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Sega Genesis

Dark Castle

Dark Castle Game
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It's dark! It's dangerous! It's downright devious! You've got smarts, a buff bod, and a pocketful of rocks. Now, climb the ramparts of Dark Castle and dethrone the Black Knight. Hosts of nasty creatures protect him. Dispatch these lackeys or the Black Knight will eat your lunch! Maneuver through a maze of ropes to evade death-dealing rodents. Hurl fantastical fireballs at dive-bombing vultures and menacing mutants. Penetrate the Black Knight's wicked and well-protected inner sanctum. Clobber his horrific henchmen and snatch the precious key.

Castlevania: The Adventure

Simon Belmont makes another appearance in this special GameBoy return engagement.

Spots: Cool Adventure

Spot, the lovable dot with limbs and shades, is back for more adventure. Instead of appearing in a board game, Spot has decided to take a more direct role in his play!

Sneaky Snakes

A very cute, original game from Tradewest.

Bionic Battler

On a distant planet many light years away, a mining colony is under attack by robots that have gone mad and are destroying all human life.


A couple of months ago we met with the folks from Bleem and took a look at this amazing package for the first time.

Fast Attack

Well, Fast Attack makes those games look like toys.

Qix Adventure

The original Qix is rivaled only by Tetris for its simplistic but highly addictive gameplay.

World Circuit Series

Hop in your F-1 racer and take on the best racers in the world in World Circuit Series by Konami.

Super Chinese Land 3

Jack and Ryu are chaperoning Crown Prince Bokuchin to a town where a festival is under way.


The hour of insect reckoning has arrived.

Blaster Master Boy

The classic cart Blaster Master has been changed and reduced in size to fit perfectly inside the successful GameBoy.