The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

a game by Bethesda Softworks
Platforms: XBox PC
Rating: 8/10

The mother lode has been struck, and you, my fellow RPG lover, are about to become wealthy. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has been unleashed on a very deserving people and if you've got the mettle, then I have got arguably one of the finest RPGs ever made.

Morrowind is a classic RPG with uncommon realism and staggering replay ability. A single player game that is viewed in the first person, Morrowind has you select what race, class, birth sign (yes, it affects the game) along with attributes and skills that let you know you are in for a long, long ride.

Once the game begins and you have created your character, it's off you go, into a massive gaming environment that breaks all the rules of traditional RPGs. Do you choose to start your quest, or do you choose to start robbing people and drinking in the local bar? Will you travel the main road, or prowl through the forest in search of villains and their treasure. The game's choices are literally endless and you could arguably play for as little as 100 hours or for as many as 300, maybe even more! Yes, this is the closest thing to an alternate reality I have ever had the pleasure of playing. What makes it even scarier is the game also includes a construction set to make your own quests. But let the numbers do the talking:

  1. Over 3200 NPC in the game.
  2. 316,042 hand placed object found in the game.
  3. More then 300 dungeons to explore and conquer.
  4. Over 480 Billion different character you can create and play as.

This game IS the game to play, but only for serious RPG players. Casual players and peasants will get the holy living bejeebers slapped out of them. The challenge has been issued, do you dare venture forth?

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Game Reviews

As an RPG lover, I have been waiting for this game to arrive on the XBOX for months. At last, I have finally got my hands on Morrowind. Questions raced through my mind, can this game possibly live up to all the hype, will it be buggy, and could we finally have a decent RPG out on the XBOX? Let me tell you what I found.

Morrowind is a hugely ambitious game. Everything about it makes us RPGers salivate: non-linear game play, huge variety of character classes, countless NPCs to interact with, completely immersive interactive environments, an engaging plotline, as well as a seemingly endless number of quests, dungeons and lands to explore. You have complete control over whom your character will be which is where the replay value really shines. You can choose to be play a good character, helping those around you in need, or you can play as a self-seeking rogue looking to enhance his wealth and power, stealing items when others aren't looking. It's your decision. It's your life.

This could be the last game you need to buy for the year! After playing only the first several hours, I began to realize how detailed this world really was. I stumbled across a murdered tax collector (pocketed the taxes, that he no longer needed), helped bring the murder to justice at the end of my sword, assisted a guard to locate the hiding place of a stash of treasure and by then I was hooked, totally immersed in the world of Morrowind. From this point on, you only go in deeper.

I will continue to log some serious hours into this game. This game is fantastic in its detail and depth. While I love this, the level of depth may also be a discouraging factor to anyone who isn't a die-hard fan of this genre. To play this game right, you will need to interrogate the citizens of this world, join some guilds and make contacts and develop relationships with key players in each town, follows clues and wherever possibly continue to develop your skills and gain wealth. This game is not just about hacking and slashing monsters, although there is a lot of that, you have to strategize and plan your moves carefully. Above all else, save frequently! Be prepared to take some time just getting to know the controls and familiarize yourself with the world, in the starting town. There is no time limit so take your time and when you are ready, then move on to the next town, because this is when the action picks up and the real game play starts to shine, and there goes any free time you once had.

reggie posted a review

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