Chrono Trigger

Download Chrono Trigger and travel through time in this legendary RPG! Unravel a thrilling story, recruit memorable allies, and battle powerful foes as you alter the course of history. Are you ready for an epic time-traveling journey? Play now!
a game by Square
Genre: Action
Platforms: SNESSNES, Playstation
Editor Rating: 9.2/10, based on 14 reviews
User Rating: 8.4/10 - 5 votes
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Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is an incredible classic RPG originally released in 1995 that draws many similarities to games in the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. If you’re a fan of JRPGs especially, be sure to download Chrono Trigger and check it out.

The story of Chrono Trigger

Following the malfunction of a teleportation device in 1000 AD at a fair hosted in the Kingdom of Guardia, a young girl named Marle finds herself thrown into the past - 400 years back. Lucca, the inventor of the device, and Crono, a longtime friend of Lucca’s, journey into the past in an attempt to save Marle and restore history to normal.

The quest doesn't end there though, as the adventuring party find themselves traveling further into the past and far into the future, visiting various time periods as they try to restore things back to normal. Restoring history is not an easy task, but with the help of new friends the party might just end up successful.

Gameplay features

The game takes place on an overworld map that you are free to explore. There are plenty of different environments and places of interest to check out, particularly dungeons and cities inhabited by NPCs you can interact with. By completing quests and progressing through the story you unlock both new areas and new eras, so don’t worry if you can’t seem to access every place immediately.

Unlike many traditional RPGs, random encounters are not a thing in Chrono Trigger. Enemies are visible on the map, and the way in which you trigger an encounter is by walking into them, so you have a bit of control over who and when you want to fight. Let’s take a quick look at the battle system in Chrono Trigger.

Active time battle system

During a fight, time doesn’t stop, and you’ll be able to send out attacks on a timed cooldown. Enemies will move about and fight back, so you'll need to be smart about how you proceed in any given situation.

You get access to all sorts of attack moves, and special "Tech" moves allow for various character combos too which deal extra damage and are perfect for wiping out tougher enemies.


Chrono Trigger is a timeless classic and rightfully recognized as one of the best RPGs around. The game design is fantastic, and the time travel mechanic adds something unique that other RPGs struggle to compete with. Whether you're a longtime fan of role-playing games or are new to the genre, you owe it to yourself to check this game out and give it a go.


  • Fantastic retro graphics and soundtrack give the game a uniquely immersive feel
  • Super enjoyable gameplay mechanics – especially the time travel feature
  • Unforgettable story with plenty of fun quirks


  • If you’re not familiar with RPGs, you may have trouble with knowing where to go or what to do next to continue with the story
  • Retro graphics may put some people off who are used to high-quality modern graphics

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


Chrono Trigger is an excellent Square game. The superb graphics, gripping plot and excellent engine make this game a thrill to play. It's almost as good as the Final Fantasy games but not quite. A true measure of an RPG is the emotion you get out of it. This cart will make you laugh and cry. Chrono is like riding a roller coaster. The visual effects push the Super NES to its limits. You can find lots of secrets and battle gigantic Bosses. This is a must-buy!


What is there to say? It's from Square, so you know it rules; it's got characters drawn in the same style as Dragon Ball Z. Above all, it's an RPG. Chrono Trigger is simply the new standard in RPGs. It easily beats FF3 in music quality and especially graphics. The story line is incredible, and the ability to jump through time eras is too wild! What we have here, folks, is a game that must not, under any circumstances, be missed. It's incredible!


THIS IS AWESOME!!! Chrono Trigger is an RPG that combines the best features of the FF series and Mana and puts them all in a game that easily gets my vote for RPG of the year! As with all Squaresoft games, the visuals are drawn with stunning detail, and the music immerses players even further into the quest. Of course, the game's best feature is its endearing story line. Add multiple endings to that and you've got a must-have for your RPG collection.


Bo may know sports, but Square knows RPGs. This latest entry is yet another instant smash hit. It combines elements of Final Fantasy III as well as a bit of Secret of Mana. Needless to say. it's done well with great graphics, pleasant sounds and a truly enchanting story line. I don't think I need to tell RPG fans that it's a must-have, but even those who don't normally dig this genre should try it. It has the same pull and quality as FF3, need I say more?

Square Soft, the company that brought you Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana, has a new RPG. Chrono Trigger more than lives up to Square's legacy of fantastic role-playing adventures!

Time Traveler

In Chrono Trigger's complex story line, you play as Crono, an unsuspecting lad who happens upon a princess in peril. Crono travels back and forth through time from 65 million B.C. to 2300 A.D. in search of the evil Lavos, who has planted the seeds of destruction that will ultimately destroy humankind in the year 1999.

