Metal Slug 2

Download Metal Slug 2 and continue the fast-paced, action-packed adventure! With new weapons, vehicles, and enemies, this classic run-and-gun arcade game offers even more excitement and challenge. Join Marco, Tarma, Eri, and Fio as they fight to save the world. Play now!
a game by SNK
Platform: PC (1998)
Editor Rating: 9.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.7/10 - 23 votes
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Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 2
Metal Slug 2

To say that this is a series I love is a massive understatement and let me tell you Metal Slug 2 is awesome! This had some big metal boots to fill as the original was amazing. Thankfully the good folks at SNK did not tinker too much and gave us a sequel that more than lived up to the amazing original game.

If It Aint Broke Don’t Fix It!

Metal Slug 2 does not try and change things up too drastically from the first game. The core gameplay still sees you moving through a level, gunning down a ton of enemy soldier’s that have the nerve to get in your way. The story continues on from the first game with that evil SOB, General Morden once again back trying to take over the world.

As the threat is a bit more severe this time, we have two new characters joining the mix to help take all of the bad guys down. I really do think that the story works quite well and it has a rather 80s action movie vibe going on and that is something I really like.

What Is New?

So, while I have said that Metal Slug 2 does not change the core gameplay. It does add a few things that make it stand out from the first game. There are new weapons that you can use such as the laser gun, firebomb and also the heavy-duty armor-piercing rounds! There are also some new vehicles that you can use too with my personal favorite being the Camel Slug which is a cannon on a camel!

The Slug Flyer and the Slugnoid are also new and both a lot of fun to use. Actually, there is a really awesome boss fight where the Slugnoid really shines and it is one of the most memorable parts of the game for me. I feel that SNK added just enough new firepower to the game to make it feel different enough from the first game.

Hey, I am Fat, Now I Am Dead!

One of the funniest things that Metal Slug 2 introduced was the character transformations. One will see you pick up food, but if you keep picking it up your character becomes fat and slow! He does do more damage, but moving slower makes it much more challenging. This is hilarious and thanks to SNK’s awesome sprite work and animations this looks amazing. You can lose weight by finding the diet powder or by running and getting enough exercise.

You can also turn into a mummy. This happens during the second mission and the first time you experience it; you will be laughing very loud! You move around slower, can only use your pistol and you need to find the antidote as one more hit will kill you!

Metal Slug is a great entry to the series and I do feel that it is better than the first game. However, for me, Metal Slug X which is the updated version of Metal Slug 2 is the way to go as it kicks things up several notches. Still, I do feel that this is well worth a playthrough before you try out Metal Slug X so you can see all of the stuff SNK improved.



  • The game looks amazing
  • The character transformations are very funny
  • I love the new weapons you can use
  • Some pretty crazy vehicles to make use of
  • It offers a very intense and fun challenge


  • It does have a bit of slowdown on occasion
  • Metal Slug X does improve on this in pretty much every way

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Metal Slug 2 is a seminal arcade shooter from SNK that remains a pinnacle of the run-and-gun genre. The game blends frenetic combat, a surplus of destructive power-ups, and inventive level design into a nearly perfect experience, despite some minimal shortcomings tied to its arcade roots.

Metal Slug 2 provides an embarrassingly vast array of weaponry, from standard machine guns and grenades to flamethrowers, homing missiles, and experimental lasers. Trust me, you'll need these power-ups if you hope to stand a chance against the game's punishing levels – designed to make you spend as many coins in the arcades as humanly possible.

Challenging Levels

Levels in Metal Slug 2 are maze-like arenas engineered purely for chaos. Enemies stream forth from every corner while barriers suddenly rise and fall, traps activate at a moment’s notice, and the environment itself becomes an adversary.

Sure, like in almost every Metal Slug game before, you'll mostly keep running to the right of the screen, shooting everything – and everyone – on sight. However, this sequel perfects its predecessor formula thanks to a more engaging level design and even better boss fights.

And if you think Metal Slug 2 is amazing as it is, wait until you play Metal Slug X. Now that's where things get interesting.

When Overkill Isn't Enough

Whether armored mechs, flying saucers, tank battalions, or bug swarms emerge, the appropriate tool is always at hand to dish out righteous punishment. Boss battles against massive mechs or alien commanders serve as pitched clashes, requiring strategic use of your firepower and well-timed dodging to overcome their thick armor and fury of attacks.

Though simple, Metal Slug 2 distills the run-and-gun genre into its purest, most kinetic form. Balanced perfectly between challenge and chaos, its arcade roots shine through in every explosion. The addition of an expanded armory through new power-ups and transformations is something that long-time fans of the series will surely love.

Balanced Chaos

It's no secret that arcade games like Metal Slug 2 are intentionally hard to beat. Much like Contra, losing lives becomes a common occurrence in this game, as most enemies are more than capable of finishing off your characters in a single hit.

However, while you had to spend a month's salary in the arcades if you wished to see the end of the game, console versions of Metal Slug 2 are much more lenient with their difficulty. Sure, the game is still tough as nails, but the unlimited continues make for a much more enjoyable experience overall.

If you ever wanted to see the game's final boss, but were a bit short on quarters at the arcade, Metal Slug 2 on consoles and PC is your best bet to finally beat this amazingly enjoyable game.


Metal Slug 2 remains one of the best run-and-gun games ever made. Its beautiful pixel art and an outrageous array of weapons have made the game the ultimate arcade delight for hardcore players.


  • Gorgeous pixel art with intricately detailed animations
  • Good variety of weapons and enemies
  • Amazing soundtrack


  • Can be frustratingly hard to beat, even with unlimited continues

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