SimCity 2013

Download SimCity and create the metropolis of your dreams! Design your city from the ground up, manage resources, and face various challenges as a virtual mayor. Can you build a thriving civilization? Play now!
a game by Maxis Software
Platform: PC (2013)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 21 votes
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SimCity 2013
SimCity 2013
SimCity 2013

Is there a game that had a worse launch than SimCity 2013? This game was an absolute mess when it first launched, a product of the days when dev stride to force an always-online DRM to try and prevent piracy. All it really did was punish gamers who purchased a legit copy of the game. Thankfully, EA after what felt like forever, managed to get the game in a state that made it worth playing.

The Next Generation

The first thing that you notice about this game is how good it looks. A ton of work was done to make this the most appealing looking game in the series at the time and I feel that SimCity 2013 still holds up the better part of a decade later. Everything has a nice clean look to it and I like how much more detailed things are. It gives your city much more personality and can help you become more attached to it.

The soundtrack is about what you would expect. The sounds the sim folk make are as annoying as ever, but that is part of the charm of this series.

If You Build It They Will Come

The goal of the game is the same as it has always been in the series. You start with a small bit of land and then you need to help it grow into a thriving city. You do this by making sure there are places for people to live, places for them to work, emergency and social services, power, water, and so on. It is pretty amazing how many things that you have to keep an eye on as you play, but that is part of the fun. I found there to always be something that needed my attention and as a result, SimCity 2013 is a very addictive game and one that is far better than people give it credit for.

My main complaint about the city-building aspect of the game is that you cannot build juts one massive city. Instead, you can build similar cities that are then joined together, and then you can do things like have a massive airport, share a medical facility, and so on. I get what they were going for here, but I would have preferred to at least have the option of making just one massive city. On the flip side, this means you can play with friends and you can each have a city and work together to make sure you are all doing good.

I See What That is

It is a shame that so many people just look at the horrible launch of this game as a lot of work was done on this game. The most impressive gameplay addition to this game is the user interface. This game is much more streamlined than the previous entries in the series and as a result, I feel that it is much easier to get into. Ironically, this when it was first released would have been the perfect first game in the series for many people to try, but due to the horrific launch, it never got that chance.


I think that SimCity 2013 is a good game. Yes, the launch was horrible and there is no excuse for the stuff that EA tried to pull. However, when you play the game now, it is easy to see what their intentions for the game were and it is a damn fine entry into the series. If you liked the previous games give it is a shot and if you have never played a game in the series before I also suggest that you give it a shot as it is very easy to get into.


  • The game looks fantastic
  • I like how detailed your city can be
  • Building relationships with other cities is fun
  • The user interface is very easy to deal with
  • Playing with friends is a lot of fun


  • It had one of the worst launches in-game history
  • It might be a tad streamlined for hardcore fans of the series

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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