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There are a number of extremely promising RPGs headed for the Xbox this fall such as Fable and Knights of the Old Republic II and it was hoped that Sudeki would be leading the charge. With a number of innovative elements combined with the standard RPG ones, on paper Sudeki had significant potential. Unfortunately Sudeki wasn't all I hoped it would be but that's not to say it isn't a worth playing either.

Sudeki is an RPG with strong elements to the action genre. Combat especially drives this home as battles are all done real time and rely on pulling off combos hitting the A or X buttons or casting the occasional spell. In addition, the story is a little on the thin side for me as I enjoy more depth in the story and character growth. It does closer resemble the plot of an action game, which isn't bad but can be disappointing as well. Many of the other RPG elements are accounted for however such as experience points, upgrading character attributes and weapons, and numerous items can be found throughout the game.

Although the combat is more action based, that's not to imply that it's not as fun as the more classic RPG combat approach. It can take a few hours of play before you really appreciate the different strategies and tactics at your disposal but once you start successfully executing them, most of your initial concerns or frustrations will dissipate. If you hang with it, you'll find out that the combat system is rather innovative and offers a unique experience among RPGs.

The graphics and audio both give strong performances with detailed and well designed environments, good voice-overs, and fluid movements. There wasn't anything that blew me away but clearly there shouldn't be any disappointment either.

Sudeki is not your classic RPG and those looking for that are going to be disappointed. Without a doubt it's not going to be game of the year or even in the top five RPGs either but Sudeki still offers something worth playing and given enough time, most will come to appreciate the innovation and unique RPG it offers.

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When Western developers try to make Japanese-style RPGs, terrible things often happen. Need evidence? Witness the eye-searing horror of Shadow Madness (PS1). Or actiially; its probably better if you dont. The Sudeki team wants to avoid the overt cliches with its games design: Male lead heroes with big sparkly eyes and feminine physiques do not necessarily conjure up a character you would want to control, explains Art Director James Brace. The gameplays also nonstandard: Its less like Final Fantasy and more like Phantasy Star Online, with multihit hack-n-slash combos and all sorts of dazzling summon magic.

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