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Welcome to our gender bender games collection! For those that are into this kind of thing, you are going to be amazed at our selection. Plus, for those who are here who are just a little curious, you are in for a whole lot of fun too! This is a fetish that can be a whole lot of fun and while it is certainly on the “niche” side of things, we have had a lot of fun with games that feature this kind of thing in one way or another.

That is why we have put this collection together! So people can have fun playing all their favorite gender bender titles in one place! Keep reading to see what a few of our top picks are when it comes to this fetish.

Our first gender bender games recommendation is The Making of a Slut. In this text based lewd adventure game, we play a guy who is, let's just say a little bit on the effeminate side if you know what we are saying! As you would expect, the story is basically about him getting used and abused (do not worry, he very much likes it) as he faces the fact that he is a slut! This is fun stuff and one of the more interesting titles as it uses real porn images for much of its art.

Next up we have the fantastic Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly. If you are a lover of gender bender games and lewd visual novels that offer a deep and engaging story this is the game for you. This game boasts amazing artwork and some truly awesome lewd content featuring a guy who could very easily pass as a girl. However, while those visuals are amazing, it is the story and the characters that are going to make you want to keep on playing this!

Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk is another one of the top gender bender games that you will find here on the site and also one of the most popular. It is like the game we just talked about, but some would say even better. What we have here is a very well made lewd visual novel with some very attractive young men who have a really lovely look about them. What is neat about this game is that the story is far deeper than you would think, yes there is a great deal of XXX stuff going on here, but there is a lot of substance here too which helps you get very invested in this gender bending love story!

You cannot have a whole section dedicated to gender bender games and not feature the awesome, Superhuman. This game takes the gender bending aspect literally. We play as a young man who when returning home after a night out, is bitten by a mysterious creature. Well, this was not the worst thing to happen to him as he can now change his form! This is quite dark and it is a great game to play if you like your lewd visual novels to offer a story that is going to make you a little uncomfortable in between all of the fantastic sex scenes.

With a very cool art style, Earn Your Freedom is one of the most fun gender bender games. We play as a young man who ends up having to pay for some trouble that his dad got into. This young guy has a bit of an effeminate look to him and that makes him the perfect person to be taken advantage of in this brothel. People both men and women will come here to have their way with him and to use his slutty body for their own pleasure! If you like this, we also recommend checking out, Earn Your Freedom 3D which is kind of like a 3D remake.

These are just a few of the amazing gender bender games that we have here. From guys that look like girls, to guys being turned into sissies and characters that can flat out change their gender! If you love that kind of thing, you are going to have a whole lot of fun with these games!

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