Croc 2

Download Croc 2 and embark on an incredible 3D platforming adventure! Guide Croc through fantastic worlds, rescue his friends, and defeat the evil Baron Dante once more. Are you ready to save the day? Jump, run, and play now!
a game by Fox Williams, Natsume, and Argonaut Software Ltd.
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platforms: PC, GameBoy Color, Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews, 7 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 8 votes
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Croc 2
Croc 2
Croc 2

If you've played the first one, you'll be sad to hear that Baron Dante didn't learn his lesson the first time he was trounced. Now he's gone and kidnapped the Gobbo kings, and somehow or another Croc's parents are involved. So, no plot then, but it's a good excuse to dive into more than 40 levels of 3D platform action.

The Croc 2 world is composed of huge areas devoted to four tribes of Gobbos, where the aim of the game is to nab powerups, whack enemies and overcome reflex-intensive challenges to save the day. Movements are your bog standard run, jump, climb, swim and swing on monkey bars. You can also push objects, pick them up and toss them about. Venture far enough and you'll get to make use of mine carts, hot air balloons, speedboats, and hang gliders.

Unfortunately, despite a lovely visual makeover, Croc 2 suffers from horrendous camera positioning and simple jumps are made unbearably difficult. Even so, this isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, just one that's overly challenging due to execution, not intentional design.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Fox Interactive and Argonaut Software will hopefully waste no time bringing us the sequel to the first true 3D action game on the PlayStation. Unfortunately, we have yet to actually sit down and play the game since all Fox had on display at E3 was a videotape of 40 percent complete gameplay. Croc II runs on a modified version of the original Croc engine, which isn't a bad thing considering the first was quite impressive, at least graphically. "It's a further evolution of the engine. Argonaut learned a lot from Croc that they implemented in Croc II," commented David Stalker, producer of both Croc: Legend of Gobbos and Croc II. Running in hi-res at 30 frames per second, Croc II promises to blow away its predecessor at least from a visual standpoint.

After defeating the evil Baron Dante in the first game, the back-packed reptile leaves his adoptive island home in search of his long-lost parents. As luck would have it, the Baron is far from finished. Thanks to Croc's upcoming journey, we'll be treated with a variety of new environments. Based on art and screenshots, Croc looks like he'll be visiting a number of unique worlds, including the Wild West, an Inca Village and a snow world. Upon entering a new world, the appearance of Croc's furry Gobbo pals will change to match the given environment. Also expect larger areas to explore instead of a number of small ones broken up with load time like the first one. Hopefully the problems in the first Croc will be changed in Croc II. Thanks go out to the Official U.5. PlayStation Magazine for most the info on this one.

Fox Interactive's diminutive, green skinned hero returns to battle the evil Baron Dante once again in Croc 2, the sequel to Fox's million selling 3D adventure game.

After defeating Baron Dante at the end of the last game, Croc leaves his adoptive island home in search of his long-lost parents. Unbeknownst to our hero, the Baron is far from finished and is plotting revenge against Croc and his furry Gobbo pals.

Utilizing a modified version of the original Croc engine. Croc 2 runs in high-res at 30 frames-per-second. blowing away its visually impressive predecessor. The levels are less linear, too. with more of an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving.

As for Croc himself, he's learned a few new tricks since his first adventure, such as a new boost jump, achieved by rapidly pressing then holding and releasing the jump button. The new jump allows Croc to jump higher than before to reach previously unattainable platforms. In addition to his traditional tail whips and butt bounces. Croc now has the ability to pick up and throw certain objects at enemies.

Croc also has a number of new vehicles at his disposal, including a mine cart, a raft, a hot-air balloon and a hang-glider, which you must navigate Pilot Wings-style through a number of opening and closing rings. There's also a giant rolling snowball, which Croc must run atop to avoid being crushed.

Fox also promises to include "much-improved swimming and ice-slides, too." Even more exciting, Croc 2 is said to contain some mini-racing games, such as a Mario Kart-style auto race, guaranteeing plenty of gameplay variety.

As for Croc's furry friends, they've undergone a few changes, as well; they now have the ability to talk in a limited, me-Gobbo you-Croc sort of way, allowing them to drop the occasional hint. Their appearance also changes from level to level; the Inca level, for instance, is populated by tribal Gobbos in ornate outfits, while Wild West Gobbos are dressed as cowboys and Indians. While this is mainly just eye-candy, it does allow you to find and identify specific Gobbos you may be looking for.

Rather than progressing through the game by hopping from island to island, as was the case in the original, Croc 2 is divided into four hubs. All of the available levels are linked to the hub by doors, many of which must be unlocked first by finding keys or solving puzzles.

As fans of the original will be happy to learn, Croc 2 is populated by plenty of challenging, off-beat Bosses. With names like Lava Lamp Larry and Venus Fly Von Trappe, you know they've got to be weird.

