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a game by Lose
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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While the visuals of Maitetsu certainly look very appealing it was the description of the game that stated, in this world humanoids called Raillords live and they control all aspects of the railways. It was such a strange concept for a game and one that was not really like anything else I had come across before. The game is a visual novel one and if you get the default version there is no XXX stuff here, but there is a patch that is easy to get if you want the hentai stuff.

Do Not Pollute My Home

I have played a ton and I mean a ton of visual novel games over the years and Maitetsu is one of the most easy-going ones I have played. The story is about a young man called Migita who has learned that his hometown is about to get a huge new industrial factory and he is worried about the trouble and pollution this can cause his hometown.

Through a series of events, he comes across a girl who is pretty much an android called, Hachiroku and she is a Raillord and through a series of events and conversations he strikes up a very deep relationship. The story has three different paths that you can go down and it is great stuff indeed. The whole thing has a very relaxing vibe and I actually think I prefer the censored version of the game.

The Beauty Of Japan

The graphics on offer in Maitetsu are some of the best around. The character designs are great and their faces are so expressive. I guarantee that you will find a couple of characters in this game that you feel very connected to. While I love the character designs in the game, the backgrounds as well have a real beauty to them and they capture the scenic beauty of Japan very well.

To go along with the visuals, the game has a very fitting music score that compliments the whole story very well. In addition to this, we have some excellent Japanese voice acting. I am so happy that the voice acting is Japanese as I feel English voice acting may have cheapened the whole thing.

Taking The Right Path

When it comes to the gameplay, I will admit that there is not as much here as in some other visual novel games. This is all about the story and while you can go on one of three paths, you may not be making as many choices here as you would think.

For me personally, I do not see this as a huge negative as the story (all of the paths) kept me interested and invested in the characters and what they were dealing with.


I have to say that Maitetsu is a game that I could either talk about for hours or not talk about at all. I would recommend that if this sounds like a game that interests you that you try not to spoil any of the story for yourself as this is the strongest aspect of it. Finding someone who has played the game that you can talk to about it though is just as much fun as playing through the game. If you have been looking for a visual novel game that has a very rich story with engaging characters, you are going to be hooked by this right from the very start.


  • The game has a truly lovely story
  • I liked the pace of the story
  • There are three paths the story can take
  • The visuals are amazing in every regard
  • It is a game that you will remember for a very long time


  • It might not offer as much in terms of choices as some people may want
  • The XXX content does require you to get a patch

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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