several goes at it and wear it down slowly. There are plenty of resources near the landing field to keep you going. If this isn't enough though, go west and east of the resource fields where you'll find some more.


Concentrate on building up sea and air units. Also, check out the tunnels. Cross the river to get to the UCS base and take it out. Then go north with all of your troops and destroy the Lunar Corporation base that you find.


Fortify your base and build up an assault force. Continue building units, while sending a sizeable force south. Take out the UCS base you find there. By the time you've done this, you should have a massive force. You'll need it to take out the powerful base in the east of the map. Hold your forces back while peppering the eastern base's power supply with missiles. Then move in with your ground troops.


Fortify your base, starting with the south side. Building long-range attack weapons will enable you to weaken the enemy and its base from afar without you having any casualties. After the initial enemy attack has been repelled, build up your forces and take them towards the middle of the map. Soften the base up with long-range missile attacks before sending in ground forces. The easiest way to get to the resources is through tunnels.


Follow the guide. Make sure you make your way quickly to your base, but not at the expense of being discovered. Once you're there, fortify it. Set up a Missile Center and use the missiles to take out the UCS base's power supplies. It's also a good idea to take out the Plasma Control Center, otherwise you'll incur heavy casualties.


Head east and build a base. As soon as you can, get yourself a Missile Control Center, and stock up on as many nuclear missiles as you can afford. Send out a scout helicopter to reconnoitre the area until you uncover the enemy stronghold. Blitz the enemy with these missiles and, if need be, build a few units and destroy what little resistance remains after your bombardment.


Build a base with a Missile Center. Then build a squad of helicopters to scout out and disable the enemy power supplies. With the power down, use helicopters to pick off ground forces while building a land-based assault force. Once the enemy is weakened, send in your ground units to finish them off.


To the west there is a Lunar Corporation base. To the north is a UCS base. Fortify your base to ward off attacks and construct a Missile Center. Scout out the Lunar Corporation base and use a few missiles to knock out its Weather Control building. After this, wear down the bases from afar and then send in the ground troops. Use the middle resource field to top up your supplies if need be.


Start collecting resources from the nearby field as soon as the mission starts. If you build up a sizeable force, you can set yourself up to take over the field in the centre of the map as well. This will speed up reaching your goal. You will need to defend your base staunchly in this mission, but make sure that you also build a Missile Center. Find the Lunar Corporation and UCS bases. Use your missiles to disable their power supplies. Also target the enemy's vehicle production buildings. By doing this, you will be able to take control of, and hold onto, the middle resource field far more easily.


Head southeast into the middle of the map and extract the resources from the fields you find there. Scout north and west. Now build a Missile Center and take out its power and production buildings. Build a sizeable assault force and move in on each one individually. Once you gain air superiority, your task will be simpler. Remember that you need to accumulate enough resources for Project Exodus - this should be your main concern in this mission.

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