Donkey Kong

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a game by Nintendo
Genre: Arcade Classics
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.8/10 - 17 votes
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Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong
  • Machine: Game Boy
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Rare

Everyone was astonished by the graphics in Donkey Kong Country on the Super NES. The gameplay wasn't really anything new, but the beautiful world made the game. Now Rare has tried to bring some of that magic to the Game Boy. However, the rendering abilities of the Game Boy are non-existent, which makes this game just another solid side-scrolling Game Boy title.

However, Donkey Kong Land does play just as good as its 16-bit partner. The game includes Diddy and Donkey, but unlike the Super NES version they aren't over on the sere the same time. The tiny Game Boy screen makes have you shooting out of barrels and timing jumps near impossible, but with a Super Game Boy it's much easier. To their credit, Rare didn't just push out a black and white version of their mega hit. What they did was make all-new levels with tons of new secret areas.

If you're expecting a title equivalent to DKC, you'll be very disappointed. But if you're looking for a Game Boy game that'll keep you busy for hours and hours, DKL is a fine choice.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

  • Manufacturer: Nintendo
  • Machine: Game Boy

With 101 levels, great controls, and lots of puzzles and action, this game is a must have! Why this didn't come out on a 16-bit format is beyond us!

  • Machine: Game Boy;
  • Manufacturer: Nintendo of America

Don't Go Ape

Donkey Kong's On The Level!

So what if you could play for days on a quarter? You may have mastered Donkey Kong Jr., but the Super GameBoy version is an entirely different barrel of monkeys.

The game requires you to draw on your action-game reflexes, as well as your puzzle-game problem solving, in order to help everyone's favorite plumber, Mario, tackle this 101-level towering beast.

You can't finish this game or this strategy in one sitting. We're gonna get that monkey off your back when we give you Part Two next month.

Come on Down!

You're the next contestant on 'The Kong Show!'

Bonus stages offer up a bit of game show atmosphere and, when it comes to extra men, you can be a big winner.

Be sure to get all three items - the parasol, hat, and bag - in each level, so you can visit the bonus rounds.

On the spinning wheel, press the button when the cursor is one space before the spot you're really aiming for.

When playing the slots be sure to notice which item is just below the item you want to stop on so you'll know when it's coming around.

Stage 1: The Big City

Kong takes a bite of the Big Apple!

Here's where you get to perfect various skills and familiarize yourself with items and obstacles you encounter in later stages.

Stage 1-1. Always pay attention when Pauline screams at the beginning of a level. In later stages there are many false or invisible doors that try to mislead you, but she's always behind the one she yells from.

Stage 1-2. You have to get used to letting go of a key, moving around an obstacle, and then picking it up again before it returns to its original spot on the level.

Stage 1-6. This level gets you acquainted with the uses of moveable ladders and roads. You can place them anywhere on your screen but you'd better hurry because they only last for a short time.

Stage 1-8. Throughout your journeys you have several encounters like this one with Donkey Kong. Stand on top of the barrels to pick them up, then carry them to the top and toss them at Kong. It only takes three hits to finish the job.

Stage 2: The Forest

Or, where does a 600 pound gorilla go to the bathroom?

Lions and tigers and bears - oh, my! Well maybe not, but you encounter everything from ladybugs to Mario-eating fish in this stage.

Stage 2-6. For a shortcut through this level, ride a ladybug up the right side of the screen. Throughout the game you can ride on the backs of creatures to reach higher levels or avoid certain obstacles.

Stage 2-7. This level's key is to flip the switch until there's a lady bug moving up the right side of the wall located at the upper-right portion of the screen. Then flip switch back to cover the spikes. Now ride the ladybug up the wall.

Stage 3: The Ship

In which Kong is nautical, but nice!

Arrr, ya beasty! Safely navigate your way through the bowels of this ship or Donkey Kong's gonna be swabbin' the deck with ya!

Stage 3-1. Use the frowning wooden blocks to move across the spikes to the next safe platform.

Place the road so that it connects the lower platform of spikes with the trapped wooden block.

Now you can reach the key by riding on the block.

Stage 3-3. These creatures sure are pushy. Duck just before the ceiling lowers and you're gonna be pushed through.

Don't forget about the 1-Up which can be reached by executing a simple super backflip.

Stage 3-6. First put the bottom road over the high set of spikes and wait for it to expire. Then put the same road over the lower spikes. Jump off the ladder to get the second road and put it under you. Resume your climb from the platform.

Stage 3-7. Climb to me top switch and flip it. Wait until the creature is on the platform, then flip it back. He drops a level and can now push you through the short section to the other switch. Then put the ladder just to the left of the switch.

Stage 4: The Jungle

Back to the old neighborhood!

Donkey Kong runs to his old stomping ground in this stage, which resembles the Donkey Kong Jr. arcade game.

Stage 4-6.

Blocks have three uses in this level:

  1. to reach an item
  2. to climb from one platform to the next
  3. to connect platforms to move bugs out of your way.

Stage 4-9. Eventually it looks like you're stuck on the right side of this level. Flip the switch on the right side of the screen when the monkey is on the temporary platform. He falls onto the lower level and carries you over spikes. Before you leave though, flip it back to open the lower door to the key.

Stage 4-11. Let a mushroom shrink you, then stand on the frog to the right Since you're lighter, the frog can jump higher and you can now reach the boxed-off area.

Stage 5: The Desert

Not exactly what you had in mind for an after dinner treat!

Make good use of the block-breaking super hammer as you come face to face with mummies and bone-spitting skulls. Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids!

Stage 5-5. First get all the items, then go for the key. Put the key on the conveyor, then race across the top. Climb about halfway down the ladder, jump off, and grab the key before it disappears.

Stage 5-9. To get past this complicated level, first flip the switch above your starting position, then the switch to the upper right, and then the remaining switch.

Get the key and take the right elevator up. Reverse the right hand switch and then the middle switch.

Take the elevator up again and walk across the top of the level. Ride the left elevator down, then drop to the door.

Stage 5-10. Here's how to use the platforms, springs, and ladders to get the key to the door.

Be sure to stand under the rock when you throw the key straight up, then climb the ladder.

Stage 5-11. Use a block. Jam one of the closing doors so that when you flip the switch, you can still exit the confining chamber.

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