All in all, Croc 2 looks like it's going to surpass its celebrated predecessor in every conceivable way, promising to achieve the same PlayStation-Greatest-Hit status.

  • MANUFACTURER - Argonaut
  • THEME - Adventure

Fox Interactive had a 40-percent preview of Croc 2. The play mechanics are similar to those of the first game (Croc can still run. jump, swim, and bounce to high areas with his trusty tail), and new features include improved graph ics and non-linear gameplay.

Obviously this one from Fox Interactive and Argonaut can't be quite as graphically impressive as its PlayStation cousin. Croc is on his way to the GBC in June, and brings sidescrolling fun with him while he searches for his long-lost parents. You'll travel through themed worlds while using special attacks on a variety of baddies.

When Croc debuted on the PlayStation back in 1997, many were amazed by the Nintendo 64-like quality of the graphics and charmed by the game's simple, enjoyable gameplay. Those same people will find that Croc 2 offers both elements again, but this time in much larger quantities.

It's Been A While, Crocodile

While Croc remains childlike and harmless, however, the rest of the video game world has grown up. Crash got Warped, Spyro turned out to be a pyro, and even Mario decided to throw in his plumber's cap and duke it out with his Nintendo kin. In this light, Croc 2 seems a little dated and young, though the graphics certainly shine a little brighter this time around.

Croc 2's gameplay is a cross between Gex and Crash. Yet the game has more mature lighting and visual effects than the original, centered around enemies who look like they came straight from the theme-park-mascot hall of fame. There's also a variety of game-play, including racing and boss-slaying, and a cooperative two-player mode that works well if you want to share the Croc experience--especially with younger players who will immediately take to its simple gameplay. The sound, though, is daycare disco and should be avoided.

The Big Game

Simple doesn't mean boring, though. Croc 2 has the roguish little reptile jumping, swimming, climbing, and tail-swinging through five worlds trying to help his Gobbo pals in different missions while collecting crystals and gems for level completion. Each world has a theme--Arctic tundras, island, prehistoric levels, etc.--and enough variety to keep you playing in order to find out whats next. Add in the sheer enormity of the game, which delivers over 20 levels, and Croc fans will be busy for a long time.

Non-Croc-ers, on the other hand, will find the controls obtrusive and unfriendly. With a wildly uninhibited camera and pinpoint accuracy required for almost all jumps, Croc 2 will have you shedding more than a few crocodile tears. And the game's inherent cuteness will induce the kind of nausea you can get only from watching Teletubbies.

Is Croc In Da' Nile?

Croc 2 is an acquired taste. While not as edgy and fast-paced as Crash Bandicoot: Warped or as well-oiled as Spyro, Croc 2 deserves a place on the same platform as your other platform games. With a little practice and patience, you'll find that Croc 2 provides plenty of ditzy diversion.


  • Don't worry about catching the thief in the first Gobbo level. He waits for you around every turn.
  • When vine-hanging, watch your shadow to determine where you'll land.
  • Always go into a level stocked with at least one of every Gummi Ring. You never know when you'll come upon a hidden lump point
  • You'll learn to make a lot of decisions by watching shadows. Swinging enemies leave a shadow at their collision point, so stand there before they arrive and tail whip them.
  • Some enemies are stunned when you hit them; whack them again immediately to knock them out AH enemies regenerate, so keep moving!


Sporting better graphics than the original, Croc 2 has some pretty cool lighting and special effects. The overall childishness of the characters and backgrounds, however, never lets you take the game seriously.


Although you'll probably hear worse in your lifetime, you'd expea a game with great graphical flair to have great sound.. .but that's not the case here. The infantile version of "Cheek to Cheek" is fit only for senior-center elevators.


Tricky jumps are one thing; impossible jumps and cheap fake-outs are another. The game moves fairly fast, and then--BANG--you'll find yourself repeating the same level because of hideous leaps of faith.

Fun Factor

Croc 2 is simple fun--with the emphasis on simple. It's a mid-grade diversion for casual gamers and a low-grade diversion for hardcore platform stumpers. Give it a spin, though, and you may be back in a while, crocodile.

Croc's first PlayStation outing turned out to be a surprisingly fun platform adventure for gamers looking for more 3D than the Bandicoot had to offer. Now Fox's cuddly crocodile is returning in a sequel where Croc tries to find his family--but instead finds that his archenemy Dante has been resurrected. Naturally, it's tail-whupping time across four 3D worlds with 10 levels each, including a pirate ship, Incan village, prehistoric era, and ice world. Along with his standard moves, Croc now busts off a high-tail attack, hanging kick, super jump, and power flip.

Fox is also introducing a mild RPG flavor to the game as Croc can now talk to and fight with other Gobbos and can also collect crystals to buy lives and power-ups. Better yet, C2's following on Crash's heels, going extreme with hang gliding, kart and raft racing, and more. As Crash Bandicoot; Warped fades off the radar, Croc 2 has the potential to be one of the top PlayStation platformers this spring.

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