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Pirates of the Caribbean

Oxbay Island in the 1600's is a small, yet burgeoning English settlement in the heart of the Caribbean, and your current port of call.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The mother lode has been struck, and you, my fellow RPG lover, are about to become wealthy.

Magic & Mayhem

You are Cornelius Agrippa, an apprentice just out of school and ready to visit your favorite Uncle. Only trouble is, Uncle's lab is torn up and he is missing.

Burnout: Championship Drag Racing

Bethesda brings to vivid life all the fun and action of racing in a straight line. On top of that, they add the potential for endless fiddling and customization.

Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon

It's a good day for role-playing game fans when an expansion set actually improves on the original game.


For the most part I was satisfied -- not disappointed, but not blown away either.

An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

Battlespire is the first of Bethesda's new Legend series of RPGs set in the world of Tamriel.


As a new cadet within the Federation’s elite combat unit you begin to explore your skill as a hotshot pilot.

Tribunal: Elder Scrolls III Morrowind Expansion Pack

The first thing players need to know if they want to play this expansion is, IT IS VERY, VERY HARD!


It’s not every day your favorite planet gets invaded by hostile alien forces bent on galactic domination.

XCar Experimental Racing

Apparently, Bethesda actually received information from race teams and component manufacturers who, secretive about their advancements, agreed to provide information only if they were kept anonymous.