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Links LS 2000

Whoever said that golf was a relaxing game should be slapped up side the head with a 1-wood, because in all my gaming adventures I never swear so much as when I’m playing Links 2000.


The year is 2150 and an instant transportation system for moving between solar systems has been discovered making it easier for the warring factions to move from system to system.

Deadly Tide

The game starts out with a nicely-done cinematic intro which leads the player into his/her role as undersea fighter pilot.

Jade Empire

To start, a solid story is developed with twists and turns that will keep you pushing well into the night.

Links 2004

Links 2004 offers the standard gameplay options but most of the single player features are focused around the career mode.

Microsoft Baseball 2000

You have the best seat in the house -- right behind home plate about two rows up -- and you can see the whole field from your point of view.

Asheron's Call

Gameplay takes place in a 3D environment with a wide variety of views from which to play, including a 360 swivel view and a top-down angle which is very useful for wide-range mapping.

Sports Roundup: NBA Inside Drive 2000 & NFL Fever

Do you have what it takes to lead your teams to the promised land? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have total control of a team on the field and guide them to a championship?

NBA Inside Drive 2004

The graphics are far from pushing the envelope of the Xbox, instead it seems to meet the minimum expectations of a box game.


With the universe in peril from the nefarious Legion of Sludge's unstoppable conquests, the UltraCorps were created to fight them off -- but the UltraCorps.

NFL Fever 2003

With football season approaching, a number of highly rated football games are reaching the market.

Combat Simulator 3: Battle for Europe

To allow different perspectives of World War II to be seen, pilots from three different countries can be selected: American, British, or German.

Links 2001

The benchmark in the PC Golf genre has always been the Links franchise -- it has all but dominated the PC scene until just recently.

Voodoo Vince

With the numerous bland and repetitive platform games released every year, it can be difficult to gauge the quality of the gameplay associated with them.

Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty

Aside from the new island, the biggest change is the addition of housing, something that's been clamored for by players since the beta.

NBA Full Court Press

The NBA is the hottest professional sport going these days, especially among those of you who are young enough to be the future of America.

NBA Inside Drive 2002

Basketball is perhaps one of the most popular sports currently practiced professionally in the US.

NBA Inside Drive 2003

Unfortunately, the lack of a franchise mode, coupled with suspect AI, left many sim fans longing for more.

NHL Rivals 2004

The four basic buttons control shooting, dekeing, and passing or the basic round up of defensive maneuvers.

Baseball 3D

Have you had enough baseball yet? If the answer is no, then Microsoft might just have the ticket you are looking for in Baseball 3D

Microsoft Soccer

Goal! Not! Microsoft takes a stab at the world's #1 sport, and unfortunately misses high over the crossbar.

Inside Pitch 2003

First off, I do have to give props for putting together a very accessible and playable game of baseball.