But you don't go into that dark night alone. During your adventures, you team up with a princess, an inventor, a knightly frog, a robot, and a cavewoman. With these adventurers accompanying you, the road ahead doesn't seem so long and hard.

And maybe it's because the road isn't that long or hard. Although the game does contain all the elements of standard Square RPGs (extensive conversations, weapon collecting, treasure hunting, problem solving, and tons of humor), the gameplay is geared more toward the charge-your-sword- before-you-attack style of Secret of Mana than the straight spell/combat system of FF III.

Besides the standard sword- swinging, there are Tech attacks and magic. Even more interestingly, Combo Tech techniques let you and other members of your party combine for double- and even triple-whammy attacks on your enemies.

Knight and Day

As for variety, there's plenty in Chrono Trigger, including ten endings. At one point, you even race on futuristic motorcycles. (And you select the race perspective!) In an improvement over other RPGs, you can play the entire game a second or third time with your previously built-up character, which makes the repeat trip much faster. And the great humor in this game runs from the obvious to the sublime -- including references to other Square games like FF III.

ProTip: One of the most important items to boy is the Shelter. This allows you to fully regain your MP and HP when you find a resting spot. Also, stock up on Heal and Tonic.

But is the game too easy? It may seem so to fans of FF III who weren't overwhelmed by that game's battle system. Combat doesn't occur randomly in Chrono Trigger. You see your enemies approaching and can easily side-step them. But enemies do reappear after your initial battle, so when you enter a room and fight the foes guarding the door, you may have to fight them again on the way out.

Similarly, Trigger's control is relegated to a simple menu system. Although other games certainly have better menu systems and weapon-equip- ment options, Trigger's is easy to learn. One caveat: Be careful when you buy weapons. There's no way to tell if a weapon is more powerful than the one equipped until you actually buy it and equip it.

The good news is that none of these minor complaints in any way lessen the fun of Chrono Trigger. Most players would choose an easier RPG of this caliber over a hundred more complicated, but less developed, fantasy role-playing adventures.

Looks Could Kill

Chrono Trigger's graphics are a dramatic improvement over those in previous RPGs, including FF III. Expect to see innovative enemies, hypnotic special effects (especially while you time travel), impressive Tech spells, and gorgeous, lush backgrounds. When you escape from the Cuardia prison, take time to stop and admire the detailed skyline -- that is, if you can keep far enough ahead of the cadre of troops on your butt!

From the cries of sea birds during the opening sequence to the moody, captivating theme music, the sounds are equally spectacular. The effects are packed with incredible detail, including the contented meow of cats. And nothing is more satisfying than hearing a prison gate open or the hearty clash of metal on shields.

Trigger Happy

Chrono Trigger is another satisfying and superlative game from Square. If you've finished FF III and are itching for some fantasy field work, pick this one up. Thankfully, the fantasy isn't final yet.

  • When you get to the Guardia castle in 600 A.D., go straight to the kitchen and have a Hyper Kabob. It restores all your HP and MP.
  • Glowing skulls in the walls are usually switches. Activate them, then stand back and watch what happens!
  • There are a few places to look for a fight. Shake bushes...
  • ...and look around suspicious-looking rocks...
  • ...and always search in dark comers if you want to raise your experience levels!
  • Always equip items as soon as you find them.

In 1995 one of Square's most boundary-breaking RPGs was released upon the world. Chrono Trigger came out after Final Fantasy VI (III, at the time) and opened the mass market to RPGs. Join young Chrono and his friend Lucca as they accidentally stumble upon time travel and get whisked away into a series of adventures that are as engrossing as any of today's RPGs. Sure, the graphics are 2D old-school Super NES, but the gameplay is where it's at with this title. Additionally, animated sequences using Akira Toriyama's character designs have been created especially for this version. It also includes an additional scene at the end which ties it in with Chrono Cross (released just a week or so after Chrono Trigger hit Japan). CT is available in Japan now, but unfortunately Square EA currently has no plans to bring this out here.

Yes! One of the most talked-about RPGs is about to be released! Rather than oing into detail about the story, we are just going to show you some of the mere basics of this game, just enough info to make your mouth water! But there's more news! Chrono Trigger has been announced for U.S. Check out EG/Vf #10 for more info on the cart that is going to set the standards in RPGs!


Nice graphics! Very nice graphics!


Time Travel! By adding this feature, you can have all kinds of plol twists and many other features the no other RPG boasts! There are multiple paths to take--some crossing over others, and some leading to different endings.


