Ayura Crisis

Download Ayura Crisis if you want a sex game that is more than just another lewd visual novel! What we have here is a hack and slash action style XXX game. It is for mature audiences only and as well as some epic sex content, it has fun action style gameplay too.
a game by Above a Damage Tile
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 4 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 38 votes
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Ayura Crisis
Ayura Crisis
Ayura Crisis

If you're a fan of H games you've probably played your fair share of visual novels, and that's alright, but you may be looking for a change of pace then. If you like games like Megaman X then you'll probably enjoy Ayura Crisis. And it has a complete English translation so unlike some other cool H games, you can fully enjoy this one. So, let's see what's Ayura Crisis is all about.

Slash your way through

Ayra Crisis is a side-scrolling hack and slash game that resembles classic Castlevania or MegaMan games. Here you're playing an erotic action game, with an original battle system included. While you can cut up monsters in your adventure and sash your way through enemies, there are some sexual elements included in the fighting mechanics too. There are some kinky elements and sex interactions that you can actually use to face some enemies.

And when you get into the sexual interactions the dialogues and general interactions change into a different mode.

Choosing the best items

There are plenty of ways to face the enemies in this game, and you'll have to pick up the best items to use whenever you need it. There are Potions and special objects that can boost your period of invulnerability, this way you don't have to worry if an enemy hits you. And of course, there are some objects to restore you HP and boost attack too. But in some cases, some sex interactions can be the best way to get through the enemies.

Look and feel

In H games you usually have the advantage of getting all the characters hand-drawn and even hand-animated sometimes. Well, Ayura Crisis does the same, but it's hand-drawn pixel art. It's not the usual RPG-maker type of visuals, but fully animated, nice quality, and good looking sprites actually.

The gameplay goes from being fast-paced with great animations into a more slow, dialogue choosing game from time to time. But it always keeps a great art style with cool visuals. And the cherry on the top is that the game actually has voice acting and a nice soundtrack, so it compliments the rest of the game smoothness.

Ayura Crisis is a fun game, packing some great gameplay and visuals and delivering a great experience. There are combos, special moves, hot H scenes, and much more. One of the best parts of the game is the quality of the animations and how smooth the transition. Of course, even though the sprites and animations are excellent the art itself isn't really all that great. Surely you're not expecting correct anatomy in this type of game, but a little more refinement would be great.


The weak point of this game is without a doubt the lack of variety when it comes to monsters, as there aren't as many different ones around. Also the lack of a real plot, there isn't really a story to connect all this game together. Playing it for the gameplay is the right thing to do, but don't expect a great story or a variety of different monsters. Enjoy the gameplay experience and you shouldn't be disappointed.


  • Great animations
  • Cool Sprites with pixel art
  • Great Gameplay
  • Finished Game
  • Action-packed game
  • Fun to play
  • Nice H scenes


  • Not much variety when it comes to enemies
  • It lacks a real plot or good story

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Ayura Crisis! follows lead character Ayura on her quest to slay creepy monsters while occasionally engaging in incredibly kinky and perverted hentai sex. The game has no real plot to speak of but is still very well translated and even voice acted. This makes the game feel very complete and high quality. Another great bonus is the fact that scenes can even change a bit depending on your character’s traits acquired through in game events and actions. A pure and innocent Ayura’s adventure will vary from a broken and abused one. This gives additional incentives to play through it more than once.


The game works like any other side scrolling hack and slash game such as the earlier Castlevania games. You’ll constantly be using all of your weapons and attacks to try and whittle down the opposing enemy forces to survive and claim victory. This game has plenty of unique mechanics to spice up the game play such as its combo meter. The more hits you get in, the closer you get to a power up mode where you can deal more damage while not having to worry about being hit by enemies. You can cancel this period of invulnerability though to restore HP which gives it a pretty cool balance between killing enemies faster and surviving longer during more dangerous fights.


All in all, the game features a pretty satisfying adventure to get through as you cut up some monsters in between moments of kinky entertainment. The game is a delight to play through and should keep any player entertained for a decent amount of time. Enemies have their own unique sex animations which keeps the variety high in terms of devious delight. Bosses also have unique scenes for dominating your character should you fail to defeat them. Unfortunately there isn’t much variety in the enemies themselves and you’ll quickly run out of unique monsters to actually fight. A bit disappointing but not a deal-breaker.

Audio & Ambiance

The game features a pretty pixelated art style that’s clearly backed up by some amazing talent on behalf of the developers. Scenes are clear and beautiful to look at and serve the player well whether you’re trying to focus on combat or the erotic scenes. Either way everything will be to joy to lewdly leer at throughout the entire adventure. Sounds are good too and feature well done voice acting for the characters.


A great hack and slash adventure with a lot of high points and very few criticisms to make of it. You are sure to enjoy your erotic and kinky romp through this dazzling action game that will satisfy both your perversions and your thirst for a genuinely satisfying game that features both depth and rewarding, challenging play. Very recommended for anyone looking for a bit of quality to go with their sexy entertainment. Ayura Crisis! is a very fun game that’s worth every bit of time you spend on it.

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