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Best 8 Dragon Warrior Games

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Dragon Warrior

Dragon Quest role-playing games are responsible for kids skipping school and breaking into stores just to get their hands on the latest DQ game.

Dragon Warrior 3

It's a longer, more complex game than its forerunners with lots of fresh features, such as Travel Doors, which zap you across time and space to new worlds.

Dragon Warrior: Monsters 2

From the island of GreatLog, journey through the land on a quest. Fight and capture monsters, then breed and trade your captured monsters to make monsters that are more powerful.

Dragon Warrior 7

It's hard to describe the upcoming American release of Dragon Warrior VII: Warriors of Eden as anything less than an event for RPG fans.

Dragon Warrior 1 & 2

The story, combat system and pretty much everything else is right out of the RPG cliche handbook--but so what?