Mostly, however only in the combe aspect. Instead of switching to a battle scene, the Battle Menus will pop up right there and you're read to fight! The commands are just like FF3--Fight. Skills and Item. (Magic will presumably be under skills.) The agility bar has also been retained, telling you who will have the next initiative.


Any RPG fanatic is bound to go nuts over this title! With the concepts of Yujii Horii and the knowhow of Square, this game is sure

  • MANUFACTURER - Square of Japan

The sure-hit RPG in the works from the masters who brought you Final Fantasy (Square) and Dragon Warrior (Enix) has just gotten bigger--expanding from 24-Meg to a colossal 32-Meg cart! The story is about a young hero who must travel through time to rescue his girlfriend who was lost in a time travel experiment gone wrong.

  • Square Soft for Super NES

Travel backwards and forwards in time, creating and correcting paradoxes in the space-time continuum! This is more fun than a Star Trek movie, for sure!

  • Machine: Super NES


Fifteen different endings in a 32-meg game? There's no way we could cover everything, so we aren't even gonna try. Here's a brief glimpse of the possibilities, just to get you on your way. Down with Lavos!

Zeal holds a plethora of Tabs, and no wonder - it's when they were invented. First, open the hidden door in Enhasa by opening the magic books in this order - Water, lightning, then fire. Whoa, there's a secret door behind room the bookcase!

The secret room in Kajar is opened exactly the same way - water, lightning, then fire. There's, uh something strange inside, but you wind up with a White Rock.

Oh heck, here's one more. In the royal Palace of Zeal, offer to scratch this Nu's back. You discover the 'Nu Scratch Spot'. Return to the library in Kajar and turn your fingery talents on the Nu there. He coughs up another Tab.

Inside are a whole bunch of Nu's. Beat them for a Speed Tab and a Power Tab.

The Bromide: Ever wonder what you could possibly do with that Naga-ette Bromide that's hidden next to the chests in the Cathedral? Oh, it's simple.

Later in the game, after the phony hero has been exposed, go to the only 'residence' in Dorino, and talk to the old man twice. He should notice you've got 'the stuff' and offer to exchange it - for a Magic Tab.

The Mountain Guy: On your way up to the Dactyl Nest, be sure to keep bothering this guy, no matter how annoying he is. He coughs up another Power Tab.

Ah yes, but all good things must come to an end - several times in this case.

OK, so you reached the end of the game and beat Lavos. Great. The usual ending has several variations depending on how much you accomplished -whether you saved the forest, found Schala, etc. Sit back and watch, you deserve it.

On the other hand, for a real kick, Use the 'New game +' feature, and start another game with the pumped up characters from the last one.

Now, when you reach the Millennium Fair, notice that the right hand teleport has a tiny, sparkling speck. That speck leads directly to Lavos in 1999 AD. Whoa! If you're characters are buff enough, it's possible to beat the slimy critter with just Crono and Marle, right off the bat.

That leads to a very, VERY difficult ending which has to be seen to be believed! Now try going at various another times, with different characters. Good luck, and good hunting.

And while you're working your way through the Undersea Palace, follow this wall around the room just to the southeast of the switch that lets you out of the first area. It leads to a secret passage, containing a chest with a Demon Hit sword.

Once you've gotten the pendant that unseals the 'mysterious force', go to 600 AD. Go through Truce, Dorino, the Castle, and Porre. Open the sealed chests, but don't take what's inside.

Return to 1000 AD, and collect the skiff there. You find that being open for a few hundred years has upgraded their status. Now, you can return to the past and gather up what's there as well.

  • Manufacturer: Square Soft for
  • Machine: Super NES

Travel backwards and forwards in time, creating and correcting paradoxes in the space-time continuum! This is more fun than a Star Trek movie, for sure!

  • Manufacturer: Square Soft
  • Machine: Super NES

Wow! In addition to being one of the best selling RPGs ever in Japan (two million carts sold inside of two months - whew!), this is also one of the biggest games ever made, clocking in at an hefty 32 Megs! Does it sound like a good time? What the hell do you think?

At the end of the first millennium, a portal is accidentally created in time. A young boy (plus his girlfriend and a few other assorted characters) fall through the rift into the past, disrupting the future. Now they've got to travel to the far reaches of known existence to fix the paradox and somehow make it back to the home they know.

To say this is a game of epic proportions is like calling the Pacific a 'big' ocean. The storyline is wildly non-linear, with multiple branches and a reported ten different endings. It also includes a feature which lets you beat the game once, then go back and re-start using the characters you built up the first time - very, very cool.

The design team includes Akira Toriyama, the character designer for Dragon Ball Z and Enix' Dragon Warrior series, as well as Hironobu Sakaguchi, the nigh-legendary designer of the Final Fantasy series . Let me tell you - having taken a crack at the Japanese version, we're foaming at the mouth to get our hands on a version we don't have to keep a dictionary handy for.

