Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space

Download Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space and control the fabric of reality itself! Master time-bending abilities, battle powerful enemies, and save the universe from destruction in this thrilling platformer. Can you rewrite destiny? Play now!
a game by Microsoft
Platform: XBox
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 16 votes
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Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space
Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space
Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space

Maybe I'm not that much of a fan of platformers. Perhaps I have some grudge against them for providing us with some of the most boring, lukewarm gameplay I've ever seen. Unfortunately, Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space isn't the sort of game to really change my mind, even though it has some entertaining gameplay. This time a band of thieves and cutthroats have yet again put the nature of time itself in jeopardy, leaving the time sweepers to fix things and restore balance to time.

You've got basic run, jump, grab and gun gameplay, mixed with some interesting time controls and a weapon that can suck up any nearby junk to shoot back at the enemy. You can collect specific crystals that power your ability to perform certain 'time tricks', like rewinding a given environment or pausing a situation to give yourself a better chance to live through the situation. There's a whole set of these powers, and they form the most entertaining part of the game, and if they were dispensed more like candy, or perhaps even free to perform, this game would be much better. As far as your weapon goes, the most entertaining part about it is that you can suck up damn near anything and then shoot it back at the enemy. When you pause a situation you can even suck the opponents shots out of the air, and fire them back at the opponent, making for some entertaining options in a fight.

I think the graphics in this game were best summed up by one of my friends, who said that these graphics couldn't be more annoying if they tried. Light and garish colors, marked by way too much pastel, confront your senses. In the levels, the effect is minimal, and presents a traditional platformer environment, but in the cutscenes this effect makes for one eyesore of a game. On top of this there's very little in the way of actual voice acting in the title, and you're usually prepared for a mission with simple text, so there's nothing great to listen to here.

As a side note, you can also customize your character to a ridiculous degree at the beginning of the game, changing the size and color of damn near anything on your character model. Also, some missions actually allow you multiple paths past a certain problem. In the end, even with these little notes, it feels to me like Blinx 2: Masters Of Time & Space has missed the boat on providing a really good game with excellent gameplay. This isn't a bad title per se, it just isn't that good.

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