Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist

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a game by IANVS
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist
Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist
Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist
Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist

Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist is a very high-end visual novel game that is a rather interesting approach to the world of visual novels. It is going for a more serious kind of tone and that is something not many of these games tend to do. Plus, the impressive-looking visuals really do help get you invested in what is going on in the story. From what I can tell, this is going to be released in chapters so what I am looking at today is the first chapter.

Roger, I Will See You Now

When I heard the title, Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist, I was sure that we would be the ones playing as the therapist, but that is not actually the case. We play as a dude called Roger who is having a bit of a crisis as he talks to Dr. Amana about all of the women that he is torn between.

The story has six different women for Roger to connect with and depending on the one you go for the story will change. You can decide to pursue Emily who is his hot trophy wife, Lupita, his Bolivian housekeeper, Monica who is his personal trainer and this is just half of the women Roger has a thing for.

Is This Real?

I am pretty sure that the majority of people who will be drawn to Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist will be drawn to it because of the visuals. This game features some of the best looking and realistic female characters I have had the pleasure to gawk at in a visual novel game. I love this realistic style as it tends to be a style that more games are moving away from these days.

There is a great selection of girls and they all look hot. It can be hard to know which girl is the one for you as they all look great. I know when the girls look this good, you probably do not care about the backgrounds, but they have that same realistic kind of design to them as the girls do. As a result, the characters blend in very well. As far as the sex goes, there is a little bit of “animation” that makes things even better in my opinion.

The DR Is In!

This is your standard visual novel game. You click around and move the story forward by making various choices. The choices you make will change your relationship with the six available ladies and what happens with them will depend on the things you say and do.

There is not exactly a ton of content here, but for a first chapter there is more than enough for you to sink your teeth in and the game looks so good, you will probably want to see all of the sex scenes that it has to offer.


I had a lot of fun with Dr. Amana, Sexual Therapist. I am not usually a huge fan of lewd visual novels that tend to play everything straight, but this one pulls it off without being boring. I am sure a huge reason for this is those amazing character models. If you like your visual novel games to have more realistic looking characters, then this game is well worth taking a closer look at.


  • It has some of the best-looking girls around
  • The format of the story is rather clever
  • The more serious approach works well here
  • The whole game has a high level of polish
  • It made me interested to see further chapters


  • Some people may not like the more serious approach that the story takes
  • No word yet as to when we can expect another chapter

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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