This is THE game to look forward to this fall. Sell the house, sell the kids, accept no substitutes.

  • Machine: Super NES
  • Genre: RPG
  • Players: 1
  • Publisher: Square Soft
  • Developer: Square Soft

Sigh. Next to falling nose-deep into a pile of cheer-leaders, there's nothing I like better than a sprawling, complicated, gorgeous, funny, well-made RPG. And gosh darn it if those folks at Square didn't go ahead and send me one two or three times a year - ya gotta love 'em.

This was designed by many of the same people who put together both the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior series, and it shows. They're constantly playing little games with RPG play mechanics and other conventions of the genre. I don't want to give anything away, but if you do everything the way you're used to, the game is going to come up and surprise you every now and then.

And it's all simply beautiful. I mean, geez, if you thought FFIII was a treat for the eyes, wait until you look at Chrono Trigger. It's jaw-dropping. Square's signature soundtracks are still going strong too, and if you like 'em big, the story is relatively non-linear, with at least fifteen different endings.

You'll also find a few mild innovations. Rather than switching to a separate combat screen, creatures attack you in the middle o1 the regular background, while the combat menus pop up around the action. You can see the monsters coming, and avoid them if you're good (or lucky), and characters can combine their skills for combination attacks. Plus, once you've beaten the game, you can play through again using the built up characters from the first game.

The only downside is that the story is a little light. It's sketchy on character development, at least for a lot of its running time, and since very little of what goes on seems to matter much to the characters, I found myself following along without being as involved as I was in, say, FFIII. Of course, a thin story for a Square title would be plenty of story for nearly anyone else, so maybe I'm being just a little picky here.

The bottom line is that this is a must-have for RPG fanatics and dabblers alike. Stop reading, go out, and buy it.

Chrono Trigger is a role-playing video game released by Square for Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. The creator of the Final Fantasy series was part of the design team, but also Akira Toriyama, mostly known for his Dragon Ball work. The game follows the story of a group of people traveling through time, trying to prevent a global catastrophe.

The game was released few years later in Japan for PlayStation (1999) and appeared on the North American market two years later, in 2001. There was also a version released for Nintendo DS in 2008 in Japan and North America, and in 2009 in Australia and Europe. It is also planned a release for Virtual Console and mobile phones in 2011.

The action takes place somewhere similar to Earth, where humans and dinosaurs share the planet, as in the prehistoric age. Knights, monsters and magic are all present in the game, but also robots in the post-apocalyptic future. The characters travel through time to gather weapons, obtain allies and learn different information that could help them. The characters travel in the game with a machine called Wings of Time and nicknames The Epoch. The machine is capable of time travel between any period.

The game was a standard role-playing game (RPG), but there were several innovations coming with this version. The world consists of cities, dungeons and forests and the character has to travel through all of them and control his companions as well. Unlike many other RPGs, enemies are all the time visible on the map. They just lie and wait to ambush the main character.

There are several physical and magical attacks in the game. Players can use items to heal or protect. Each character has its own hit points. When a player loses his hit points, the game ends and must be restored from the last saved chapter. There are, however, some missions where the player are allowed to die, but not so many. The player can equip his characters with weapons, armor, helmets and other accessories, but only between battles. All those items can be purchased in shops or can be found on field maps, in treasure chests.

The game was popular back in the 90s, mainly thanks to the new features that it brought on the market. With so many RPGs being released in that period, Chrono Trigger brought something new. The game was received well and it was both a commercial and a market hit. Some aspects of the game were described as revolutionary.. The unique battle system and detailed graphics helped the ratings as well. The game was sold in more than 2.65 million copies as of March 2003. The game is the best selling-game on 1995. The version for Nintendo DS sold 790.000 copies as of March 2009.

Chrono Trigger was developed by a group that Square called the "Dream Team" and released on March 11, 1995 in Japan, and August 22, 1995 in North America. It is a console role-playing game that was published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game. What begins as a carefree day at the Millennial Fair for a young man named Chrono. When Chrono meets a young girl named Marle, it turns him into his ultimate adventure.

Chrono is taken through time,the Past,the Future,the Distant Past,the Pre Historic Past,and the End of Time,To change a terrible fate of which an Evil monster named Lavos destroyed the world and sucked up all the planets life.It is now up to Chrono and his allies to go through time and stop this Abomination from destroying their world.

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    This has to be one of best RPGs on the Super Nintendo that is not a Final Fantasy game. This was one of my first RPGs I have ever played and it is because of this game that I started to love this particular genre. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!