Front Mission 3

a game by Squaresoft
Platform: PSX
Rating: 9/10


In this Strategy/RPG you take on the role of Kazuki Takemura, a test pilot for Kirishima Industries. While making a delivery you witness a huge accidental explosion. After learning that your beloved sister, Alisa, not only works at the military base where the explosion occurred but that she is somehow involved, you quickly become involved in a worldwide conspiracy where an explosion at a military base is just the tip of the iceberg.

This game features two different, yet related, storylines. A decision to go with a friend determines which path you will take. As the game progresses you may find that in one mode you are the attacker at the same location you defended in the other mode. This game does a better job than most at making the story really compelling on both sides. You’ll find as you play through each of the two modes that the stories meet up at several points. This is really neat since on your second pass through the game you get to see how actions are viewed from the other side.

The entire game is spent in Story, Battle, or InterMission. The first two are fairly self-explanatory, but InterMission has some things worth talking about. First of all the "Internet" stuff you can do in the game is really cool -- this is not an actually connection to the Net, but an imitation Net that is incorporated into the game. For instance, you can communicate with other characters in the game via email. You have access to a number of "Web Sites" that have info on some of the Wanzers (Mechs) in the game, along with a number of other really great pieces of information that really add depth to the story. You can also shop for Wanzer parts and Upgrades online. Which leads to one of the other things that you do in the InterMission section of FM3: work on your Wanzers. Each of the Wanzers is completely customizable to the point that you can even replace each arm with a different model.


This is easily my favorite strategy RPG to date. The story is compelling and well written. The characters are very well developed and the interactions of characters are realistic. The only drawback to the story is that it may not be enjoyed as much by some players as it is a huge scale political intrigue story. But if you might be interested in such a thing, then this game will certainly rock your world.

The Enemy AI is quite good, although I must admit there are a few times when the enemy will just let you beat on them. Those times are actually few and far between.

All the different maps are really fun. Some are noticeably more difficult than others, but all the different aspects of placement and strategy really play out in the different map types. On some maps your best approach will be to break into teams of two, while in others you’ll want to stick together. Each of the maps has different elevations and line-of-sight obstacles that decrease your hit percentage.

Your options for upgrading and altering you Wanzers are so vast; it is nearly limitless what you could do. You can alter the weapons of each Wanzer, the parts, upgrade the parts... the options are enormous. Another point about weapons: the more a pilot uses a weapon, the more skill he gets in that weapon.


The graphics are great for this last year of the Playstation. The Wanzer models are clean and cool. Having the ability to alter each Wanzer's parts independently makes it really obvious that the developers spent a lot of time making it possible and graphically pleasing. All of the in-game graphics are clean and of high quality. All of the combat animations are fun and short enough that you won’t get irritated watching them.

As with all Squaresoft games, the FMA in the game is just unbeatable. Beautiful and lush, it just doesn’t get any better than Squaresoft.


All of the music is great. It gets to the point where you won’t even notice that it’s there -- the sign of really great environmental music

Bottom Line

Buy this game. If you are a fan of Square or just like strategy games you will really enjoy this game. The story is compelling, the graphics are nicely done, the combat is good, and the options are extensive -- everything required to make a great game.

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