Cute Neighbour

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a game by Edeshye
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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I read a description of Cute Neighbour that said, “meet your neighbor and do sex” you got to love that translation. This is best described as a visual novel game, but it also walks the line of being a puzzle game too. It plays into a fantasy that I am sure many of us guys have had in our lives!

Going Down?

The story of the game is that you are a pretty horny dude who just so happens to live on the top floor of an apartment complex. Well in Cute Neighbour it is your lucky day as just as you are about to head to your place a hot woman yells, “hold the door” being the good dude you are you do it and you are surprised to see a girl you have never seen before. You think that she is hot and you want to bang her, that is pretty much the story of this game.

Pushing My Buttons

The gameplay of Cute Neighbour is that of a visual novel game. Once you press the button to her floor, the elevator stops and you get a chance to chat with her. You usually have four different options that you can pick between and you have to try and read her so that you say the right thing. If you say the wrong thing, you get put back to the start of the game! This can be rather frustrating, but it just means that you get a little further each time you play it.

It is very simple, but I do like some of the options it gives you to say to her. You can play the game like a total asshole if you want, but trust me when I tell you that there is no way you are getting in her pants if you do. It is pretty basic stuff, but I found myself pretty compelled to try and see where it was all going.

You Can See The Lines Russ

The presentation of Cute Neighbour is very, very basic, but I like it. It is all done with some pretty thick lining that makes the characters pop. There is not a ton of detail, but that is done on purpose and it is very easy on the eyes. It is very hard to describe, but the game is one of those ones that when you do try and describe it to people it sounds very unimpressive, but when you are playing it, it is rather appealing. The music is something that at first, I found really odd and not fitting with the game at all. However, after a while, I started to like it and it reminded me of something that I would have heard on the Sega Mega Drive back in the day.


I have to say that Cute Neighbour is the kind of game that might not look or appear all that special. However, when you start playing it the game manages to get its hooks into you and you want to see it through to the end. It does not exactly win any awards for trying anything majorly new, but I still had a fun time with this and managed to get all the way to the end, with a lot of trial and error of course.


  • The game plays into a fantasy that many guys have
  • The neighbour is certainly hot!
  • While basic, I like the way the game looks
  • It has a retro music score that I like
  • The banter is pretty funny


  • The game is more about trial and error
  • The visuals may put some people off

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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